Volume 11, Chapter 4: "Roselin Rescue Mission"

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Outside a human fanatic village in Todeum, Weed's companions, such as Geomchis 1-505, are all stunned in disbelief that accepting a B-Rank Quest from the vampire, Minorue, resulted in them all losing a bit of Fame. However, Weed reminds them that said quest is still a rescue mission to save a female vampire named Roselin, which gets them all hyped up to begin charging towards the village owned by the Taron's Cult fanatics. The only exceptions who don't charge right away are Geomchi 2 and Geomchi 16 since they both already have potential girlfriends. Geomchi 2 has made it his mission to protect Seechwi while they're in the vampire lands while Geomchi 16 has been sending message whispers to Libby, the girl he befriended when they were fighting against the Bone Dragon.

Due to Yurin and Mapan being too weak, Weed orders the 2 of them to hang back as he, and the rest of Pale's party, joins the Geomchi charge into the religious cult village. Within said village, a large battle that goes on for over 40 minutes takes place between Weed's party and the Taron's Cult Shadow Paladin and Shadow Priest fanatics. The Geomchis keep the Shadow Paladins at bay long enough to allow for Weed and Zephyr to lead their smaller party around the brawl in order to take out the ranged enemies, the Shadow Priests, which Weed relies on Archery to shoot at them with his High Elf Bow from afar before his group gets in melee range to finish the priests off. With their healers gone, the Shadow Paladins are then slowly overwhelmed until the battle is won for Weed's party, but at the cost of 34 Geomchi practitioners dying. Weed and company then head over to Roselin's location to free her from her bonds, which completes the B-Rank Quest. They're rewarded from Minorue with 10 Roselin Cursed Dolls each, which can provide the user lots of Fame if they donate them to temples.

After completing the Roselin rescue quest, Weed's party go about taking on more Seirun vampire quests, which they perform better at after experiencing what a vampire quest is like for the first time. They also use some time to hunt wild monsters, such as Yaks that can provide them Yak's Meat for food. However, hunting the Yaks results in another 19 of the Geomchi practitioners dying. Afterwards, Weed's party moves on to hunting powerful Beasts of Chaos as an opportunity to train the Geomchi practitioners to properly retreat and regroup from battle rather than continue fighting until death comes. Weed and Geomchi 2 go about leading armies of 100 practitioners to rotate in-and-out of battle against the Beasts of Chaos, which Weed uses the downtime to heal them up using First Aid Bandages. Once the Beasts of Chaos are defeated, the battle tactic proves to be successful with only 13 of the Geomchi practitioners dying this time around.

Over the next week, Weed pushes his party to continue questing and hunting around Seirun so that they take advantage of their temporary Discovery Buff of obtaining better rewards until it wears off. They only ever stop for lunch breaks, which Weed cooks for them meals, such as Soaked Kimchi. Once the week is done, Weed's party has managed to successfully complete all of Seirun's quests. Weed and company had gained a couple level-ups, and obtained some valuable item rewards, such as the agility boosting Olderin Boots and the mana increasing Circlet of Blaine. However, 26 more Geomchi practitioners died during the week of questing, which means that 92 Geomchi practitioners in total have been ousted out of Todeum.

With their work in Seirun done, Weed and his companions are about ready to start traveling towards the city of Todeum. Before leaving, the vampires they befriended in Seirun give them a warning that those who went there never returned.

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  • B-Rank Quest: "Vampire Rescue" (Weed's party completes.)
  • (It's said that after completing the Vampire Rescue quest, Weed's party went around to take on more Seirun quests from the vampires ranging in the C-Rank and B-Rank. One of such quests includes them taking on Beasts of Chaos. They eventually complete them all.)

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  1. It comes as a surprise to Weed's companions that they lost 200 Fame from accepting Minorue's vampire quest. Weed figures that the loss of Fame won't matter in the land of vampires since they already received a quest as high as B-Rank without needing to gain familiarity with vampires first.
  2. The Geomchis are said to not have a high amount of Fame at this point in time. Master Geomchi is said to be someone that has a greed for good weapons, and desires to have a huge weapon arsenal that he can use.
  3. Geomchi questions Weed what happens if Fame drops to 0, which Weed explains that shops will no longer sell good weapons to people that they view are unworthy since they got no Fame. Geomchi 3 asks why that should matter since they can just ask blacksmiths to make them weapons, which Weed explains that blacksmiths have their own form of pride where they desire to have their crafted weapons shown of by celebrities rather than a nobody. Weed also points out that low Fame will make it hard to get into high class restaurants.
  4. Weed convinces the Geomchis to attack the religious human cult village by pointing out that the one who rescues the vampire will get consolidation from a girl. As a result, the 505 Geomchis charge towards the village to save Roselin.
  5. Female vampires are said to have enticing and sensual body figures unlike High Elves or Wood Elves who come off innocently charming.
  6. Geomchi 16 remains alongside Geomchi 2 as the only ones that didn't charge in to save Roselin since they're the only ones that already have potential girls.
  7. Staying where he is, Geomchi 16 has been sending whisper messages to his girlfriend, which surprises everyone that a Geomchi actually befriended a girl named Libby. Libby is said to be someone who finds Geomchi 16 to be honest, trustworthy, and extremely entertaining. 
  8. For Geomchi 2, the reason he's not charging in is because he's choosing to stay by Seechwi's side to protect her. As an orc, Seechwi is said to be taller and fatter compared to the human Geomchi 2. Seechwi in real life went on many blind dates, but never really bought into any guy going after her for her personality rather than being a beautiful psychiatrist. By playing as an ugly orc however, she sees that Geomchi 2 doesn't care what she looks like, and chooses to protect her anyway like he would for his trainees.
  9. Weed gives the order for the rest of the party other than the weaker Yurin and Mapan to join the rescue attempt with him. The boys of the group are amazed that Weed is actually showing some brotherly love to Yurin.
  10. Before going in, Irene uses a new Blessing spell, Origin of Eternity, to buff her companions. Origin of Eternity is said to increase magic and physical defense, and increases the power of healing spells on people who have the buff. Irene is said to not be as strong as Alveron, but is still quite effective as the supporter.
  11. Weed and his companions battle it out against Shadow Priests and Shadow Paladins upon entering the religious cult village. The Shadow Priests are seen using some sort of Plague spell that causes some Geomchis to have their bodies turn green after inhaling some sort of unpleasant smell.
  12. Showing resistance against the Plague spell, Geomchi 3 is said to have gone 10 days without washing his feet. Similarly, Geomchi 4 is said to have gone on a 2 year excursion to a rainforest, and then returned to Korea only to take a huge dump on the toilet that scared everyone away. As a result, Geomchi 4 is immune to many strong odors.
  13. Geomchi is said to have had a rough childhood where he lived in a poor house that had nothing to eat, and the food he did manage to find (such as noodles), he'd eat within random bathrooms, such as ground holes known as dwitgans.
  14. During their fight with the human fanatics, the Geomchis show off their Warrior's Assault and Endless Sword skills. Warrior's Assault is said to be a high stamina costing self buff that makes the Geomchi's body glow, increases attack speed, and increases running speed by 25%. Endless Sword is said to continuously cut, stab, and hit anything as if it's a flowing stream of water. However, the sword could go out-of-control if the enemy somehow disrupts the on-going flow of attacks, which means that the user of Endless Sword needs to be thinking 3 or 4 steps ahead at all times, and has high fighting ability.
  15. The Shadow Paladins fighting the Geomchis have the Hammer of God and Ground Reversal skills, and they wear great and expensive armor sets that provide them high defense. Weed notes the Shadow Paladin's armor sets, which he figures he could sell for a high price at the auction house if he loots. 
  16. The Shadow Priests are seen using a healing blessing known as Therapeutics Touch on the Paladins' wounds. They're also shown using the Magic Arrow and Ice Bolt spells for attacking.
  17. Priests and Clerics are said to not have strong magic attacks, but their protection and healing Blessings are completely unmatched. Paladins are said to be the most popular class that players take on. Paladins are usually wielders of swords and maces, have high defense, and are users of magic.
  18. The Geomchis are said to have high attack as their best feature, but has resulted in them having low defenses that make them quite vulnerable. Not having any way to heal themselves also makes them the most likely to die of Weed's party since it's impossible for their lone healer, Irene, to keep up with 505 Geomchis.
  19. In order to make the Geomchi's fight harder, Weed uses Lion's Roar to yell to Roselin that Zephyr's going to save her. The Geomchis begin to push through the fanatics using sword skills such as Rotating Lunge, Crisscross Cut, and Seven Strokes in order to make sure that the pretty boy, Zephyr, doesn't save Roselin before them. These skills are said to be more direct melee attacks compared to the attacks they were using beforehand.
  20. For every one Shadow Paladin, up to 3 or 4 Geomchis would take the enemy on using simple sword attacks with no strategy of flashy moves or defending. The Geomchis would get 5 or 6 hits in every time the Shadow Paladin lets his guard down. Such overwhelming attacks made it difficult for the Shadow Priests healing them to keep up.
  21. While the Geomchis keep the Shadow Paladins pinned down, Weed pairs up with Zephyr to take out the ranged Judge and Shadow Priest fanatics. The two of them race to see who can reach them first, which Weed pulls out his High Elf Bow to hit some of the fanatics with arrows. The High Elf Bow arrows are said to leave behind a stream of water droplets due to the bow having the powers of a water spirit.
  22. Aiming to loot their Robe Armor Sets, Weed reaches the Shadow Priests, and uses Moonlight Sculpting Blade on them. Each Shadow Priest dies in 2 or 3 hits due to Weed being highly outleveled compared to what he should be for the B-Rank Quest.
  23. Amongst Pale's party, Zephyr is seen swinging his fishing pole around while Surka punches enemies nearby. Maylon and Pale provide ranged support using Archer moves like Triple Shot and Fatal Blow, and Romuna is seen using Fire Tornado. For the Geomchis, Geomchi 2 and Geomchi 3 join up with Weed to help dispose of the Shadow Priests.
  24. The battle between Weed's party and the religious fanatics trying to kill Roselin goes on for over 40 minutes due to the remaining Paladins forming a last ditch regroup to continue holding out against the Geomchis. The battle is eventually won for Weed's party once the last of the Shadow Priests and Shadow Paladins are taken care of.
  25. Following the battle, Geomchi 13 and Geomchi 19 make cameos being glad that they could protect the weaker kids of their party. Amongst the Geomchis, 34 of them are said to have lost their lives in the battle against the fanatics. Most of which were the lesser experienced practitioners. The Geomchi teachers figure that a proper punishment for them dying is to put them through hellish training.
  26. Weed's party arrives at Roselin's location with master Geomchi freeing her from the ropes that kept the vampire tied up to the stake she would have been burned on, which completes the B-Rank Quest. As a result, Weed and company receive a game message informing them that Roselin has been successfully rescued from the Taron's Cult, that Roselin is someone that was destined to be a great queen one day, and that she becomes more beautiful the more blood she drinks. For rewards, they just need to receive them from Minorue.
  27. After completing the quest, Roselin gives each of her saviors a kiss on the hand, which excites the Geomchis. They then return to Minorue to turn in the B-Rank Quest, which the reward is 10 Roselin Cursed Dolls. Items such as cursed dolls are said to be great boosts to a player's Fame if they're offered to temples. For completing the quest, the lower level Gemochis are said to have gained 2 or 3 level-ups.
  28. Following the Roselin rescue quest, it's said that Weed's party went on to take on more vampire quests around Seirun ranging in the C or B quest ranks. In addition, Weed and company hunt nearby Yaks in order to loot their delicious Yak's Meat. However, the Yak hunt resulted in another 19 Geomchis dying.
  29. One of the monsters that Weed's party goes about hunting are known as Beasts of Chaos, which are said to be users of the dark arts, and have strong physical power, which makes them hard to deal with if a frontal assault is attempted on them. Weed takes along 100 of the top remaining Geomchi practitioners to test out a fight with a Beast of Chaos.
  30. Amongst Weed's 100 practitioner army is Geomchi 12 asking how they're going to be taking on the Beasts of Chaos. Weed answers that their objective is to train the Geomchis to stand their ground for as long as they're able to fight them, and when the moment of failure comes, they need to learn to escape and survive rather than fight to the death.
  31. During the battles against the Beasts of Chaos, Weed uses his First Aid bandages that he stocked up in Mapan's supply wagon to heal up the Geomchis every time they successfully retreat from the fight.
  32. Another army of 100 Geomchi practitioners is seen being led by Geomchi 2 to train them up against the Beasts of Chaos. 
  33. The Beasts of Chaos are said to have a low Intelligence stat, which causes them to go out-of-control if their health and power falls to a certain point in battle. Weed and Geomchi 2's armies alternate using the retreating tactic until they finally claim victory against the Beasts of Chaos. 13 of the Geomchis died during the battle against the Beasts of Chaos.
  34. Pale and Irene are said to have gained new skills while hunting Todeum's monsters. Pale's isn't named, but is said that he has to shoot once every 1,000 steps or else he can't shoot during his next 10,000 steps. Irene learns Sacred Blessing, which is said to be really hard to level-up since it requires 10 hours of training each level.
  35. Weed's party continues to hunt around Todeum, such as killing Wizards and Clerics of an army known as the Killing Blades.
  36. Weed and company have short lunch breaks during the downtime between Todeum hunts. Weed and Mapan go through the supply wagon for food supplies, the Geomchis tend to make their own meals, and the girls help by washing the food and dishes, and setting up the fire. Zephyr and Pale are also the ones that go out to collect firewood and other necessary materials. To help gather food, Pale goes out hunting birds while Zephyr fishes. 
  37. Weed cooks Soaked Kimchi for his companions during meal time between hunts. Since he has companions this time around helping him set up for eating, all Weed has to do is pick out the ingredients, and then season the food to cook.
  38. Yurin and Surka are said to be the same age.
  39. Zephyr is said to be someone who can use up to 10 fishing rods at once, and his Fishing skill is said to now be at the Advanced level. He notices that his fishing experience has stalled to increase recently, which makes him believe that he needs to be more active rather then wait idly by, such as when he fishes, to further increase the Fishing skill.
  40. Over time, Weed's companions begin to realize that the meals that Weed's been cooking for them (these meals usually include poultry, noodles, meat, and spices) have been decreasing in quality simply because they're grown accustomed to his food by this point. Mapan tries to get Weed's attention to find out what's wrong, which Weed ignores, and threatens them to just not eat when they're hungry.
  41. Weed's party hunting in Todeum has all been to take advantage of the Discovery buff that grants them 2 times better rewards. They're said to be gaining experience and skill increases at a terrifying rate, and the Geomchi practitioners that were below level 100 have all leveled up tremendously.
  42. After a week of hunting and questing with his Discovery buff coming to an end, Weed's party eventually completes all the quests provided by Seirun village. The rewards include an Olderin Boots that adds +45 Agility and a Circlet of Blaine that increases mana and mana recovery. In addition, the Beasts of Chaos quest provided weapon Refinement Stones, and many different armors. Weed gained 2 level-ups, and his companions all gained 5 to 10 level-ups. 
  43. 26 more Geomchi practitioners died while completing quests for Seirun. The total amount of Geomchis that have died at this point is 92.
  44. Having befriended the vampires of Seirun at this point, Weed and company learn more about Todeum. Vampires that go there are said to have never returned, and that those who've disappeared are probably a  punishment for the sins they've committed.

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