Volume 10, Chapter 10: "Todeum"

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Weed's companions consisting of Pale, Surka, Romuna, Irene, Hwaryeong, Zephyr, Maylon, Seechwi, Yurin, Mapan and Geomchis 1-505 arrive in Morata village to stock up on supplies since the day has come where they will be departing with Weed and Tori to travel to the Vampire kingdom of Todeum. To pass the time until everyone is prepared, Weed and Yurin set up a shop at Morata's entrance selling souvenirs they crafted using their artisan skills to tourists. Afterwards, Weed and Yurin rejoin their companions once everyone is ready, but before heading off, Weed is greeted by the Morata Elder, who asks their new ruler for a gold coin investment to continue improving the Morata province. As it turns out, Weed had amassed up to 260,000 gold coins by this point. Most of which he obtained from selling some of the treasures he looted from the Valley of Death.

Surprising his friends knowing how greedy he usually is, Weed chooses to invest all 260,000 of his coins into Morata. The first 130,000 of the gold coins go into improving the overall state of the village, such as constructing the necessary city hub buildings, like a Bar, a Blacksmith, a Trading Post, an Inn, a Mercenary Guild, and a Church for the Church of Freya. He also invests 10,000 gold coins into Village Maintenance for additional housing and roads, just 300 gold coins into town Security, and the remaining 119,700 gold coins into Commercial Development so that Morata's ecomony gets built up as soon as possible. For now, Weed chooses not to invest much into Security and Military since the Church of Freya still has a one-year protection term on Morata.

Done with Morata village for the time being, Weed and his companions finally depart. They head west into the Forest of Mist, which they take advantage of the fog to evade the people following them that are interested in knowing what Weed's party are up to. Once they're out of sight, Weed summons out Tori for the last time, which the Vampire Lord brings out 200,000 bats that will be transporting Weed's party. The bats then pick up Weed and his companions, along with Mapan's supplies wagon, and begin carrying them off to Todeum.

Meanwhile, back in Morata village, Dain is seen arriving at the entrance in search of Weed after hearing the rumors that he's the one who sculpted the nearby Tower of Light.

Another pair of newcomers arriving in Morata village are Pavo and Gaston. The two of them had respawned back in Rhodium following their deaths to the Bone Dragon, after which Pavo decides that he and Gaston should settle down in a new city since they won't be able to make names for themselves staying to the City of Artists. Pavo and Gaston end up traveling to Morata after hearing the rumors that their fellow artisan, Weed, had decided to settle there, and upon arriving in Morata they see that the village has exploded into full-on development mode to one day, growing into one of the Northern Continent's major cities. 

Since the developing Morata is in need of new housing, Pavo's Architect class comes into play where a resident quickly approaches him, and offers a D-Rank Quest to build his growing family a new house. Overall, Pavo realizes that Morata is in desperate need of an Architect, and prepares for what's sure to be a lot of construction work. While Gaston plans to help Pavo with the construction, he comes to realize that his Painter class will also be useful to Morata since the village requires his artist skills for certain jobs, such as painting shop signboards, or monster maps.

Back to Weed's party, Tori and his bats continue to transport them away from Morata to what looks like an open area in the sky. Due to it still being daytime however, they're forced to wait it out in the sky until night time, which is when the entrance to Todeum will finally appear. An annoyed Weed gives Tori one last beating for not telling them this detail ahead of time while everyone else in his party watches. Once night time finally arrives, a hole in the ground opens up, which Tori's bats carry Weed and company through to head deep underground to reach the vampire kingdom. Weed's party is then dropped off at an underground swampland, which Tori officially welcomes everyone to Todeum.

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  • D-Rank Quest: "The Village House for a Couple" (Pavo accepts)
  • (It's implied that Pavo starts to take on many other Architect quests in Morata)
  • (Gaston starts to take on Painter quests in Morata, such as making a shop signboard, painting a symbol of Morata on their main gate, making a map of Morata's surrounding monsters, and drawing paintings for Morata's castle.)

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  1. Many of Weeds companions, such as Pale's party, the Geomchis, and Mapan arrive at Morata Village on the day Tori is to take Weed and company to Todeum.
  2. At this point in time, Mapan is considered to be a mid-level Merchant with high enough skill levels that allow for him to trade precious metals and gems. He also now owns a luxurious large wagon that's pulled by 8 horses.
  3. To prepare for his team's trip to Todeum, Mapan goes around Morata Village buying up any food or battle supplies he comes across.
  4. Weed spends some time at the entrance to Morata selling his sculptures as well as equipment made from Blacksmithing. One of such miniatures he tries to sell is one of the Tower of Light for 10 gold coins. However, he's only able to sell it for 2 silver coins. On average selling items, he's able to get about 5 gold coins thanks to his high Fame.
  5. Near Weed's stall at the Morata entrance is Yurin painting pictures for male customers, which she has a lot of due to her beauty. One of her customers is a man named Hans, who offers 7 gold coins for a picture that was drawn from her heart. Others offer her Leather Gloves or a new Hat.
  6. Sculptures are said to help the development of cities or kingdoms, but people don't tend to buy large sculptures if they have to transport them due to their weight. And Weed can only sell Fine sculptures for good prices if they're highly crafted. As a result, Weed feels that he would be better off if he got to be a Painter like Yurin.
  7. Mapan arrives at Morata's entrance to inform Weed and Yurin that he's done purchasing supplies. Before leaving, Weed offers to give those still waiting on a sculpture a discount if they still desire one later. He then equips Talrock's Armor again, which along with his Black Cape makes him look like a powerful black knight.
  8. Weed walking through Morata village with Talrock's Armor equipped makes him look like a high-level Warrior. Spectators in the village think of Sculptor Weed as a great person while some are envious of what Weed has obtained, believing it to be fake as if the Mithril is just painting on the surface.
  9. Everyone watches in wonder as Weed, Yurin and Mapan reunite with the rest of Weed's companions at the center of Morata ready to head off with an enormous amount of supplies and equipment. For some, this is the first time that people have seen an orc (Seechwi), which excites her seeing the attention she's getting now.
  10. In the Northern Continent, Morata is now considered to be the key of the north where 1,000 explorers from the Versailles Continent visit the village every day. 50,000 players are said to be in the north now, but the more of the continent's remote areas are still considered to be unexplored.
  11. Weed asks his companions if they're all ready to get going. Amongst them, Hwaryeong and Zephyr are excited to go, Pale claims that he will protect Maylon, and Surka, Remona and Irene all agree to go. Though Irene is excited that interesting things always happen hunting with Weed since his way of hunting is 2 to 3 times after than normal. Finally, the Geomchis have been ready.
  12. Morata's Elder appears asking for the Count's attention, which catches everyone's attention realizing that Sculptor Weed is actually a ruler of an entire province. They bring up how a Sculptor hasn't even been able to achieve the lower Baron or Viscount ranks. Yet Sculptor Weed is already the Count of Morata.
  13. Morata's Elder informs Count Weed that the village is low on food due to the increase of residents and tourists. As a result, he begs Weed for money so that Morata can develop a trading post for commercial development, and grocery and fabric exchange. The Elder also asks for money to continue with house repairs. Overall, Morata's Elder will require a lot of gold since village elders in general are known as people that don't go with low amounts when it comes to making town improvements.
  14. Despite Zephyr and Pale believing that Weed is someone that would never give up money, Weed decides to do so. Overall, Weed has a total of 260,000 gold coins at this point. 30,000 from saving his money, and using it as little as possible, and 230,000 from selling the gold and silver Niflheim Empire treasures that he looted from the Valley of Death. 
  15. Weed hands all 260,000 gold coins over to Morata's Elder to help construct the village for wide scale development. Thanks to Weed's investment into Morata, the village's production is increased by 30% for 3 months, the areas around the village will expand, the castle is now usable, population growth rate has been improved, and needed buildings will be constructed immediately.
  16. Using half (130,000 gold coins) of the investment on village improvements include the following: a Bar structure that increases tax revenue and satisfy's residents but affects public security, a Blacksmith structure that increases the town's technology and resident productivity, a Trading Post structure where merchants can trade to bring in tax revenue, an Inn structure to satisfy travelers if they need a place to stay, an increase to Morata's cloth weaving and leather polishing specialty where more of these quests will be provided, a Vigilante system where residents can help with public security by catching shoplifters, a Mercenary Guild structure that provides quests to combat nearby monsters in return for taxes, Fame and increased public security, and finally a Freya church structure for believers to pray.
  17. Additional bonuses from the investment include the following: increased grain production thanks to the Blessing of Freya, increased urban development, and more higher-tier buildings that Weed can construct for Morata are unlocked. 
  18. In the proposed maintenance for Morata, Weed would be able to control tax rates, commercial increase, military power, technology, security, and public policies for increasing residents, once enough buildings are produced. 50% of the investment budget has been put into regional and state development whil the rest gets distributed for other things. Weed has the ability to raise investment funds by reducing the amount of control he has on a region, and he can gain more control by further expanding or imporving the Morata province. Stats that affect the local politics are now generated. Taxes can be raised after Morata's first stage of development. Resident satisfaction can be increased with more investment in welfare and public security, but the village's deficit would increase, which could lead to Weed's Count rank being compromised.
  19. With 130,000 gold coins left to spend, Morata's Elder asks how much Count Weed wants to spend on Morata's Village Maintenance for house and road construction, which helps with resident satisfaction, commerce, and public security. Weed invests 10,000 gold coins into Village Maintenance (100 gold coins per house).
  20. With 120,000 gold coins left to spend, Morata's Elder asks how much Count Weed wants to spend on Morata's Security to help reduce crime, which would increase village satisfaction, and help with commercial and production development. Overall, Weed just spends 300 gold coins on Security since Morata is already protected by the Church of Freya.
  21. With 119,700 gold coins left to spend, Morata's Elder asks how much Count Weed wants to spend on Morata's Military. Political and military power expands when a region grows, and the military would manage Morata's affairs. Investments into military would allow for the village to train knights and soldiers to fight monsters and defend the region from enemies. These soldiers would remain loyal to the region they work for. It's costly to show off strong military power, but is required to increase territory for the region. Overall, Weed chooses not to invest into Military, which causes the Elder to worry a tad.
  22. Still with 119,700 gold coins left to spend, Morata's Elder asks how much Count Weed wants to spend on Morata's Art where free imagination and creativity will help the growth of the village's culture. Overall, Weed quickly chooses not to invest into Art since he's someone that would never truly invest in it knowing that it doesn't bring in money.
  23. Still with 119,700 gold coins left to spend, Morata's Elder asks how much Count Weed wants to spend on Morata's Commercial Development that will be subdivided amongst different areas of the region. Investment into Morata's Commercial Development would increase productivity and tax revenue, as well as livestock, agriculture, and technology. Mines and additional buildings would be constructed, as well as increased foods for grocery stores and the trading post. The Blacksmith would have increased weapon, armor and tool production, and production of specialty items in general would increase. Overall, Weed decides to put all the remaining 119,700 gold coins into Morata's Commercial Development despite the Elder's warning not to do so.
  24. The investment shocks Weed's companions, such as Mapan, seeing a greedy person like Weed give away so much money. Weed on the other hand thinks to himself that he will make all the gold back easily once Morata is properly developmented, and doesn't have to worry about it being attacked thanks to the village still being under protection by the Church of Freya for one year.
  25. Done talking with the Morata Elder, Weed and his companions finally depart from Morata village and are followed by Morata spectators interested in what's going on. Mapan's max quantity storage wagon for the trip is said to be filled with all kinds of fabric, leather, jewelry, mountains of food, combat supplies, and other necessary things.
  26. Weed and company arrive in a foggy forest in a canyon west of Morata village known as the Forest of Mist. The forest is said to have thickly grown trees that block out the sky, visibility is bad due to the water vapor from the fog, and insects buzz all around. Weed's party manage to lose the people following them going through the Forest of Mist.
  27. Within the Forest of Mist, Weed summons out Tori. Along with Tori appearing, his 200,000 bats swarm around Weed and company ready to take them to Todeum. Irene is shown to be someone that appears to love bats since she allows one to land on her hand.
  28. Tori tries to intimidate his master knowing that this will be the last time he has to take orders from Weed, and will be free once he returns to Todeum. However, Weed still puts him in his place reminding the Vampire Lord if he wants another beating. Weed's overall philosophy is that if something shows to be rebellious, then all that's required is to beat the rebellious spirit out of them.
  29. Weed's party get on top of Tori's vampire bats, which they carry everyone into the sky to begin flying them to Todeum. The bats are also seen carrying Mapan's storage wagon in a similar manner.
  30. Dain arrives in Morata village having heard the rumors about Weed sculpting the Tower of Light, and hopes that it's the same Weed that she met back in Lavias.
  31. Pavo and Gaston arrive in Morata village after hitching a ride from a generous Merchant, which Pavo thinks back to his journey that brought them to Morata.
  32. After they died in the Valley of Death battle against the Bone Dragon, Pavo and Gaston respawned back in Rhodium, the City of Artists. Because of their deaths, the two of them lost out on the Fame and rewards when they found out the battle ended in victory. 
  33. Pavo and Gaston are said to have the looks of two middle-aged men. Gaston is also revealed to have the Painter artisan class.
  34. Pavo thinks that since Rhodium isn't given him and Gaston much Fame, they should settle down in a new city, which he decides that they should try out Morata back in the Northern Continent. The two trek through dangerous northern zones of powerful monsters where Pavo digs hopes to help evade them, they're sometimes chased by bees, and they eventually manage to reach a town where they take a much needed break. Here, they meet the Merchant that brought them the rest of the way to Morata.
  35. After arriving in Morata, Pavo and Gaston are mentioned to still be in rags, and look like poor people to the residents. The two of them notice how lively the developing Morata looks seeing up to 3,000 villagers walking around, which Gaston admits that it was a good idea to move here.
  36. Since Pavo is an Architect, one of Morata's residents acting as a quest giver approaches him, and offers Pavo an D-Rank Quest to make him and his pregnant wife a new house. The man desires for his house to be built in the vacant lot west of an apple tree, and wood and stone can be used as building materials. Compensation for Pavo would be 26 to 309 gold coins depending on how big Pavo makes the house, and the quest is restricted to Architects. Overall, Pavo accepts the quest.
  37. Due to the quest, Pavo realizes that Morata is in need of professional help of an Architect to help construct the village. City production and public security increases based on villager satisfaction of the quality of the houses built for them. The shopping district is being built up, a wall around Morata is being built, and a new village outside the Morata walls will soon be built as well. Pavo readies himself to get to work while Gaston agrees that he will help.
  38. Despite Gaston feeling he won't be able to get recognized as a Painter, he also starts to receive artist jobs in Morata. One resident asks for a shop signboard, the Morata Elder asks for a picture on the city gates for a symbol of Morata, another asks for a map to be drawn of Morata's surrounding monsters so that it can be sold in stores, which would grant Gaston some Fame, another asks for paintings that can be put in the Morata Castle.
  39. The Morata Elder informs Gaston that their ruler is a lover of art, which is why their lord would want to give support to other artists that appear in Morata. As a result, the Morata Elder puts a lot of focus on funding art and culture.
  40. Weed and his companions continue to be transported on top of Tori's bats towards Todeum. Maylon remains excited since this is the first time she's going on a grand adventure as part of Weed's party.
  41. Weed's party stops at a location in the sky, which Weed asks if Tori is lost. However, Tori reminds his master that Todeum is known as the "world of the night," and gives off a laugh since he's forcing Weed and his companions to wait.
  42. Since it's still daytime, they got to wait it out in the sky until it becomes night for Todeum's entrance to open, which ends up annoying Weed that he ended up wasting a whole day. Weed baits Tori over to him claiming that he's got a beautiful sculpture to show Tori, which he then proceeds to beat the Vampire Lord.
  43. Watching Weed beat up Tori, Hwaryeong finds Weed to be cool, the Geomchis take Weeds side, Irene felt bad for Tori since Weed's way of thinking isn't normal, and Surka is left impressed by Weed's combat technique, and watches him closely to see if she can pick up any of his fighting moves.
  44. Night time finally arrives, and the entrance hole to Todeum opens up on the ground below them. Tori takes Weed and company through the hole, which they end up underground in a dark swampland. Tori leaves off welcoming them to the vampire kingdom of Todeum.

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