Volume 1, Chapter 1: "The Birth of a Dark Gamer"

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Lee Hyun had worked in every kind of trade imaginable. But no matter how hard he worked, at the end of the day, the only money left in his pockets was chump change. To remove any form of distraction from his goal of earning money, he decided to sell his Continent of Magic account.

Having the highest level and greatest equipment in Continent of Magic, Hyun's account was finally auctioned to CTS Media for 3,090,000,000 won. His family's happiness was short-lived however, as loan sharks decided to collect the debt his father left them which has accumulated to 3,000,000,000 won. 90,000,000 won was not taken away, and Lee Hyun made a promise to the five guys that later on, he will get even with them.

For 1 whole year, Lee Hyun learned about martial arts and studied virtual reality games. After that, he finally purchased a capsule used to connect to Royal Road for 10,000,000 won. With all preparations finished, it was the beginning of the game. He felt like a soldier heading onto the battlefield.



  1. Because of being underground with only two ventilation fans running, Lee Hyun damaged his lungs and gained heavy medical bills.
  2. It is told that Lee Hyun's parents had died in an accident, and now his family only consisted of his grandma and baby sister.
  3. His grandma after falling down the stairs a few days ago, had dislocated her hip, rendering her unable to go to work.
  4. Lee Hyun wanted to repay his old and ailing grandma for all that she had sacrificed to raise Lee Hyun and Lee Hye Yeon.
  5. Continent of Magic (CoM), a classic game released 20 years ago, is the only game that can run smoothly on Lee Hyun's antiquated computer, assembled by combining parts from here and there. 
  6. Currently, the maximum level limit of Continent of Magic is 200. In the two decades since it was released, Lee Hyun is the first and only one to reach the highest level in the game. Only Lee Hyun was oblivious to the fact that he was a celebrity. 
  7. It is the first game Lee Hyun played and he once hunted for 200 hours straight (8 days) on Continent of Magic without catching a wink of sleep.
  8. It is said that Royal Road had a fully implemented world, and contained tens of thousands of races and users, over tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of thousands of skills.
  9. To install the equipment that made virtual reality possible, it would cost over 10,000,000 won.
  10. CoM Weed has the full set of Red Dragon Armor along with Red Dragon’s Backbone Shield bestowed by the Black God of Valor.
  11. It would've been fine if he had done the waiver of inheritance, but at that time Lee Hyun was still too young to understand and did not know about this law. In addition, his grandma, with the grief of losing her only child, also failed to apply for the waiver of inheritance in court within 3 months and thus the legacy was inherited.
  12. Royal Road, like its namesake, walked the path of the emperor with serenity. Possessing more than 75% of the world’s game market share, more than 90% of Korean gamers played this game.

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