Volume 10, Chapter 3: "Rise of the Undead"

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In the Northern Continent shortly after the Cold Roses Guild expedition had fallen apart, Skeleton Weed steps onto the Valley of Death's battlefield to take on the Bone Dragon and the evil forces led by the dark Priests of the Embinyu Church. He starts off by calling upon his 6 Living Wyverns and Geumini to help support the battle. The appearance of the uniquely shaped Wyverns excites the remaining expedition survivors since it tells them that the same Weed from the Plains of Despair battle against the Undead Legion has arrived.

With his Saint Taranhan's Staff and Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome equipped, Skeleton Weed starts off using the tome's basic Dead Rise summoning skill to raise Zombies, Ghouls and Skeleton Soldiers to fight against his enemies. He next summons Van Hawk and Tori with his Vampire Clan to support him, but before ordering them off to join the battle, Skeleton Weed orders Van Hawk to lend back Van Hawk's Magic Helm so that he can further bolster his undead army using the helm's Summon Skeletons ability. Skeleton Weed then uses the tome's next tier summoning skill, Undead Rise, to add Dullahans and Skeleton Mages to his undead army. Overall, Skeleton Weed had been using the dead expedition members and the dead valley monsters to spawn his undead army, such as Oberon's corpse becoming a Dullahan, but he's also managed to reanimate some of the Niflheim Empire soldiers that died long ago within the Valley of Death to fight for his side. As his army battles it out with the Embinyu Church forces, Skeleton Weed powers his minions up with Lion's Roar, and also plays the Necromancer support role using spells mentioned in the tome, such as Corpse Explosion and Bone Armor.

Meanwhile, millions of viewers continue to join in to watch the broadcasts that are showing off the footage of the Valley of Death event. A lot of rage comes up in the comments due to Teros and his Crimson Wings Guild's attempt to destroy the expedition from within, but the viewers become excited again when they witness the legendary Weed, now in skeleton form, take center stage against the Bone Dragon and the forces of the Embinyu Church.

As the battle goes on, Skeleton Weed has amassed an undead army of up to as many as 50,000 soldiers who duke it out against the evil forces of the Embinyu Church, and provide for their master loot and experience after each monster they kill off. Skeleton Weed had used up all his mana summoning his undead, but he charges into the battle anyway to engage in melee combat using his staff against any weakened enemy he comes across as his mana slowly recovers. He also utilizes a unique skeleton skill, Bone Throw, to help finish off enemies that are too far away for him to reach in time. Eventually, Skeleton Weed's undead army defeats the last of the Embinyu Church forces, which leaves just the Bone Dragon to deal with.

Skeleton Weed takes the next moments to think about the A-Rank Quest he's currently on, and deduces that the answers he's looking for regarding the Niflheim Empire's lost history is within the valley cave that the Bone Dragon is guarding. Seoyoon, Tori's vampires, and the expedition's Dark Gamers had been continuing to keep the Bone Dragon at bay, and Skeleton Weed was able to recover close to half of his mana at this point. Using another skill mentioned in the tome, Skeleton Weed creates a Dark Spear made of black magic, and throws it towards the Bone Dragon.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group and the Cold Roses Guild's expedition defeat the Valley of Death's evil forces of the Embinyu Church; leaving just the Bone Dragon to deal with.)

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  1. Skeleton Weed calls upon his 6 Wyverns to join the Valley of Death battle with him. The surviving expedition members are scared at first, but due to their angular look, and odd leather clothing, they quickly catch on that they're the same Wyverns that helped Weed in the Plains of Despair.
  2. Skeleton Weed commands his 6 Wyverns to support the expedition against the Bone Dragon and the evil forces of the Embinyu Church. In addition, Geumini continues to sit atop Wy-1 shooting at enemies with his bow.
  3. With Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome equipped, Weed uses Dead Rise item skill (Step-1) to produce basic Zombies, Ghouls and Skeleton Soldiers, and orders them to attack the evil forces led by the Embinyu Priests.
  4. Skeleton Weed's Zombie summons have trouble moving across ice which reduces their speed, but they still possess tremendous strength, and powerful fingernails.
  5. Skeleton Weed next summons Van Hawk and Tori to join the battle. Due to Weed's current skeleton form, Van Hawk shows a larger form of intimacy towards his master.
  6. Skeleton Weed had given Van Hawk's Magic Helm back to Van Hawk at an earlier time after he crafted the Elegant Black Helmet of a Young Noble, but now that he's undead, he asks for it back within just 5 seconds after the Death Knight had been summoned. Van Hawk stubbornly hands it over, which Skeleton Weed then re-equips.
  7. Skeleton Weed sends Van Hawk off to help the expedition fight against the forces of the Embinyu Church. He then orders Tori and his Vampire Clan to combat the Bone Dragon, but to only focus on defending.
  8. With Van Hawk's Magic Helm equipped, Skeleton Weed's resistance to Dark Magic is increased, and his affinity with undead is increased by 10. He also uses the helm's Summon Skeletons item skill to summon more skeletons into the battle.
  9. Overall, Skeleton Weed used up 4,000 of his mana summoning undead to join the Valley of Death battle.
  10. Continuing to use Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome, Skeleton Weed uses the Undead Rise item skill (Step-2) to summon boss-type monsters, such as Dullahans and Skeleton Mages, to the battlefield. Overall, there's now hundreds of allied undead in the Valley of Death battlefield. 
  11. With only 200 mana remaining, Skeleton Weed uses what's left to perform Lion's Roar to further strengthen his undead army.
  12. Skeleton Weed had been using the bodies left behind by the expedition to raise his undead army. One of such undead is a Dullahan spawned from Oberon's body. In addition to also using dead enemy monsters to raise dead, some of the resurrected undead are actually leftover soldiers and knights of the Niflheim Empire that died long ago in the Valley of Death.
  13. Thanks to the work put in from his undead, Skeleton Weed receives many game messages showing what his minions have been providing him. Some messages include receiving some level experience, +1 Fame due to a Dullahan killing an Embinyu Priest, a Ghoul dying, mana-cost being cut in half if the user chooses to revive a dead Skeleton soldier, and a Skeleton Mage having just 35% mana remaining.
  14. Necromancers are said to require a lot of Leadership since they need to assess their current situation faster than other classes in order to control a massive undead monster army against the enemy.
  15. Skeleton Weed supports his undead minions from afar by using Necromancer spells taught from Bar Khan's tome, such as Corpse Explosion and Bone Armor.
  16. Over 20,000,000 viewers have been keeping up with the battle going on in the Valley of Death as it's being broadcasted. 
  17. The viewers watched from when the rumors were first spread about the Beads that could end the Versailles Continent's heat-wave curse, to the point in the battle against the Bone Dragon when Teros and his Crimson Wings Guild attacked the expedition from behind. Hundreds of thousands of comments point out that Teros and company are cowardish scum and jerks for what they did. They then leave excited comments that the legendary Weed from Continent of Magic has appeared after witnessing his undead soldier form arrive in the Valley of Death, and witness him as the one producing the undead minions.
  18. Weed is considered a celebrity at this point thanks to being the top ace of Continent of Magic, selling that game's account for billions of won, and for defeating the True Blood Clan and Undead Legion within Royal Road.
  19. Weed continues to command his undead against the Valley of Death monsters. He continues to receive game messages based on the work of his undead army, such as a Ghoul picking up 3 gold and 15 silver, a Dullahan receiving a Loose Cloth item, and a Skeleton Mage picking up a Red Herb Package.
  20. The Necromancer class is known to have the highest growth rate at 4 times faster than normal classes thanks to the experience it receives from its minions.
  21. To make undead, the Necromancer needs to catch a monster using low magic attacks. The undead are vulnerable to Priests and Paladins, and are on a fixed timer until their life ends. It also requires loads of mana to restore an undead that was just used, and the magical skills, power, and material quality of the undead depends on the level of the corpse used.
  22. Necromancers burn through mana a lot quicker when trying to command groups of slower undead to head off into battle.
  23. There's another level (Step-3) of Bar Khan's Necromancer Tome that would allow for Skeleton Weed to summon Death Knights, Wights, Banshees, and Spectors, but his stats and mana are not high enough yet to use the ability.
  24. Overall, Skeleton's Weed's forces were still outnumbered 4 to 1 against the evil forces of the Embinyu Church, but his actions still impress the remaining expedition members that have been watching the undead rise up. 
  25. Skeleton Weed's undead minions are mentioned to be somewhere above 50,000 minions, which implies that they're facing off against over 200,000 enemies of the Embinyu Church in the Valley of Death.
  26. The expedition survivors catch on that something is off about Weed being in an undead form, and wonder if he's somehow been cursed. They come to the conclusion that Weed must be putting on a black magic show to show off the power of the Necromancer class.
  27. Due to having run out of mana, Skeleton Weed uses Saint Taranhan's Staff as a melee weapon in close-combat. Despite primarily being a sword slasher, his experience in close-combat helps him get used to swinging around a cane/staff weapon as a bash weapon.
  28. Experience from monsters that are defeated by the Necromancer's undead gets shared where half of the experience is given to the undead while the other half is sent back to the master Necromancer.
  29. Skeleton Weed goes around the battlefield taking on multiple monsters at once fighting with a staff in melee combat. He primarily aimed for monsters that that he could tell had the highest risk of dying to him, such as ones that had little health remaining. Eventually, the battle returns to being clean and organized, which amazes the expedition remnants.
  30. While in his undead form, Skeleton Weed has a Bone Throw skill where he can break off one of the bones off his body, and use it as a throwing weapon to damage his enemies. The first time he uses it is to steal a kill on an Embinyu Priest from one of his Dullahans.
  31. Using Bone Throw causes a debuff until the broken bone has recovered on Skeleton Weed's body. As a result of a single Bone Throw, his attack damage is reduced by 1.3% and defence is reduced by 2%.
  32. Skeleton Weed and his undead warriors are eventually able to defeat all the evil forces of the Embinyu Church. With just the Bone Dragon left, Tori and his Vampire Clan had been holding it off, but only half of the clan remained at this point. Skeleton Weed thought about sacrificing Tori to perform a retreat, but remembers that this is his chance to complete the A-Rank Quest surrounding the history of the lost Niflheim Empire, and chooses to stick around to somehow finish the fight against the dragon.
  33. Skeleton Weed concludes that the key to finding out the history of the Niflheim Empire for his A-Rank Quest is hidden within the nearby cave that the Bone Dragon came out of, but trying to explore the cave while the Bone Dragon is still alive he considers to be an impossible task. Overall, he concludes that his only option is to try to kill the Bone Dragon.
  34. Thanks to only fighting the Embinyu Church forces with melee attacks from his staff, Skeleton Weed managed to recover as much as 43% of his mana.
  35. Using Black Magic, Skeleton Weed creates a spear of black life and insidious fog in his hand known as the Dark Spear skill. The Dark Spear is considered to be amongst the most powerful magic attacks that requires a lot of mana. At 43% current mana, the Dark Spear used up more than half of that.
  36. Skeleton Weed throws the Dark Spear at the Bone Dragon while Seoyoon, Tori, and the Dark Gamers continue to hold the dragon off.

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