Volume 10, Chapter 5: "Treasures of Niflheim"

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The battle in the Northern Continent continues as Skeleton Weed and his living sculptures that include Binryong, his 6 Living Wyverns and Geumini battle it out against the Bone Dragon within the Valley of Death. Skeleton Weed utilizes the single-point attack tactic he learned from Ahn Hyundo to stab at the exact same point of the Bone Dragon's body to deal increased damage every time he hits the point with his Dark Spear. Once the Bone Dragon drops to just a tenth of its original health, Skeleton Weed orders Binyrong to finally use its Ice Breath to freeze the Bone Dragon, which provides its master an opening to land the final blow with the Dark Spear. Upon killing the Bone Dragon, Skeleton Weed gains some Fame, several level-ups, and a few stat increases.

Skeleton Weed checks out the loot he received from the Bone Dragon, which turn out to be an Emblem of the Niflheim Empire, a Nobles of Niflheim #2 book, a Rotten Dragon Bones, and an Ancient Shield. Upon identifying the 4 unique items, the emblem turns out to be a symbol of the old Niflheim Empire's royal family, the book holds blueprints for constructing the Niflheim Empire's structures, the Rotten Dragon Bones is high-tier crafting material for Blacksmiths even greater than Mithril, and the Ancient Shield is a high-defense item that can't be repaired if its durability receives damage. Skeleton Weed next heads into the final cave that the Bone Dragon was guarding, and comes across the treasure room containing 4 locked Heavy Iron Boxes of items left behind by the Niflheim Empire.

Investigating the treasure room, Skeleton Weed finds a note for his A-Rank Quest detailing the final moments of the Niflheim Empire. The note describes the final battle that took place within Sendeim Valley where an item that's been passed down within the royal family, the broken Siberian Witch's Beads, was used to defeat the monsters that invaded their empire. Skeleton Weed also finds a Golden Key left behind in the note, which he uses to open up the 4 Heavy Iron Boxes. He pockets the items from the first 3 boxes that contained riches, crafting material, and old Niflheim weapons and clothes. The 4th box turns out to be what was holding the Siberian Witch's Beads, but knowing that he can't touch it because of its powerful ice properties that would kill him, he's forced to leave it behind for the Cold Roses expedition to grab. With the treasure room fully looted, Skeleton Weed departs the cave, and begins to head off now that he's finally done with the Valley of Death.

Meanwhile in real life, millions of viewers remain invested in the Cold Roses expedition's Hall of Fame video watching Skeleton Weed and his living sculptures defeat the Bone Dragon. They watch Skeleton Weed head in-and-out of the cave not knowing that he looted everything, which the expedition survivors head into the cave soon after to pick up the Siberian Witch's Beads so that they can finally end the Versailles Continent's heat-wave curse.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed and company defeat the Bone Dragon. Within the Valley of Death's treasure room, Weed discovers the truth as to what happened in the past that caused the fall of the Niflheim Empire.)

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  1. Riding atop Wy-3, Skeleton Weed continues to fight the Bone Dragon with his Dark Spear while Binryong battles it in a duel between dragons. In addition, the 6 Living Wyverns and Geumini continue to peck away at the Bone Dragon.
  2. Using the Dark Spear, and the one-point attack method he learned from Ahn Hyundo, Skeleton Weed continues to stab at the one spot on the Bone Dragon's rib cage to increase the damage each time.  One of the game messages that pop up shows that a fatal blow was stuck, which deals 29% more damage.
  3. Skeleton Weed shatters the Bone Dragon's rib cage after 5 successful one-point stabs with the Dark Spear.
  4. Skeleton Weed's Strength stat is reduced by 16% due to the cold high altitude from flying atop Wy-3 above the Valley of Death.
  5. While in Skeleton form, Weed has some resistance to the cold, but his Strength and stamina is still said to decline rapidly due to the freezing weather. The cold weather also causes hid Wyverns to become a bit dizzy.
  6. Skeleton Weed lands on top of the Bone Dragon's head aiming to finish it off. He lands several fatal blow strikes at one point with his Dark Spear that deals 46%, 95%, 129%, 167% and 215% increased damage after each hit. The attack leaves the Bone Dragon at just 10% of his health at this point.
  7. Skeleton Weed orders Binryong to use its Ice Breath to freeze the Bone Dragon. Once the dragon is frozen, Skeleton Weed throws the Dark Spear to hit the point on the Bone Dragon's head again, which finally kills the Bone Dragon. The killing strike hitting the point dealt 122% increased damage.
  8. By killing Bone Dragon Kurenbereu, Skeleton Weed gains 7 levels, +230 Fame, +3 Charisma, and +2 Fighting Spirit. Kurenbereu is also said to have finally been put to eternal rest after dominating the Valley of Death for a long time. Weed would have gained at least over 10 levels of experience fighting alone, but a lot of it was shared with the expedition he fought with.
  9. Skeleton Weed checks the loot dropped by the Bone Dragon, and picks up an emblem, ancient books, some bones, and a shield. He ends up with a 35% increased stamina consumption penalty due to the items he's holding exceeding his current Strength capacity, which slows his movement to a crawl.
  10. The 1st item that Skeleton Weed identified is the Emblem of the Niflheim Empire. The item has 5 durability, can be attached to weapons or armor, and is an emblem of the Niflheim Empire's imperial family. Royal Knights who wore the emblem were respected by everyone in the empire. Equipping the emblem add +100 Dignity, +50 Charm, and +200 Fame.
  11. The 2nd item that Skeleton Weed identified is the Nobles of Niflheim #2 book.  The book contains the blueprints for buildings that once stood in the empire, but it's unknown if the book is still usable after being lost for ages.
  12. The 3rd item that Skeleton Weed identified is the Rotten Dragon Bones. The item has 250 durability, and is said to be a large amount of dragon bone that in the past was considered to be harder than Mithril due to having its own mana supply. However, it's extremely corrosive to work with. It's considered to be a precious material in comparison to normal ores. As a result, Blacksmiths who handle dragon bones will garner exceptional experience. Blacksmiths who work with the dragon bones helps increase their skill, adds poison attack if a weapon is crafted, adds specialized resistance if an armor is crafted, and gives off a foul odor when being worked with.
  13. The 4th item that Skeleton Weed identified is the Ancient Shield. The item has 300 durability and 86 defense. The shield is said to have once been crafted with a delicate touch made from mithril and other unknown animal bones.  The shield's original look was a shiny mirror-like surface that captured light, but is now covered in grime after many years, and has suffered deep corrosion. As a result, the shield can no longer be repaired. Restrictions include needing to be level 400, must be able to wield shields, and can't be equipped by Priests. Equipping the shield adds 40% physical defense, 35% magic resistance, +45 Fighting Spirit, +7 to combat related stats, 20% skill effects, a chance to cause confusion, and control over undead is increased by 25. However, Agility is decreased by 30, and damage to the shield's durability can't be repaired.
  14. Skeleton Weed figures that he can use the Ancient Shield for several months until its durability is gone, but could probably get more out of it if he saves it for use against unique enemies. Due to the shields high-defense and many stat boosts, Skeleton Weed figures that he could probably get a lot of money if he sold it off.
  15. Skeleton Weed next enters the Valley of Death cave that the Bone Dragon was guarding, and is the source of where the cold breeze is coming from. The further he goes in, the colder it gets.
  16. Within the Bone Dragon's cave is paintings on the walls depicting the Knights and Wizards of the Niflheim Empire fighting mosnters. The last painting shows a blue robed wizard opening a box containing some beads. Skeleton Weed figures that the paintings are depicting the Niflheim Empire's final battle that took place in the Valley of Death.
  17. Skeleton Weed comes across 4 locked Heavy Iron Boxes in the cave believed to be the treasures of the Niflheim Empire, but is unable to open them due to not having a lockpicking skill that the Thief or Aventurer classes have.
  18. Weed finds a small piece of paper connected to his A-Rank Quest near the Heavy Iron Boxes detailing the events that transpired in the last 6 years of the Niflheim Empire's existence. 
  19. The Niflheim note details how the empire was attacked by hordes of monsters from the dark forests, destroyed the imperial capital, and killed many of the empire's soldiers and knights trying to hold back the invasion. Their only option left was to lead the monsters to the center of Sendeim Valley, and use the broken Siberian Witch's Beads, a cursed objected passed down from generation to generation within the empire's royal family, to kill them.
  20. Inside the Niflheim Empire note, Skeleton Weed finds a Golden Key that can be used to open up the Heavy Iron Boxes.
  21. The 1st Heavy Iron Box contains gold and jewels that Skeleton Weed believes is worth up to 150,000 gold coins. Putting all the gold and jewels in his inventory increases Skeleton Weed's weight capacity penalty to 59% increased stamina consumption rate.
  22. The 2nd Heavy Iron Box contains crafting material, such as ores for Blacksmithing, and Cloth and Leather for Tailoring. Putting all the crafting materials in his inventory increases Skeleton Weed's weight capacity penalty to 78% increased stamina consumption rate.
  23. The 3rd Heavy Iron Box contains old weapons and armors of the Niflheim Empire. The weapons are said to be old antiques covered in dust with rusted blades that deal terrible damage, and the armor clothes are so outdated that they crumble when touched. Despite their bad shape, Skeleton Weed takes these as well.
  24. The 4th Heavy Iron Box contains the broken Siberian Witch's Beads. However, Skeleton Weed questions going for it knowing that he'll die touching it due to the item's freezing ice magic.
  25. Knowing that the Siberian Witch's Beads will be taken anyway since its the item that the Cold Roses expedition came looking for, Skeleton Weed attempts to grab it. He ends up being affected by the beads' ice magic, which paralyzes him for 13 seconds. He also obtains a 25% greater chance of developing a cold illness once he's free from the paralysis.
  26. After the grab attempt, Weed chooses to give up on the Siberian Witch's Beads, and departs from the cave. He also concludes that the item would be useless to him anyway since he would have to drop it off at the Altar of God to end the Curse of King Belsos, and that the game will be providing him rewards anyway for helping the expedition reach the beads.
  27. Millions of viewers continue to watch the Cold Roses Hall of Fame video showing off their expedition. They leave comments behind after seeing the Necromancer magic from Skeleton Weed put into action, but believe the fight to be over once the Bone Dragon begins to overwhelm the expedition. However, they become excited again due to the arrival of Binyrong making it a duel between dragons.
  28. The viewers leave behind more comments after being stunned in disbelief that Skeleton Weed was able to break through the Bone Dragon's rib bones using the single-point attack method with his Dark Spear. Other viewers comment that hitting a single point on monsters does indeed increase damage upon each strike.
  29. The viewers are left in excitement when they witness Skeleton Weed defeat the Bone Dragon. In-game, the expedition survivors stand dumbfounded unable to believe what just happened as Skeleton Weed heads into the Bone Dragon's cave to claim his reward. Given his full inventory, he comes out walking a lot slower than when he went in.
  30. As Skeleton Weed departs from the Valley of Death with the loot, the expedition survivors head into the cave to retrieve the Siberian Witch's Beads.

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