Volume 12, Chapter 2: "Todeum Expedition"

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In the city of Todeum, Weed and his companions face off against 10 Unicorns and 12 Pegasus within the basement of the black castle. The group of Geomchi practitioners led by Geomchi 5 act as the tanks to stall the 22 enemies charging towards them while Romuna uses her Water Clay skill to turn the floor into mush to help slow the enemy down. Weed with his Ancient Shield joins the defensive wall to help tank the charge, which they're able to hold the line at the cost of 12 practitioners dying, and Weed loses a durability point on his unrepairable shield.

With the tank line holding strong, Pale, Maylon and hundreds of Geomchis use their bows to shoot Fire Arrows at the Unicorns and Pegasus to deal some damage before the Geomchis all switch to melee, and move in to surround each single Unicorn and Pegasus to keep them locked down from escaping. Hwaryeong provides crowd control using Enchanting Dance to temporarily put some of the Unicorns and Pegasus to sleep while Weed summons out Van Hawk, and calls for their ally, Tori, to join the ongoing battle. Slowly but surely, each Unicorn and Pegasus begins to fall thanks to Weed, Tori, Van Hawk and Pale's party focusing their attacks on one enemy, and then repeat the process on their next target. Meanwhile, Weed goes about gathering up the loot dropped by them. Eventually, 9 additional Unicorns arrive as reinforcements, but Weed's party continues the flow they've been on until all 31 enemies are defeated. 

Following the battle, Weed's party is informed through a game message update for their A-Rank Quest that they've cleared Todeum's 1st castle out of the 47 that make up Todeum. They're rewarded some Fame and experience, and the 100 vampires that were sleeping within the black castle have joined forces with Weed to help take back the city. However, another 16 Geomchi practitioners died as a result of the battle against the Unicorns and Pegasus, which drops the remaining number of practitioners to 325. Before moving on, Weed and company spend a bit of time exploring the black castle, which Weed and Mapan use it as an opportunity to grab any treasure they see that they can sell later on for thousands of gold coins.

Finished with Tori's black castle, Weed's party moves on to clearing out Todeum's 2nd castle that contains 32 more Unicorn and Pegasus enemies. Weed and company go about using the same tactics as before that cleared out the 1st castle, but are supported by 100 vampires this time around. Once all 32 enemies are dead, another 110 vampires within the 2nd castle wake up to join Weed's party while 16 more Geomchis were killed off during the battle; dropping the total amount of remaining practitioners to 309. Overall, Weed concludes that they're still losing too many Geomchis at the rate they're going, and decides to craft them some new gear for better survivability. He uses the Rotten Dragon Bones that was looted from the Bone Dragon to spend some time smithing high-tier Bone Swords, Bone Chest Armors, and Bone Shields for some of the Geomchis, such as Geomchis 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, to equip for battle. Weed also obtains the "Blacksmith with Extensive Experiences" title for said Blacksmith work.

Shortly after, Weed and company depart from the 2nd castle to continue clearing out the Unicorns and Pegasus. The battles within each new Todeum castle that they enter results in fewer Geomchis dying than before thanks to those that have their new dragon-bone items equipped leading the way. The amount of awoken vampires within Weed's party also continues to increase with each castle they successfully clear.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "The Request from an Unknown Vampire" (Weed's party begin to clear out Todeum's castles of the Unicorns and Pegasus. Many Todeum vampires are awoken after each castle is cleared, and join forces with Weed's group to help clear out the city.)

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  1. 10 Unicorns and 12 Pegasus charge at Weed's party in the basement of Tori's black castle. The basement is said to be the size of a decent plaza filled with empty boxes and castle pillars.
  2. Weed orders the Geomchis to split into 5 groups led by Geomchis 1-5. The groups each contain the numbers of 100 Geomchi practitioners in ascending order with the exception of the 152 that are already dead. As a result, a group like Geomchi 5's only has command over 70 remaining practitioners.
  3. Geomchi's 5 group act as the tanks using their shields (crafted by Weed using level 3 Intermediate Blacksmithing) to try to stall the Unicorn and Pegasus charge. Weed joins in using his Ancient Shield with the help of his high defense and Endurance stats, to help with the tank wall.
  4. Under Weed's order, Romuna uses her Water Clay skill to change the basement floor into a moist swamp. Doing so slows down the Unicorns and Pegasus' movements.
  5. Weed uses the Close Eyes to evade and feel no pain from the Unicorn and Pegasus attacks. However, powerful blows from such creatures, such as the initial charge, are enough to take away up to half his health due to the low amount of health that the Sculptor class has.
  6. 12 Geomchi practitioners from Geomchi 5's group die after being charged into by the Unicorns and Pegasus, and the Shields that Weed crafted for them are said to have broke on impact. The initial charge is described to be the same as one being hit by a car.
  7. Weed is hit with a Confusion Debuff after tanking the charge. For 8 seconds, movement is impossible, attack power and defense are reduced by 36% and 23% respectively, and skills can't be used. It's said that Weed very rarely ever gets hit with the Confusion Debuff in battle. The unrepairable Ancient Shield also losses 1 durability, which pisses Weed off knowing that the shield in its current state can fetch as much as 1,000,000 won.
  8. Under Weed's order, Pale, Maylon, and over 280 Geomchis use their bows from 20 meters back to shoot Fire Arrows at the Unicorns and Pegasus that got held up by Weed and Geomchi 5's group. Due to the Geomchis using large bows, their arrows give off vapors as they fly, and have high attack power as if they're being shot out of from siege weapons. The Pegasus are are said to have taken the most damage from the arrows having their health reduced to 75%.
  9. Under Weed's order, the Geomchis that were firing arrows pull out their swords to join the battle at the front against the Unicorns and Pegasus. The plan being to keep each enemy surrounded and locked down to not allow any Unicorn or Pegasus to escape since keeping them grounded will reduce their combat capability.
  10. Hwaryeong provides support using Enchanting Dance. The dance is charming enough to put up to 3 of the Unicorns asleep since women are said to be toxic to them. Beauty is enough to cause unruly Unicorns to go docile. Her dance also puts 2 Pegasus asleep before her stamina to perform said dances runs out.
  11. Geomchi 3 is seen leading his group ordering the Geomchis to go for the legs so that the Unicorns and Pegasus have more trouble moving. 
  12. Irene is seen going around the battlefield providing treatment to any Geomchi that takes a brutal hit from a Unicorn or Pegasus kick.
  13. At first, Weed didn't believe they could win after all the damage they took from the initial Unicorn and Pegasus charge, but starts to believe after witnessing the Geomchis holding down their lockdown circles around each enemy as if they're leeches that don't go away.
  14. Weed summons out Van Hawk to join the ongoing battle. He also calls for Tori to join, which the Vampire Lord does since they've formed a temporary truce until Todeum's Unicorns and Pegasus are cleared out.
  15. Tori and Van Hawk defeat the first Unicorn with the help of bow support from Pale, Maylon, and Weed using Yeurika's High Elf Bow. Amongst the loot that the Unicorn drops includes a Unicorn Horn, Unicorn Leather, Jewels, and a Celtic Protector equipment for the knees.
  16. Weed quickly thinks over what each item is worth. The Celtic Protector item could go for 220 gold coins, the Jewels could sell for up to 400 coins, and 7 pieces of Unicorn Leather would get 325 coins. With the Unicorn Horn, the horn itself is worth 945 coins, but if he was to gather up 8 of them plus using 2000 coins in required materials, he could make a Unicorn Horn Bow. He could then sell the bow for 5000 coins or up to as much as 78,000 coins if the bow he crafts is at the level of a unique item.
  17. The Geomchis become highly motivated when they hear from Weed that the loot from the Unicorns will allow them to buy as much as 3,118,500 Barley Bread.
  18. Switching to his Sword of Cold Loteu, Weed uses Moonlight Sculpting Blade against a Pegasus, and uses the "attack a single point" method to damage its leg.
  19. The Unicorns and Pegasus begins to fall one by one with Tori, Van Hawk, and Pale's party all focusing on one target being locked in place by the Geomchis, and then moving on to the next. Geomchi 2 and Geomchi 3's groups are also said to have started a hunting competition.
  20. 9 additional Unicorns arrive as reinforcements, but the flow of Weed's party stays intact, and they eventually defeat all the Unicorns and Pegasus within Tori's black castle.
  21. Weed's party receives a game message after clearing out the Unicorns and Pegasus informing them that they've cleared the 1st castle of Todeum with 46 remaining. They receive +30 Fame and 60% additional combat experience for clearing out Tori's black castle.
  22. In turns out that members of Weed's party have obtained "bad" Titles due to completing quests for vampires, and caused them to lose some Fame. Pale has the "Mean and Petty Archer" title, Mapan has the "The Vile Merchant Who Can Eat Children For Money" title, and Surka has the "Fists Are Louder Than Words" title. However, they see that they gain Fame for winning battles for the A-Rank Quest.
  23. After the battle, Weed's party gains a force of 100 vampires led by a Vampire Queen that were sleeping within Tori's black castle. Their levels are said to be around the late 200s.
  24. In addition to the 12 that died during the initial charge, 9 Geomchi practitioners died mid-battle, and 7 more died during the fight against the 9 Unicorn reinforcements. 28 died in total.
  25. Weed and company go about exploring the black castle. Weed and Mapan go around collecting the treasures, such as Old Arts and Crafts, Gold, Silver Candlestick Holders, and Sapphire and Opal Embedded Swords. Mapan figures that despite the artwork being at just the level of Common, they could fetch as much as 12,000 gold coins for the items.
  26. One of the black castle's artworks is a picture called "The Longing Face Masterpiece," which shows off a vampire staring at the nape of a girl. The picture is said to have declined in overall rating due to mistakes made from the painter who was probably intimidated by vampires. By looking at the painting, Fighting Spirit is increased 10%, and when its nighttime, all stats are increased by 7, and recovery rate is increased by 15%.
  27. Weed's party moves on to the next castle that's said to be slightly larger than Tori's black castle, and has more Unicorn and Pegasus enemies that total 32. Weed and company battle the 32 Unicorn and Pegasus enemies using the same tactics as before. Only this time, they have 100 vampires supporting them. 
  28. It's said that the vampires gain tons of experience from killing divine beings such as the Unicorns and Pegasus. In addition, Weed gets as much as 20% level experience sharing the experience from 32 enemies, and the Geomchis are said to gain enough experience close to an entire level.
  29. Clearing out the 2nd castle of the 32 Unicorn and Pegasus enemies, another 110 vampires that were sleeping in it join Weed's party for a total of 210 vampires. In addition, 16 Geomchi practitioners died during the battle. 
  30. Weed gives his party a warning that they need to keep their damage to a minimum since at the rate they're going losing 10+ people per battle, they're still losing too many people. To help with his party's survivability, Weed pulls out the Rotten Dragon Bones to craft high-tier Bone Swords, Bone Chest Armor and Bone Shields.
  31. A Bone Sword has 130 durability and deals 64-79 damage. It's said to not be a good idea to make such swords using corrosive material, but it's sufficient enough to function as a sword. However, repairs on such a sword requires Blacksmithers of high skill. Restrictions include being unusable for Paladins, and needs to be at level 300 with 520 Agility. Equip bonuses include being easy to use due to how delicate the sword was made, equip requirements are reduced by 20%, gains +200 Fame and +30 Agility, inflicts 60 poison damage per-second, atrophy with monsters increases at the sight of the sword, and the sword itself releases a foul odor.
  32. A Bone Chest Armor has 130 durability and has 85 armor, but comes with a fatal flaw. Due to the armor being made of bones, it can break easily if struck by a large enough impact. Restrictions include being unusable for Paladins, and needs to be at level 320 with 650 Strength. Equip bonuses include being easy to use due to how delicate the armor was made, equip requirements are reduced by 20%, physical damage is reduced, magic defense is increased by 35%, wearer is immune to all confusion magic, and the armor itself releases a foul odor.
  33. Weed's also said to have made Bone Shields, but its properties are unknown. By crafting the swords, armor, and shields using the Rotten Dragon Bones, Weed gains as much as 2.3% or 3.1% Blacksmithing level experience. Weed figures that he could sell the bone items for as much as 20,000 gold coins since they came out as brilliant items despite their low level.
  34. Weed had 230kg of Rotten Dragon Bones to work with. He smithed a total of 10 Bone Swords, which were made for about 3kg each. The rest went into the Bone Chest Armor and Shield sets for 5-15kg each.
  35. Weed's continued work in Blacksmithing grants him the "Blacksmith with Extensive Experiences" title. Attack and defense of newly created items increase by certain values, ability to handle weapons and possibly inflicting additional damage is improved, and Fame is increased by 350. Blacksmithing is also said to be close to leveling up to Intermediate 5.
  36. Weed hands the Bone Swords, Bone Chest Armor, and Bone Shields over to master Geomchi and the instructors for them and some of the practitioners to wear for the battles against the Unicorns and Pegasus. The Geomchis agree to accept the items as long as they hand over the loot they obtain from future Unicorns and Pegasus to Weed.
  37. Leaving the 2nd battle, Weed's party continues their fights against the Unicorns and Pegasus. Thanks to their new bone items, only 5 to 6 Geomchi practitioners die between each battle. In addition, the amount of vampires continues to join the party with each small castle they're about to clear out.

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