Introduction Edit

The Village of Exiles is a small human settlement located in the eastern most part of the Plains of Despair[1].

Description Edit

The village is protected by a high and large stone wall. Inside, there are around three hundred wooden houses. The life for humans is relatively safe, except for occasional orcs raids on their barns. While this leaves the village in poverty, orcs help keep other, more dangerous monsters away[2].

History Edit

The village was founded during the Times of Chaos[3].

  • The original settlers were driven to the Plains of Despair without any weapons in hand. They had to struggle against dangerous monsters and quickly, their numbers were reduced. *Still, these survivors wandered the land in search of a permanent place to settle. The first choice was a cave, but many disliked the idea. The group split into two camps, those who wanted to stay and those who wanted to leave.
  • The second groupe did found this village and also build the large stone wall. In the process, almost 9 of 10 settlers died.

A warrior clan Edit

Today's powerful warriors are the descendant of those very first settlers[4].

  • This process of trial and error, while costing many human life, granted special knowledge and skills to the villagers.
  • Villagers also learned about places to avoid and discovered the habits of monsters and predators in the land.

Local customsEdit

The villagers are all strong and experienced warriors[5].

  • They are not welcoming to outsiders. They can be wary or even hostile. But it is possible to gain favor by proving oneself as a capable warrior.
  • Trading habits: villagers usually only exchange things with each other[6].

Local ressourcesEdit

Local ressources are rare.

  • There is not a single shop, except for a small blacksmith
  • Located nearby is an iron mine that the villagers use for forging.
  • Locals are knowledgeable about the area, its dangers and how to avoid it.

Local NPC Edit

Some local NPC:

  • Lucille
  • Cocoon
  • Moss
  • Amy
  • Kokun

Trivia Edit

* More to come

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