Volume 1, Chapter 2: "Wild Beast Appears"

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Lee Hyun creates his Royal Road game avatar as a male human named "Weed" with a similar look as his real-life self, and chooses his starting hometown to be the Citadel of Serabourg of Rosenheim Kingdom. With 4 weeks to waste as a newbie not allowed to leave the city until the starting timer is up, Weed arrives at the Rosenheim Training Hall where he receives a wooden sword from the Instructor, and begins his stat-increase training by continuously beating down a scarecrow.

Hours and days go by as Weed continues to train by beating on the training scarecrow, learning some new tricks in the process. Taking a break, Weed sits down to have a meal with the instructor, who informs Weed of an urban legend regarding a master sculptor who can carve the moonlight. He asks for Weed to investigate Serabourg for information on the rumor, which results in Weed acquiring his first quest.

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Name: Weed Alignment: Neutral Skills
Level: 1 Profession: None Sword Mastery Beginner 3
Title None
Fame 0
Health: 100 Mana: 100
Strength: 11 Agility: 10
Stamina: 10
Wisdom: 10 Intelligence: 10
Luck: 0 Leadership: 0
Attack: 3 Defense: 0
Magic Resistance
Fire: 0% Water: 0%
Earth: 0% Black Magic: 0%

New Stats: Fighting Spirit & Sustenance

Characters Edit

  • Royal Road
    • Weed (Lee Hyun's avatar)
    • Docke Lancer (Rosenheim's Training Hall Instructor)
    • Pluto (a high-level player)

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  1. Lee Hyun creates his Royal Road avatar, Weed. A human male that looks just like his real world self.
  2. Weed chooses his starting point in the game to be the Citadel of Serabourg in Rosenheim Kingdom, and has to remain there for 4 weeks until the lock on his new character is released.
  3. Weed decides to train his starting stats at the Rosenheim Kingdom's Training Hall by continuously hitting a scarecrow with a wooden sword. So far, he's gained +28 Strength, +25 Agility, and +22 Vitality.
  4. Weed's scarecrow training has resulted in the creation of two new stats, Fighting Spirit and Sustenance.
  5. Using a wooden sword during his training provided Weed with the Sword Mastery skill, and has leveled up to 3.
  6. After befriending the Training Hall instructor, Weed accepts an E-Rank Quest to look into a Rosenheim rumor about a master sculptor that can carve the moonlight.

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