Volume 10, Chapter 2: "Origin of the Skeleton"

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In real life, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan go through their regularly scheduled broadcast as the hosts for KMC Media. The latter of which is heard explaining how those who master their skills can one day obtain special quests that will allow for said person to leave their mark behind in the Versailles Continent's history books. Once the broadcast is over, the 2 hosts are forced to remain in their seats due to KMC Media receiving the video footage of the Cold Roses Guild expedition taking on the monsters of the Valley of Death as they search for the rumored Siberian Witch's Beads that can finally end the heat-wave curse. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan begin to provide commentary of the ongoing battle against the Bone Dragon and the evil forces of the Embinyu Church as millions of viewers tune in to watch knowing how important this Northern Continent event is.

At that same time within Royal Road, Skeleton Weed watches over Oberon's guild forces continue to slowly whittle down the Bone Dragon while the expedition's Geomchis led by Geomchi 350 along with the Dark Gamers led by Volk deal with the dark Priests of the Embinyu Church. Seoyoon supports the Cold Roses on the front-line attacking the Bone Dragon while Skeleton Weed waits it out in hiding until the end to land the final blow since his allies might attack him and ruin the flow of the battle if they see his undead form. The battle appears to be moving along nicely, but it's at this point that Teros and the other remnants of his Crimson Wings Guild put their plan into action, and begin to attack and assassinate fellow expedition members from behind. Flavio and Dane of the Crimson Wings manage to kill Oberon, which due to the loss of its leader results in the expedition falling apart, and causing the battlefield to devolve into complete chaos.

A civil war breaks out between the forces of the Cold Roses and the Crimson Wings while still trying to hold off the Valley of Death's monsters. Teros attempts to recruit Volk and the other Dark Gamers to his side given that they worked together in the past, but Volk refuses it since its part of the Dark Gamer code to follow through with the contract they're currently part of, which is with the Cold Roses. As a result of the expedition falling apart, the monsters eventually break through the player's ranks, which allows for the Bone Dragon to release its Acid Breath again. The dragon's attack finishes off many of the expedition's front-line fighters, but also manages to kill Teros.

What's left of the expedition's ranged forces attempts to regroup, but their battle against the Bone Dragon is in bad shape after losing a lot of their front-line fighters. The Dark Gamers step in to take over as the new front-line while the Geomchis continue to hold off the forces of the Embinyu Church. Some of the Geomchis begin to die off, which Geomchi 16 manages to die while protecting a female Priest named Libby. His actions impress her enough to register each other as friends. Meanwhile knowing that they've been left in a bad situation, Skeleton Weed is forced to step out onto the battlefield earlier than he wanted.

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  • A-Rank Quest: "Truth and Glory" (Weed's group and the Cold Roses Guild's expedition continues to take on the Bone Dragon, and the evil forces of the Embinyu Church, within the deepest part of the Valley of Death.)

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  1. During their KMC Media broadcast, Shin Hye Min listens to Oh Joo Wan explain how unique quests are generated that can be taken on outside the primary 3 quest restriction. One such example is a Blacksmith quest that allows for the player to create their own work studio. The same applies for Jewelcrafters.
  2. Back in the day, Blacksmiths were only known to build castles for the kings, lords, and nobles. Now that Blacksmiths are more well-known, towns and countries desire Blacksmiths to help improve the area's technological development.
  3. Oh Joo Wan points out that according to Unicorn Corporation, there have been people close to crossing the line to receive a unique quest, but it still hasn't happened. He adds that if people manage to master skills, they will obtain great fame, and possibly a title if they belong to a kingdom.
  4. At this point in time, Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan have been broadcasting together for KMC Media for over a year. As a result, Shin Hye Min can tell that Oh Joo Wan has a habit of blinking a lot when he's trying to hide something.
  5. Oh Joo Wan admits that what he was hiding is that the journey doesn't end when one masters their skills. He explains that while he doesn't know much about it, what he knows is that mastering skills acts as a new beginning where the person goes on some sort of journey that connects them to becoming a part of the Versailles Continent's history.
  6. Wrapping up, the KMC Media broadcast lasted for 2 hours where Part 1 was inviting people from the panel to talk to while Part 2 was discussing other bits of information, such as what Oh Joo Wan just talked about. However, the broadcast is forced to continue after they receive the footage of the Cold Roses Guild's expedition taking on the Valley of Death.
  7. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan bring viewers up to speed of Chase's rumor that the Beads relic from the Siberian Witch has a strong possibility of being within the valley that the Cold Roses Guild are currently fighting in, and that the Beads has the ability to blow away the heat-wave curse that has been plaguing the Versailles Continent.
  8. The KMC Media broadcast showing off the Cold Roses Guild footage is now set to go for as long as it needs to.  The footage being shown during the KMC Media broadcast is Oberon's expedition currently taking on the Bone Dragon and the evil Priests of the Embinyu Church.
  9. Due to the importance of the Cold Roses Guild expedition, the broadcast's rating explode to high numbers reaching in the millions, and thousands of people gather in the streets to watch the broadcast on large television screens.
  10. It's said that hunting boss class monsters at night is considered to be a suicidal act due to the game mechanic where monsters are 50% stronger during the night. As a result, it's not worth the risk for the item and experience rewards.
  11. Shin Hye Min and Oh Joo Wan begin to provide commentary for the viewers regarding the Bone Dragon battle as if it's a football game broadcast.
  12. Skeleton Weed watches Oberon's forces from afar try to battle it out against the Bone Dragon. He theorizes that the other production classes that died to the Acid Breath were because those of the normal fighting classes still didn't respect them enough to be worth saving, such as the Priests and Wizards not putting down defensive magic to safeguard the cooks the merchants the moment the Acid Breath happened.
  13. While Oberon's Cold Roses Guild took on the Bone Dragon, the Geomchis and the Dark Gamer expedition members took on the evil Priests of the Embinyu Church. Volk and Darelyn are seen fighting them, and the Geomchis, such as Geomchi 350, are able to hold up enough thanks to Weed's Sword Grind and Armor Polish buffs.
  14. Geomchi 350 is said to be someone that faced off against monsters that scattered from the rest of the Embinyu Church forces, and overwhelmed each of them.
  15. Skeleton Weed continues to watch over the battle from afar, and concludes that at the rate they're going, the Bone Dragon will eventually be defeated due to the relentless attacks from Oberon's forces. He figures that his best opportunity is to join in at the end since his skeleton form could be mistaken for a monster by the rest of the expedition.
  16. While Skeleton Weed watches over the fight, Seoyoon battles the Bone Dragon alongside Oberon's forces.
  17. The remaining members of the Crimson Wings Guild that have hidden themselves within the Cold Roses expedition finally make their move, and begin to attack Oberon's forces from behind while they're attacking the Bone Dragon and Embinyu Church Priests.
  18. Flavio, a Barbarian Warrior member of the Crimson Wings, reveals himself before Oberon, and lands a fatal blow on the latter. Oberon refuses to go down without a fight as the Assassin member of the Crimson Wings, Dane, appears to support Flavio by stabbing Oberon with a Poison Dagger.
  19. Dane's Poison Dagger causes paralysis, and rapidly spreads poison throughout Oberon's body. In addition, health will continue to drop if the stab wound doesn't stop bleeding.
  20. Due to the paralysis, Oberon ends up dying to Flavio and Dane's continued attacks upon him.
  21. Chaos erupts on the battlefield as what's left of Oberon's loyal forces face off against the mercenaries that were hired by Teros.
  22. During the battle, Teros approaches Volk to try to recruit the expedition's Dark Gamers to his side given that they've already met when they took on King Belsos' Scorpion Tomb. Teros offers Volk pay if he switches sides, and is willing to share half of the Bone Dragon's loot.
  23. Volk rejects the offer claiming that he already received an advance from Oberon's guild. He bides by chapter 4 of the "Law of Dark Gamers" that if a Dark Gamer takes money, they must go through with the contract promise to the end, which is a rule that not many normal people know about.
  24. It's said that the Dark Gamers came up with this rule due to Dark Gamers being unable to earn money if the group they're fighting for has incredibly low reputation.
  25. Teros offers Volk as much as 3 times the amount that the Cold Roses paid the Dark Gamers, but Volk still refuses.
  26. Due to the Crimson Wings attack causing a civil war amongst the expedition, the Bone Dragon and the Embinyu Church Priests begin to overwhelm them. The Bone Dragon also releases it's Acid Breath again, which kills Teros along with many of the expedition's frontline warrior-type members.
  27. What's left of the expedition tries to regroup after the Acid Breath attack. Priests use their healing spells on those that are still alive, but the remaining expedition members have dropped to the 400s. In addition, most of what's left are ranged fighters such as Priests, Wizards, Elementalists, Archers, Bards, and Dancers that can't fight at the front.
  28. Volk remains worried that failure is going to happen again just like when he took on the A-Rank Quest for the Crimson Wings Guild. Dark Gamers are known to receive a large reward if they died while keeping to their contract promise, but a death is still considered to be a huge loss for a Dark Gamer.
  29.  To try to salvage the situation, the Dark Gamers take over as the front-line fighters against the Bone Dragon. Meanwhile, Skeleton Weed decides to step in earlier than he wanted to after witnessing one of the expedition Geomchis die to the evil Embinyu Church forces.
  30. Weed contacts the expedition's Geomchi 16 to retreat back to safety, but Geomchi 16 states that there's no need since he'd rather die first in front of a woman to show that he's a great man. On his end, Geomchi 16 is seen protecting a beautiful female Priest.
  31. Geomchi 16 is said to be someone who beats up any bully he comes across.
  32. Geomchi 16 eventually collapses after fighting off the evil forces of the Embinyu Church, and is on the verge of death. In his last moments using his playboy skills he learned from Zephyr, Geomchi 16 asks if he can continue to protect the female Priest, which she agrees to. The female Priest named Libby and Geomchi 16 register each other as friends, which is the first time a lower Geomchi managed to befriend a girl.
  33. After Geomchi 16 dies, Skeleton Weed steps onto the battlefield ready to take on his enemies.

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