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Volume 11, Chapter 1: "The Land of the Vampires"

Short Summary[]

Upon arriving in the underground vampire kingdom of Todeum, Weed and his companions are dropped off by Tori's bats into a swamp river. Weed's party swims their way to shore, but are left in a state of confusion since they believed Todeum to be a beautiful land when in actuality, the place they've been brought to appears to be desolate and contaminated. Weed tries to summon out Tori again for an explanation, but the Black Necklace of Life contract that binded the Vampire Lord to Weed is no longer valid now that Tori has returned to the vampire kingdom, and went off on his own.

Before investigating Todeum any further, Weed figures that his best course of action to start off is to calm his confused companions down by simply having a meal together. He cooks for his companions a Turtle Soup feast that everyone enjoys, and gets them all hyped up again to explore the vampire kingdom. Weed figures that master Geomchi should lead the group, but he, Geomchis 2-505, and Weed's other companions, unanimously agree that Weed should be the leader given what he has been able to accomplish in Royal Road compared to everyone else in the party.

From the river they started at, Weed's party begin their exploration. Pale and Maylon went ahead to scout out the surrounding areas, and return to inform the rest of the party that there's only one path forward not blocked by high cliffs. Weed and company move along the path avoiding confrontation with a swarm of vampire bats, and eventually come across what looks like a luxurious-looking village that's supposedly owned by the vampires.



  • Black Necklace of Life (Weed can no longer summon Tori)
  • Turtle Soup (Cooked by Weed)
  • Mapan's Cooking Supplies
    • 17 Turtles
    • 2,000 Pollocks
    • Spices
    • Flavoring
    • Food Coloring
  • Sword (Geomchi 9's weapon)

Stats and Skills[]


  • Summon Tori (No longer usable)
  • Cooking Intermediate Skill


  1. Weed is said to have high expectations for Todeum due to vampires being lovers of luxurious things, such as treasures, and beautiful arts and castles, which Weed believes will be a place filled with such things.
  2. Tori's bats drop Weed's party off in a contaminated swamp river upon arriving in Todeum. They swim to the shoreline while Mapan's storage wagon remains unharmed.
  3. Todeum is described to be a place that houses millions of bats and rodents all ruled over by its vampire lords. In addition, the lands are surrounded in eternal darkness, there's a stench that smells like rusted pipes, and the swamp river that Weed's party arrived at is contaminated beyond recognition. Instead of lush green foilage, decayed reed plants are seen all around along with an ominous chill being felt provided by Todeum's murky sky.
  4. Trying to understand what's going on, Weed tries to summon Tori using the Black Necklace of Life. However, the contract between Weed and Tori is no longer valid now that the Vampire Lord has returned to Todeum.
  5. Pale asks Weed if Tori perhaps played them all for fools by dropping them off at a polluted desolate land compared to Todeum, which they believed to be full of elegance and grace. However, Weed remains in denial wanting to believe that Tori indeed brought them to Todeum. Romuna adds in that this must have been payback for all the times Weed chose to give Tori a beating.
  6. Geomchi 475 and Geomchi 503 make cameos asking in confusion what they're supposed to do now, and if it's possible to go back the way they came.
  7. Before deciding on how to approach the desolate lands they've been brough to, Weed starts off by announcing to his companions that the first thing they should do is eat a meal, which calms everyone down. During the meal, Seechwi comes to realize that Weed's companions aren't normal.
  8. It's said that to go down in history as one of the heroes of Royal Road, one needs high Leadership amongst comrades that take on the dangers of exploring unknown territories. Seechwi admits that the highest-level Weed in their group fits this despite his questionable persona.
  9. Weed cooks Turtle Soup for his companions using ingredients they picked up in Morata. Talking up his soup, Weed claims that his soup represents growth, and revives the vigor in one's self to the Geomchis. He also hypes it up to Maylon that it can slow the aging process of skin for 20 days, which also gets the older girls, Irene and Romuna, interested.
  10. The Geomchis eat up to 3 servings each of Weed's Turtle Soup (1515 total).
  11. When Mapan was shopping for food with Weed back in Morata, Weed decides that only 17 turtles for high-tier cooking material is needed. Each turtle cost 3 gold coins for a total of 51 spent. 
  12. Mapan questions if 17 turtles is really enough to feed 500+ people, which Weed admits that they should be, but will have to be eaten early on the trip since the effectiveness of the turtles will decrease if they're kept in storage for too long. Weed also points out that it's easier to save money by buying lots of inexpensive ingredients  for the Geomchi's since they're known to die easily being combat lovers. That it would be a waste to use expensive food on them only to watch them die, and waste away the buffs provided from the exotic dishes Weed would ahve fed them.
  13. Along with the 17 turtles, Weed ordered Mapan to purchase 2,000 Pollock fish along with spices, flavoring, and food coloring in Morata to add to the Turtle Soup.
  14. Following the Turtle Soup feast that was crafted from his high dexterity, Weed's companions gain temporary increases to Strength and Vitality.
  15. Weed is revealed to be someone that doesn't wash his hands often. He claims that the last time he washed them may have been at least 1 or 2 months ago.
  16. Pale, Surka and Irene all hand over some bags of goins coins to Mapan as a thank you for buying the food ingredients back in Morata. However, Mapan points out that the food Weed ordered him to buy were cheap grade-3 and grade-4 quality products from a back alleyway.
  17. Geomchi 409 and Geomchi 15 have cameos where they're hyped up for battling in the vampire kingdom following their meal.
  18. With the feast over, Weed figures that it's time to start exploring what is believed to be the Todeum vampire kingdom. He nominates master Geomchi to be a leader for the group, but Geomchis 1-5 all assure Weed that the latter would be the best candidate to lead them given Weed's proven battle experience and production skill benefits. Geomchis 6-505 all agree that Weed should lead them as well.
  19. Geomchis 6-505 are said to be fearful of their Geomchi 1-5 teachers due to the later 5 training the 500 practitioners hard to push past their human limitations, which leaves them on the brink of death every day.
  20. The 500 practitioners are said to have been forced to train for 3 days straight after Geomchi 3 died at one point. Geomchi 5 was one day killed by a worm, who came back to beat the crap out of the worm upon reviving. Master Geomchi is said to be in a better mood ever since he entered Royal Road.
  21. Weed orders Pale and Maylon to scout out the areas ahead for them. Upon returning, the 2 of them report that there's no nearby monsters unless they're in hiding, and that cliffs block the areas around their starting river, which leaves just a small pathway to pass through to continue forward.
  22. Geomchi asks what vampires are like knowing that Weed has fought them before, which Weed answers that they're known to drain their opponent's vitality and mana to replenish their own. In addition, vampires have high vitality and stamina, have strong magic attacks, aren't weapon users, but are quite agile and offensively capable. Vampires also have high defenses and higher-level ones can use high-tier curses and spells. Additional characteristics include being highly intelligent unlike simple monsters, and that they band together to form clans.
  23. After 10 minutes of walking from the river, Weed's party encounters many vampire bats. However, the bats don't attack, which Weed orders them not to react as well so that the bats continue to leave them all alone.
  24. Geomchi 9 makes a cameo itching to fight after the group evades the bats, and is said to be the biggest and has the best-toned body of Geomchis 6-505.
  25. Weed's party eventually come across a town said to consist of at least 100 luxurious homes. The town's homes are described to have large gardens with their very own water fountains, and the roads are paved neatly and cleanly, and is surrounded by an impenetrable wall.