Volume 12, Chapter 5: "Lee Hyun's Identity Uncovered"

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The exhausted Korea University students wake up to begin the 2nd day of the M.T. event. For breakfast, the groups are seen eating grilled pork while Lee Hyun cooks stew and rice kimchi for his team. Shortly after, students are tasked to begin the next hellish training course, which is to jump 300 meters worth of lunges, and then paddle their 8-man sized boat a lap around Silmido Island. During the boat lap, Choi Sang Joon and Bak Soon Jo start off as the rowers for the team in order to give Hyun a bit of a break after everything he's done for them so far. Hyun would then take over for Bak Soon Jo after the latter becomes exhausted, and finishes the boat lap rowing alongside Choi Sang Joon.

Following the boat challenge, the students have lunch, and then take part in the afternoon sports competitions. Hyun ends up being a huge powerhouse during some of the sports matches, which starts to grab the attention of his classmates. One such student, Park Sumin, ends up recognizing him not as a player of Royal Road, but as the man who was crowned the "Princess Knight" at the Dein High school festival awhile back. Much to Hyun's horror, the reveal sparks the interest of the professors and students, and results in Hyun suddenly becoming the most popular person of the M.T. event that everyone wants to befriend. With the toughest parts of the M.T. event now over, the students spend the evening break time having dinner, watching a talent show, and getting to know one another over drinks of alcohol. Afterwards, Hyun and company head off to bed.

On the 3rd and final day of the M.T. event, Hyun is the only one to wake up again in the early morning. He spots Seoyoon sitting on the beach rock like before, and once again decides to take a seat next to her to watch the morning sunrise. Since she's come to trust him, Seoyoon ends up falling asleep on his shoulder due to still being drowsy from drinking alcohol the previous day. At first, Hyun sees Seoyoon being asleep as an opportunity to finally exact some revenge on her for what he believes were past misdeeds, but he decides against it by putting Seoyoon's head in a more comfortable sleeping position on his lap, and witnesses once more how beautiful Seoyoon's face and body are. Thinking things over, Hyun begins to view Seoyoon in a better light to the point of wondering if he should spend money on a meal for her at some point in the future. The sunrise comes into full-view at this point, and shines upon the sleeping Seoyoon, which Hyun grabs a small knife along with a piece of nearby wood to begin crafting a real life wood sculpture of her.

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  1. The exhausted students wake up for the second day of the MT event. Instead of ramen, eat grilled pork for breakfast. Some ask if they can drink soju cider, but put it away when the professors imply that alcohol will make it tough for them to endure the 2nd day's hellish training.
  2. The breakfast Lee Hyun cooks for his group includes stew of boiled leftover materials, and a seasoned leaf mustard kimchi side dish. Hyun is seen steaming the rice in a pan for the kimchi dish. His cooking amazes Choi Sang Joon and Min Sura, which Hyun explains that it's thanks to cooking since childhood, and learning how to cook specific dishes within Royal Road.
  3. After breakfast, the morning hellish training course for the 2nd day begins with groups needing to do 300 meters worth of lunges. Despite how exhausted the students are, they manage to all be finished with the test under 20 minutes.
  4. After lunges, groups are then tasked to paddle a boat one lap around Silmido island. A boats are big enough to fit all 8 team members, and each member is given a life vest, but said boats are said to at least be 10 years old. The professors will be watching from afar on rented fishing boats in case accidents occur.
  5. Choi Sang Joon offers to row first in place of Hyun to allow the latter to get some rest after all he's done for them so far. With the help of Bak Soon Jo, he and Choi Sang Joon alternate as the rower for about 40 minutes until they're drenched in sweat. Hyun then takes over for Bak Soon Jo, and moves at the same pace as Choi Sang Joon.
  6. Choi Sang Joon asks if Hyun ever sailed before, which Hyun answers that he just has the feel of the paddle. Basically, he grows accustom to padding similar to how he worked hard learning how to shovel and so on.
  7. The students have lunch after the boat challenge. It's unknown what they ate for lunch on the 2nd day of the MT event.
  8. Following lunch, Hyun and company take part in the next MT event, which is the sports challenge. Some of the sports Hyun takes part in is soccer, wrestling, and log boxing. Hyun's overwhelming power during the sports events grabs the attention of his classmates, such as a female student named Park Sumin.
  9. It's said that it's been 2 weeks since Program Weed began airing for KMC Media. The ratings are still near the bottom, but positivity has surrounded it amongst viewers wondering if it really is the legendary Weed they're watching take on the land of vampires.
  10. Overall, Hyun wonders if Park Sumin recognizes him from Royal Road. But thinking it over, Hyun knows for a fact that his face has never actually been revealed on tv since he was Orc Karichwi in the Plains of Despair, Skeleton Weed in the Northern Continent, and covers himself up as a helmeted Black Knight in Todeum. 
  11. In the end, what Park Sumin recognizes him from was the real life Princess Knight competition from 2 years ago. Hyun denies it, but Park Sumin brings up a video of the festival, and shows off the Princess Set event that Hyun took part in with his sister.
  12. During 5pm break-time, Hyun's popularity increases drastically amongst the students and professors after it's revealed that he's the Princess Knight. He's even seen being offered drinks of alcohol with the professors. The students also try to go about befriending Hyun, such as asking him to make a fire, or provide him drinks of their own. The girl students are seen enjoying the look of his well-toned body.
  13. Throughout 5pm break-time, the freshmen and senior students rest, and get along interacting over drinks having gained mutual respect with one another. They also watch the talent together, and then head off to bed at 11pm.
  14. Hyun wakes up alone again on the morning of the M.T. event's 3rd day, and once more spots Seoyoon sitting on the rock in front of the sea. He asks why she's up so early, but gets no answer.
  15. Hyun sits next to Seoyoon on the rock again, which they end up sitting in silence for 30 minutes watching the sunrise. Due to Seoyoon's drowsiness from drinking alcohol the previous day, she falls asleep choosing to rest on Hyun's shoulder since she trusts him.
  16. With no one watching, and Seoyoon being asleep on his shoulder, Hyun sees this as the perfect opportunity to finally exact his childish revenge due to the porridge incident when he was sick. He thinks about throwing her into the water, but instead decides to help her sleep more comfortably first by putting her head on his lap.
  17. Hyun uses this moment as a chance to look at Seoyoon's sleeping face and body hoping that there's a tiny flaw somewhere amongst all the beauty.  In the end when it comes to the face, Seoyoon has no skin creases, no pores, the skin is milk quality, and the eyebrows are long and orderly. For the body, Seoyoon is tall and slender, the calves, thighs and waist line are all smooth, and even the toes sticking out of her sandals are beautiful.
  18. Hyun is said to be someone that doesn't hate women, but avoids them so he doesn't have to spend money in a relationship. It's said that watching Seoyoon has changed that a bit, and leaves him thinking about possibly treating her to a meal at an udon stall at some point.
  19. As the sun continues to rise, the sunlight shines upon the sleeping Seoyoon making her look a bit more prettier. Deciding to carve a sculpture, Hyun pulls out a small knife, and grabs a nearby piece of wood to begin carving Seoyoon.

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