Volume 12, Chapter 1: "The Day of the Showdown"

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In Todeum, the day that Weed's party set for their A-Rank Quest to retake the vampire city from the Unicorns and Pegasus finally arrives. Weed and his remaining party members are all seen reuniting and making their final preparations outside Todeum city with the exception of Yurin, who took the battle off due to being too low-leveled for the quest. Weed then cooks up some Breakfast Porridge for his companions while also handing out some Mountain Fruit and Herb Drinks that he brewed using Todeum ingredients to the Geomchis to provide them all some last minute buffs before heading off to battle. His Cooking skill goes up a level due to all the Todeum meals he's been providing for his party, and his Medical Botany skill is shown to be on the verge of reaching the Advanced stage due to all the herbs he's picked up to this point.

After Weed answers some of Maylon's questions with simple answers as to how he bypassed some of the tough solo challenges he faced in Continent of Magic, he begins to lead his party into Todeum city. He goes about avoiding the first Unicorns and Pegasus they spot beyond the front gate by leading his companions through the back alleyways in order to reach a better hunting ground to start at. Weed utilizes Quadruple Run to act as a quiet cockroach while his companions try to imitate him in order to evade other nearby Unicorns and Pegasus. They eventually make it to the hunting ground, which turns out to be Tori's black castle

Making it to a safe spot in the castle's basement, Weed uses the last minute downtime to Sword Grind and Armor Polish his companions' weapons and shields for further buffs. Weed then orders the Geomchis to prepare for battle, which they pull out the large bows that Weed smithed for them earlier. Irene then provides the party a final Blessing buff, which attracts the nearby Unicorns and Pegasus within the castle to finally attack Weed and company.

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  1. The day finally arrives that Weed's party set to attack Todeum city. Mapan however is not going to take part in the fighting given that he's a Merchant.
  2. It's said that unlike back on the surface of the Versailles Continent and Morata in the north, Mapan doesn't have to pay taxes on trade goods with the vampires of Todeum. This is because the vampire race is exempt from taxation.
  3. In real life, the topic Mapan was most interested in for his Economic class was laws of taxation. The most crucial thing he learned from the class is that one needs to be an expert at tax evasion.
  4. Hwaryeong is seen preparing and practicing her dances under the Todeum moonlight for the A-Rank Quest. She puts on the exposing red dress that was bought recently, and has many luxurious jewels dangling from the gown.
  5. Weed puts on his whole knight outfit that makes him look like a "Dark Knight." These items include the Talrock's Armor, the Mithril Helmet of Noble Grace, the Vampire Cape, and the Black Mithril Boots. Other equipped items include the Sword of Cold Loteu, the Ancient Shield, and the Baharan’s Bracelet. However, he removes Baharan’s Bracelet due to Weed feeling that it doesn't fit with his current image. He also chooses to go bare-handed since he current Rose Engraved Gloves, which are white, don't go with the Dark Knight image either.
  6. It's said that since Todeum's sun never appears, night and day in the land of vampires have no distinction from one another.
  7. Standing atop a hill overlooking Todeum city and the sky's 3 moons, (Pallun, Gorun, and Seirun), Weed decides to sing 4 songs. The first mostly amounted to crafting an expensive armor that can sell for at least 7 gold. Another describes his cape and the things he went through with it. Due to Weed being tone deaf, the songs hurts the ears of his comrades.
  8. Weed informs the party that Yurin will not be joining for the A-Rank Quest, and is instead spending a nice time at home for the day. Weed's other companions minus the 152 Geomchi practioners that died are all seen grouped up and ready to take on Todeum city.
  9. Weed cooks a Breakfast Porridge meal for his companions before taking on Todeum city. His Cooking skill is said to have leveled up to Intermediate level 6 by this point thanks to cooking so many meals for the Geomchis.
  10. For the first time in the series, the level of Weed's Medical Botany skill is mentioned. It's said that he's leveled it up to Intermediate level 9.
  11. The buffs that Weed's Breakfast Porridge provides is +40% stamina, +25% health, +13% mana, +36 Strength, +22 Agility, +36% Poison resistance, and stamina will not decline while the food buff is on. The ingredients for the porridge would have cost 200 gold coins if he bought the stuff in normal cities on the surface, but he only had to spend 53 coins in Todeum thanks to collecting some of the materials from the hunts.
  12. Along with the Breakfast Porridge, Weed provides his party drinks in the form of Alcohol made of mountain fruits and herbs. The Geomchis grab the drinks, but Pale and company choose not to wanting to remain focused on the A-Rank Quest.
  13. Maylon questions Weed how he broke into the Ibanpolten Island’s Labyrinth in Continent of Magic, which was said to be a famous sealing place of a powerful Archdemon. Weed answers that he simply acted like the rats, and took a path through the sewers.
  14. Maylon next questions Weed how he beat the Inferno Skeleton King in Continent of Magic, which was said to be a monster of smoldering flames and bones that had great physical attacks, and had magic defenses on the level of dragons. Weed answers that he simply immersed the flame skeleton in water to kill him.
  15. Despite Weed's simply answers, he actually had to go through a lot of investigation and preparation. These included needing to make detailed maps to know how to traverse Ibanpolten Island’s Labyrinth, and he died a dozen times against the Inferno Skeleton King until he found the weakness, which was to drag the flame skeleton into a lake.
  16. Ready to attack, Weed leads his companions into Todeum City. However, Weed informs them that there's a better hunting ground to start at, and avoids the first Unicorns and Pegasus. Weed gets on all 4s to use Quadruple Run Skill as he zig-zags around the city to follow along the alleyway paths that will keep them out of sight of the light enemies on the main streets. The group follows after Weed getting on all 4s as well, but don't move as well since unlike Weed, they don't have the Quadruple Run Skill.
  17. Mapan is shown to be the worst at running on all 4 limbs since his combat stats lacked compared to Knowledge, Wisdom and Charisma. The only  reason he's able to keep up is because of the stamina buffs from the Breakfast Porridge meal.
  18. Weed states to his party of how they can learn a lot by studying the behavior of animals. That animals have more advantages over people knowing the many laws of survival that help extend their lives. To sneak around Todeum, Weed informs his companions that they will be imitating a cockroach since such insects are known to have the highest rate of survivability.
  19. Weed imitating a cockroach makes it look like his arms and legs are moving quickly on all 4s. In addition, his head moves violently side to side as if its an antenna, and his eyes rolled constantly to check if there's any incoming monsters nearby.
  20. The first Todeum hunting ground Weed was referring to turns out to be the interior of Tori's black castle. They make their way down to a safe part of the castle basement before battle.
  21. Before starting the first battle, Weed orders the Geomchis to ready the long bows he crafted for them. Amongst the Geomchis, the master was provided the biggest bow. Each bow wielded by the Gemochis decreases in size as the Geomchi number increases. Fellow archers, Pale and Maylon, theorize that despite the large bows being too big and sluggish to have good accuracy, such disadvantages won't matter since they will be fighting inside where accuracy will be easier since areas will be more compacted.
  22. The Geomchis are said to currently be wielding shields that can cover their entire body. Weed can't tell if they're usable or not right off the bat, but knows that they will still be good for deflecting enemy arrows, and will raise their defense by at least 50% since the Geomchis are going shirtless for the sake of the KMC Media video.
  23. Weed uses the Sword Grind and Armor Polish skills to sharpen and clean everyone's gear before starting the battle against the Unicorns and Pegasus. Irene then uses a Blessing to further buff the party, which ends up attracting the first Unicorns and Pegasus towards them since they're able to sense when divine magic is used.

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