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The virtual reality department of the University of Seoul[1], where Weed started his studies. It is the first and leading department on the topic in Korea, and probably one of the best in the world.


Once Seoul University established a virtual reality department, similar departments were formed at universities around the country [2]. Virtual reality is a subject of great interest. Various Korean universities established competitive courses involving virtual reality, but this department of the university of Seoul can be considered as the leading department in Korea on this topic.

Virtual reality departmentEdit

Apart from Royal Road, the subjects covered a vast area of topics, mostly related to technology and liberal arts. Also, there were specifics topics[3], like

  • Economics of Virtual Reality
  • Mathematics for Urban Management
  • Virtual Physics
  • Biology of the New World
  • Virtual Marine Experiment
  • The Technological Applications of Physics Engines
  • Birth of the Modern Magician
  • Microscopic World and the Virtual World
  • New Civilization and Philosophy
  • Human and Virtual Environments
  • Virtual Reality and Life
  • Virtual Revolution, Ergonomics
  • Crisis of Reality
  • Structure and Function of the Brain

Enrollment processEdit

Applicant must pass the exam held at Korean public high school. Then, an interview session is held to determine the best candidates. But for Lee Hun case, a high school dropout, he must get back to studying[4]. Known students (in alphabetical order) of this department, aside from Weed and Seoyoon, are:

Known Lecturers of this department, are:

  • Professor Jeong Dongmin[17]


  • Lee Hyun promised his grandmother to pass GED and graduate from high school[18].
  • His sister, Hae Yeon sent in an application for him without his permission[19].
  • Lee Hyun went on interview session thinking that it was for his sister's enrolment[20].
  • Weed met Seoyoon in reality world for the first time here[21].


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