Volume 12, Chapter 7: "The Victories in Heaven and on Earth"

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Weed's party continues to clear out the Unicorns and Pegasus from Todeum city's 47 castles for their A-Rank Quest. Upon clearing out the 33rd castle, the deaths of the Geomchi practitioners have slowed down to a point that 212 of them still remain, but the recent battle resulted in Surka's death, which means that she's been ousted out of Todeum. To make up for their failure at protecting Surka, master Geomchi gives the order that he and his sword followers will not eat again until they make it through a battle suffering no casualties. In addition, the number of castle vampires that have woken up to join Weed's war-party of clearing out Todeum city now consists of several 1000s.

Soon after, Weed receives a game message that his actions have won over the loyalty of the vampires. Along with a few stat increases for becoming friendly with the vampires, Weed being the leader of a party that's been killing divine creatures of the light alongside the wicked vampires has resulted in him receiving a Murderer's Mark. His Infamy goes up as well, which will possibly make him look like a dangerous person that people will want to avoid. However, Weed figures he'll be okay in the future as long as he makes donations to a church, or completes less controversial quests, to reduce his Infamy. 

The party continues to clear out castles, which the growing number of vampires reaches a point where Weed's Leadership can no longer control all of them. Seechwi takes over as a second leader thanks to her Orc Commander class to provide orders for the excess amount of vampires. As a result of leading vampires into battle, Seechwi obtains the Group Conducting skill, which is a unique orc skill that increases the number of party members she can command while also providing additional party buffs, such as increased stats and experience gain. During breaks, Weed continues to cook meals for his party to help keep his teammates, particularly the Geomchis, in top shape.

Weed's party clearing out the castles continues, which thanks to Van Hawk's past as a former high-ranking Knight of the Kallamore Kingdom, the Death Knight takes over as an additional leader to help command the vampires against the Unicorns and Pegasus. By the 44th castle, Weed and company start coming across the elite versions of their enemy, which are Royal Unicorns and Silver Pegasus. However, they turn out to be no trouble at all due to the amount of awoken vampires that have teamed up with Weed and company by this point. Hwaryeong notes how incredible Weed is that he's managed to get them this far, which Weed shows that he's just following the basic map he created using the Painting skill he learned from Yurin. Eventually, all 47 of Todeum's castles are cleared out, which also means that all possible vampire allies for Weed's party are now awake.

Taking the battle outdoors to the sky above the Todeum streets, the 1000s of vampires awoken by Weed's party duke it out with the 1000s of remaining Unicorns, Pegasus, and their elite variants. The vampires utilize their pet vampire bats to swarm each enemy weakening them for the vampires to go in for the killing blow. The Unicorns and Pegasus are able to counter utilizing their speed to charge around the battlefield, but Tori uses his Summon Spider skill to slow down the horse beasts by having a spider summon cover them in spider webs, which the rest of the vampires follow suit.

On the ground, Weed's party is seen joining the outdoor battle against the Unicorns and Pegasus, which the Geomchis try to shoot arrows into the sky using their large bows to hit the flying beasts currently fighting the vampires. Weed however takes this opportunity to go off on his own to take advantage of the loot gain buffs provided from the Mysterious Shadow Tower. He goes around collecting highly valued items, such as Unicorn Horns and Unicorn Leather, from the defeated Unicorn and Pegasus that have fallen out of the sky. Such dedication to looting has even granted him a rare gold coin blessing from the rumored Loot God, which motivates Weed even further. The rest of Weed's companions, even Mapan, take after Weed's example, and move throughout the city finishing off any weakened Unicorn or Pegasus that dropped from the ongoing sky battle against the vampires. Eventually, all the Unicorns and Pegasus down to the last beast are defeated, and the surviving vampires stand triumphant over Todeum.

With Todeum city liberated, an aged vampire who turns out to be the quest-giver that left behind the A-Rank Quest message approaches Weed, and thanks him and his companions for saving the vampires. Weed and company receive a game message informing them that by saving the home of the vampires, they've officially completed the A-Rank Quest. They're rewarded with Fame, some stat increases and multiple level-ups, and their only negative being that they've angered the clans of the forest for killing divine creatures. Weed is also provided a rusty key that will grant him access to the Todeum Treasury where they will be able to obtain the item rewards for their quest. However, the catch is that Weed and company have to search for the treasury's location themselves.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "The Request from an Unknown Vampire" (Weed's party completes after clearing out all the Unicorns and Pegasus from Todeum city. Weed is provided a key to access Todeum's treasury for the rewards, but he and his party have to search for the treasury room first.)

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  1. It's said that thanks to the buffs provided by Weed's newly constructed loot tower, only 2 to 3 Geomchi practitioners die throughout each Todeum castle battle against the Unicorns and Pegasus. Upon clearing out the 33rd castle, only 212 practitioners remain, meaning that 288 of them died. In addition, Surka ended up dying to a kick from one of the Unicorns.
  2. Angry over Surka getting ousted out of Todeum, Master Geomchi suggests that they shouldn't be allowed to eat unless they make it through a battle with no casualties, which Weed accepts.
  3. Up to the 33rd castle, the number of vampires that have woken up to join Weed's war party of clearing out Todeum city numbers up to 4,600. Each battle has resulted in around 200 or 300 vampire losses, but those that survive get stronger.
  4. Weed uses Lion's Roar to hype his party up following Surka's dying. Morale is increased by 200%, confusion is diminished, and the user's Leadership is increased by 200% for 5 minutes.
  5. As a way to defend itself from deceiving black magic, a Unicorn's horn lights up with purple light for better resistence of the mind.
  6. The Vampire Queens are said to wear flashy dresses in full tight leather, and carry whips. They also apply curses to the Unicorns and Pegasus, and summon insects to bother the creatures. They also have an ability to summon evasive vampire bat familiars that cling onto the Unicorns and Pegasus to suck their blood dry for damage recovery.
  7. The vampire army that Weed controls have damage resistence and temporary damage increases thanks to the blood they've been consuming from the Unicorns and Pegasus. In addition, the increasing amount of vampires has resulted in them dying in the place of the Geomchi practitioners, meaning that not a single Geomchi is dying anymore.
  8. Weed receives a game message that he now has total control over a legion of vampires that have accepted him as a leader of the darkness. Such loyalty is at its best state with the vampires, but will also contribute negatively to Weed's notoriety. In addition, vampires are willing to offer Weed the nape of a delicious woman to drink out of respect. For winning over the Todeum vampires' loyalty, Weed's Infamy goes up by 350, but he also gains +2 Leadership and +5 Charisma.
  9. Infamy is described to be something that helps with quests that require infamy, but it leads to some bad consequences. Villagers would run away or chase out people with high infamy. Weed isn't too worried since his Infamy isn't that high to the point of being a problem, and knows that he can get rid of it by making donations to the church, or complete quests.
  10. Weed receives a game message informing him that he's joined up with the despicable vampires to hurt diving creatures such as Unicorns and Pegasus. As a result of the vicious actions he's committed, his actions are to be reflected. The result is Weed receiving the red murderer's mark on his forehead, which stuns Weed in disbelief.
  11. Weed is left questioning why he's the only one that received the red murderer's mark. Pale answers that it's because Weed killed the most Unicorns and Pegasus out of everyone while Romuna notes that it's because Weed is the mastermind behind them all taking on the A-Rank Quest to clear out Todeum of the divine creatures. On the other hand, the Geomchis find the mark to be awesome and manly while the vampires are happy that Weed is living up to their expectations.
  12. Weed's party continues clearing out the Todeum castles, but their experience gain has lowered greatly due to the amount of vampires teamed up with them leaching experience. Tori's vamily family, the Jinhyeos, are also said to have been upgraded.
  13. Amongst the vampires that Weed's party have recruited, new varients are seen. These being Dream, Shadow, and Assassin Vampires. Dream Vampires use illusions to cause confusion or paralysis, Shadow Vampires hide in the darkness waiting for the right moment to strike, and Assassin Vampires are natural fighters that rely on brute strength rather than magic.
  14. Once Weed reaches 5,000 vampires under his party, it ends up exceeding the capacity that his Leadership can control. As a result, at least 100 of the vampires end up doing their own thing fighting the Unicorns and Pegasus. However, since Seechwi is an Orc Commander, he gives control of the extra vampires to her.
  15. Weed learned about the downsides of the Leadership stat after witnessing the Orcs and Dark Elves of the Plains of Despair play around, resist his orders, or easily get distracted by something else. His limits at Leadership are based on familarity with the race, and how high his Lion's Roar skill and Charisma stat are.
  16. Through Seechwi leading the vampires into battle, she ends up obtaining the Group Conducting Skill. Seechwi can configure up to 35 orc members in her unit depending on the skills level, and these configured orcs can configure 20 orcs of their own. Leadership increases 3% per level, and party members' stats are increased: Strength, Agility, Stamina, and physical resistance in particular. Experience gain of party members is increased by 2% (16% once Group Conducting is max level), and party members have increased resistance to Confusion and Fear.
  17. It's said that humans are normally able to form a party of up to 5 players. However, a party leader can increase the party by 1 with every 50 stat points that are in the Leadership stat.
  18. Orc party leaders follow a different party rule where they can form parties up to 10 to 20 teammates for hunting. Thanks to Seechwi being an orc, having high Leadership, and now having the Group Conducting Skill, she can form a party of up to 50 members.
  19. Weed continues to cook for his party primarily to keep the Geomchis in shape. It's said that in real life, the Geomchis stick to a strict food regimen for between 10 to 30 years. Their diet for every meal usually included 300 grams of boiled chicken breasts with sauce, and 10 to 20 egg whites.
  20. The only thing that the Geomchis truly fear within Royal Road is hunger. Such repetitive eating in real life is why they've come to really enjoy Weed's variety cooking, but also leaves a bad impression on the rest of Weed's companions making it look as if Weed is controlling the Geomchis through highly addictive drugs.
  21. The current Van Hawk has reached a level as high as 368. The damage he dishes out is said to be great enough to inflict a great deal of damage against a Unicorn of Pegasus. His stats are compared to a general Death Knight class which are usually seen around level 200.
  22. For the first time ever, Van Hawk's level 368 stat sheet is seen after Weed brings up his minion's game window. Notable character traits include having an alignment to Darkness, and having the "Dark Hand of Army Commander" title. His current reputation is at 7,904 points, but his stats include being at -200 in Luck and Faith.
  23. According to Van Hawk's game sheet, Van Hawk is a loyal Knight of the Kallamore Kingdom, but was one day reborn as a Death Knight. As a Death Knight, he commanded the Legions of Immortality for Bar Khan Demoph, but then came under control of someone else (Weed). Van Hawk is capable of dishing out loads of damage as a minion, can act as a leader for war units, is vulnerable to Holy Magic, can control undead and monsters, has up to 4 Black Magic circles available, and has mastered the art of the Kallamore Kingdom's swordsmanship.
  24. Van Hawk acts as another vampire leader for Weed's party. This causes Weed to remember past events of fighting alongside his Death Knight, but even then, he still gives Van Hawk cold orders to not lose a beat against the vampires.
  25. Some vampires complain that they only want to fight once a night. To keep them motivated, Weed provides his forearm to the vampires to drink his fresh blood for stamina replenishment. The rest of the party are then forced to give up their blood as well.
  26. At this point, 43 out of 47 of Todeum city's castles have been cleared out. The final 4 castles contain elite versions of the Unicorns and Pegasus. These being the golden horn Royal Unicorns, and the flowing argent mane Silver Pegasus. However, the elites end up not being that difficult to take down due to all the vampires that make up Weed's party at this point.
  27. Hwaryeong is left amazed at how well Weed knows about the layout and enemy locations of Todeum city, which Weed answers that it's thanks to a map he drew using the Painter skills he learned from Yurin. He pulls out a crumbled sheet of paper to show the map he made.
  28. Weed's Todeum city map is described to be a messy outline showing the city entrance, the roads, and the locations of each castle. The map also has notes spread throughout. Some notes include "a beautifully large castle to the right of the Hero's Tower," "a castle of lots of apples," "a blossoming yellow flower castle across the north bridge," and "gate to blue castle after a 10 minute walk down an alley."
  29. Eventually, all 47 castles have been cleared out along with all possible vampires being woken up. The Unicorns and Pegasus that remained outside were then enveloped by swarms of vampire bats from the awoken vampires as if a storm of dark clouds has suddenly appeared over Todeum city. Vampires would then go in to land the killing blow after the bats have eaten away at their enemies' nap, sides, hips, and forelimbs.
  30. Royal Unicorns and Silver Pegasus' outside the castles counterattack the vampires. Some Royal Unicorn skills include Summon Kasya, which allows them to summon fire spirits, and Summon Undine, which allows them to create water spears from the rain that they shoot towards their enemies. Silver Pegasus come with the Dancing Light and Fire Arrow skills, which are light magic and penetrating protectiles that they shoot at the vampires.
  31. It's said that the worst attack that the Geomchi practitioners had to deal with when it came to the Unicorns and Pegasus was when they performed full speed horse charges. This ends up being a problem for the vampires as well.
  32. The vampires have trouble keeping up with the speed of the Unicorns and Pegasus. However, they're able to prolong the fight drinking the blood of said enemies, which restores the focus of the vampires' eyes and arms, and vitality, stamina and mana are restored throughout the fight. The battle has resulted in no top-tier Vampire Lords dying.
  33. Tori is said to not be that intelligent, but has gained a lot of battle experience through his fights with Weed. He's seen using his Summon Spider skill to trap Unicorns and Pegasus within the webbings provided by his summon to slow the beasts down. He does this by trapping vampire bats in the webbings all around Todeum to bait the Unicorns and Pegasus into charging at them, which results in the winged horses getting covered in spider webs. The other vampires then begin to use this tactic.
  34. Despite being mana exhausted, Weed's party join the outdoor fight against the remaining Unicorns and Pegasus. To reach the enemy beasts flying around, the Geomchis use their massive bows to fire arrows into the sky. However, due to the inaccuracy that come with the Geomchi's massive bows, they end dealing friendly-fire to the vampires, which angers the latter.
  35. Geomchi 2 and the practitioners notice that Weed has disappeared, and go searching for him. They find him amongst several fallen Unicorns and Pegasus that have been paralyzed from having too much blood sucked from the vampires, and he goes about collecting their horns, leather, muscles, gold, silver, and miscellaneous crafting materials, armor, and weapons. Weed kills each of the paralyzed Unicorns and Pegasus, but they don't provide much experience since they were already near death.
  36. It's said that on the Versailles Continent, there is a rumored Loot God that's not technically a recognized religion. Weed is actually a devoted follower of said god, but doesn't make donations to said god because no temple for the Loot God exists. Dark Gamers are also said to be followers of the Loot God.
  37. Regarding some Loot God myths, it's said that a player obtained 5 unique grade pieces of equipment grinding the Honose Plains for 2 hours, one player found a cart of Dwarfen Made Gloves just by walking around the mountains of Fort Odin, and someone finding a treasure chest of 70,000 gold in a cave nobody lived in. 
  38. The Loot God is said to only follow a single doctrine when one prays to it. The doctrine being to "never throw away a single piece of loot in vain as no loot is useless in this world." Those that hear the doctrine from the Loot God are said to receive 900 gold coins as a blessing.
  39. Weed's companions follows Weed's example by moving around Todeum city while avoiding attacks from the ongoing sky battle to finish off any weakened Unicorn or Pegasus that has fallen out of the sky. Amongst Weed's companions, even Mapan joins the fight. As a Merchant, Mapan is seen using an axe. For the sake of the KMC Media video, the Geomchis being shirtless are said to receive 5 times as more damage from the beasts compared to if they had their armor on.
  40. Weed takes after the Geomchis being shirtless by taking off his own equipment so that he can move around the Todeum battlefield for quicker fighting and looting.
  41. Eventually, the numbers of Unicorns and Pegasus are reduced to the point of the last few try to retreat, but are caught by the pursuing vampires. In the end, all of the divine horses are wiped out. 
  42. An aged vampire amongst the survivors approaches Weed, and thanks him for saving the vampires. Vampires who look aged are because they drank past the limit that they can drink blood, but can look normal again if they drink the blood of a virgin. This aged vampire also turns out to be the one that left behind the message for Weed and company to receive the A-Rank Quest.
  43. Weed and company receive a game message informing them that they've completed the A-Rank Quest. A vampire poem detailing their Todeum life is seen, along with how they've been hiding within the darkness staying out of the sight of humans until they were able to establish a home for themselves in Todeum. Weed and company have become their saviors bringing back peace to their vampire civilization. They gain 4,420 Fame, +25 Charisma, and +3 to all stats, but hostility with the clans of the forest have been increased by 100. Weed also gets +6 level-ups while his teammates gained between 9 to 12 levels. The low-leveled Seechwi gained the most at 17 level-ups.
  44. Weed reminds the aged vampire not to forget about their quest rewards. The vampire quest-giver provides Weed with a rusty treasure room key claiming that while their race is known for fraud and lies, they are not people that go back on promises.
  45. Weed asks about the location of the vampire treasury, but is told by the aged vampire that he will have to search for it himself. Weed also has to be careful with the key since another won't be provided if it ends up lost, and that it could easily break since the key has low durability.

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