Volume 10, Chapter 4: "Single Point Attack Arts"

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The Valley of Death battle continues as the Dark Spear that Skeleton Weed created pierces through the Bone Dragon, but still isn't anywhere close to killing it. Skeleton Weed next provides the Cold Roses expedition's surviving Geomchis with a supply of Rapid Recovery Potions to keep them alive for as long as possible against the Bone Dragon. Geomchi 39 leads the Geomchis to charge at the dragon, who've all been motivated by Geomchi 16's death to try to impress the girls by showing off their courage against a powerful foe.

The remaining ranged forces of the expedition rejoin the attack after a short recovery break, such as the Wizards spamming Mana Burn, and the Priests using their trump card, Noble Sacrifice, where at the cost of their lives, they strike their enemy, the Bone Dragon, with a powerful holy spell that deals massive burn-damage. However, the powerful holy spell results in some friendly-fire on Skeleton Weed's minions, such as killing Tori and his Vampire Clan along with many of the undead minions. The Bone Dragon is still being held back by the Dark Gamers, Seoyoon, and the arrival of the Geomchis, but it counters with a powerful Ice Bolt attack that kills what's left of the expedition's ranged fighters. Afterwards, Skeleton Weed recovers enough mana to create another Dark Spear, and joins the front-line to continuously stab at the Bone Dragon. 

The efforts put together by the remaining players deal enough damage to drop the Bone Dragon down to just a fifth of its original health, which reaches a point where the Bone Dragon counters by using its Acid Breath again to dispose of the front-line. Skeleton Weed and Seoyoon manage to retreat in time, but the same can't be said about the Dark Gamers and Geomchis who all end up dying to the breath attack. Now that it's free from being held down by the front-line, the Bone Dragon prepares its trump card, the Demon Spear, to strike at Skeleton Weed. With no option other than to defend against it, Skeleton Weed calls upon Van Hawk and the remainder of his undead minions to act as a well. However, the Demon Spear kills Van Hawk and breaks through the undead wall to continue towards its intended target. Weed gets ready to try to dodge it using the Close Eyes skill, but the Demon Spear is intercepted by Seoyoon, who successfully blocks the attack at the cost of her life. 

Before disappearing, Seoyoon breaks through her mutism, and calls Skeleton Weed her "friend." Over time, Seoyoon had actually been feeling warmth and happiness again during her travels with Weed, and came to view him as someone important enough to want to protect and continue traveling with. Skeleton Weed on the other hand doesn't see it that way, and views Seoyoon as a vile person thinking that she's been pretending to be a mute all this time, and is planning to do something to him. Worried that he might disappear from her life after resurrecting, Seoyoon sends Weed a friend request, which despite Skeleton Weed's current confusion, he accepts.

Following Seoyoon's death, Skeleton Weed uses the tome skill, Return Undead, to unsummon what remained of his undead forces to recover a bit of mana. He then uses Lion's Roar to finally call upon Binryong to battle it out with the weakened Bone Dragon. The 2 dragons duke it out trying to bite and slash at one another, which Skeleton Weed mounts up on Wy-3 to join the battle. After throwing another Dark Spear at the Bone Dragon, Skeleton Weed thinks to himself that his current methods aren't going to bypass the dragon's high defenses and health. He thinks back to a time in real life when he was sword training at the Dojang. Master Ahn Hyundo explains to Lee Hyun that there's a way to cut through a thick tree with a sword. He states that the key to dealing the most damage is not to just simply hit the same general area, but to continuously hit the same exact small point that's about the size of a rice grain.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group and the Cold Roses Guild's expedition continue their battle against the Bone Dragon.)

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  1. The Dark Spear thrown by Skeleton Weed pierced through one of the Bone Dragon's wings.
  2. In Skeleton form, Weed tends to laugh and smile a lot. Particularly at the sight of the Bone Dragon being in pain.
  3. Amongst the expedition's Geomchis, 55 of them were still alive. 
  4. Skeleton Weed provides each of the surviving Geomchis 9 Rapid Recovery Potions to help heal their wounds. In total, he gave away as many as 495 potions. 
  5. The Rapid Recovery Potions were made with some of the Ice Troll Blood that Weed collected earlier. The Geomchis believe it to have a soft scent, and is a refreshingly tasty drink.
  6. Geomchi 39, as well as the other Geomchis, learn about Geomchi 16's death that resulted in him becoming friends with a girl by protecting her against the Bone Dragon. They charge at the Bone Dragon in jealousy believing that demonstrating their courage even if they fail is the way to earn a woman's heart.
  7. The remaining ranged members of the expedition join the attack with the Geomchis, such as the Wizards using Mana Burn, and Priests using their last resort trump card, Noble Sacrifice, where they sacrifice all their remaining health and mana to deal damage to the Bone Dragon. A Priest using Noble Sacrifice results in their death.
  8. The Priests using Noble Sacrifice causes the Bone Dragon to take massive holy burn-damage, but the holy spell also ends up affecting Skeleton Weed's undead and vampire allies. Tori and his Vampire Clan ends up dying, and get unsummoned until Skeleton Weed can summon them out again.
  9. With the arrival of the Geomchis, them along with Seoyoon and the Dark Gamers act as the front-line that attacks and keeps the Bone Dragon in one place. The Bone Dragon counters with a powerful Ice Bolt attack that kills the remaining Wizards and Elementalists that were spamming their spells in it.
  10. Skeleton Weed creates a new Dark Spear that he doesn't throw this time around, but instead wields it, and charges forward to continuously stab into the Bone Dragon at melee range.
  11. Once the Bone Dragon drops to 20% health, it gets ready to counter again by using its Acid Breath, which Skeleton Weed gives the order for everyone on the front-line to retreat. Skeleton Weed and Seoyoon get away in time, but the Dark Gamers and the remaining Geomchis all end up dying to the Acid Breath. Along with Skeleton Weed and Seoyoon, only a couple of the expedition's Paladins made it out.
  12. With the front-line destroyed, the Bone Dragon prepares to use its trump card to finish off the expedition, the Demon Spear. The Demon Spear is said to be a high-ranked Black Magic attack that requires the user to have 3rd advancement in Black Magic to use.
  13. Skeleton Weed calls upon Van Hawk and his remaining undead minions to act as a wall that will block the Demon Spear. The Bone Dragon throws the Demon Spear, which kills Van Hawk and the remaining undead, and continues on to its target. 
  14. Weed gets ready to use the Close Eyes skill hoping that it will help him dodge the attack, but what instead happens is Seoyoon stepping in to block the Demon Spear. Seoyoon successfully blocks the Demon Spear, but it results in her death since not even Skeleton Weed's First Aid skill can heal her injuries from the Bone Dragon's attack. 
  15. Seoyoon breaks through her mutism by calling Weed her "friend" moments before disappearing, which surprises Skeleton Weed since he was under the belief this whole time that she was a mute. For the first time, she also sends him a friend request through the game, which Skeleton Weed accepts.
  16. Over time, Seoyoon came to view Weed as a friend due to the feeling of discovering warmth seeing his sculptures, and feeling happy whenever she ate his food. She felt anger seeing Weed die to the Bone Dragon's Acid Breath, and chose to save Skeleton Weed from the dragon's Demon Spear without a care for her own life if it meant that she can save him.
  17. While dying, Seoyoon thinks over how she might not be able to see Weed again since she might resurrect at a far away safe-zone and never cross paths with him again. As a result of this, she sends him a friend request, which Skeleton Weed accepted.
  18. After receiving the friend request, Skeleton Weed is left in a state of confusion. He thinks over how Seoyoon is a vile person that's up to something since she's revealed to not be a mute, and could have spoken to him at any time beforehand. 
  19. Skeleton Weed assumes that the only reason she sent him the friend request is because she was worried that people would take the loot that her corpse drops. The item that Seoyoon's corpse drops is just a Thick Leather Pork Clothing that Weed crafted for her awhile back.
  20. After Seoyoon's death, Skeleton Weed puts his focus back on the Bone Dragon. He uses the Return Undead skill to unsummon what remained of his undead forces, which the few survivors of the expedition took as a sign that Weed was abandoning them. However, Skeleton Weed uses Lion's Roar to call upon Binryong to finally join the battle.
  21. Binryong and the Bone Dragon battle it out trying to bite and slash at one another. While the 2 dragons duke it out, Skeleton Weed mounts up on Wy-3 to join the battle. Due to the coldness of the high altitude, Weed's strength is reduced.
  22. Atop Wy-3, Skeleton Weed creates a new Dark Spear, and throws it at the Bone Dragon's ribs. The Dark Spear hits, but he thinks to himself that his current methods isn't going to break through the Bone Dragon's tremendous defense and health.
  23. Weed thinks back to a time in real life when he was sword training at the dojang. Master Hyundo asks if Lee Hyun knows how to topple a tree with a wide trunk with just a sword, which Hyun doesn't believe is possible since the tree is so thick that it's strong enough to withstand a sword strike.
  24. Hyundo answers that it's indeed possible to pull off since the dojang's elites and half of the trainees are able to do it. He explains that the key to cutting through a tree with a sword is to follow the flow by cutting through the grain of the wood, which is basically to concentrate all the swings on one spot.
  25. When it comes to dealing damage to a monster, balance stance, power, speed, technique, and the attack and defense of the opposing monster, are all the major elements that are taken into account. There are also numerous minor unnamed elements.
  26. Hyun had always found it odd that the Geomchis have such outrageous attacks in Royal Road compared to when he was around their low level. Hyundo explains that their key to causing great damage. That they continuously attack the vital point they created, which is to strike the same place of a monster over and over again. 
  27. Hyun replies that he had already used such a technique before in Royal Road, which Hyundo answers that hitting an exact point is different than just hitting the same general area of a monster. The key is hitting an exact spot that's smaller than a fingernail or even a grain of rice, to deal the most damage even if you're lacking in the strength stat.
  28. The method of continuously striking at the exact same small spot is a technique that Ahn Hyundo doesn't believe that just anyone can use. One must be good enough to predict and understand the opponents movements in advance, and attack at the decisive moment that an opening is seen to strike at the exact same spot again. Especially opponents that are vigorously active, which are harder to hit.

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