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The map was originaly taken from the author's blog page. Compare to the author map, the Versailles continent is only half of the map.The Second Continent is here

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Timeline Edit

The civilization of the Versailles Continent dawned approximately one million and eight thousand years ago (quote ). Back then, Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Orcs lived together.

Forgotten myth of the alliance of the 4 racesEdit

At the origin, an alliance of four races Edit

The four races lived together, each compensating for what the others were missing.  

As deadly monsters abound in the world, the weak had no choice but to rely on one another to survive.  

Dwarf women with deft hands served as midwives to baby Orcs. Orcs in infancy were christened by elven women, and human women bathed them clean in water. The elf rangers gathered fruit from trees, the dwarf crafters made tools, and human scouts hunted game along with the Orc warriors.

Each race grew through his own strenghEdit

Orcs, who were fully developed within two to three years, were fine warriors by nature. Born with unnatural strength and a battle instinct, they sustained the elves and humans.  The Orcs claimed the leadership of the four races both in name and reality as no other race could keep up with the fertility and combat skills of the Orcs.

However, when humans developed agricultural techniques, domesticating plants and animals, they took over the food supply chain, and gradually challenged the supremacy of the Orcs. 

The elves, who learned elemental and spirit magic from their alliance with Nature, became arrogant and began to distance themselves from the Orcs, who they branded ignorant.

The dwarves advanced metals technology day after day, which gave them a new generation of weaponry to brave the Orcs.

Broken and forgotten Alliance Edit

The alliance of the four races was dismantled after a series of numerous hostile disagreements and bouts of jealousy.

Eventually the humans built villages and then towns on rich soil, which later banded together to create kingdoms.  The elves moved into the Forest of No Return where the elements and spirits were magnified in effect, extending their domain over their magic widely.  The Orcs dispersed all over the wilderness and virgin soil, hunting the wild and distressing the civilized as they wished, enjoying combat without restraint. The dwarves stayed holed up in the mountains, mining raw ore and refining their crafts.  

Inevitably, the humans and Orcs argued over scarce food, and the elves and the dwarves loathed each other in a struggle to secure pre-eminence in the Natural world.  This is the history of the Versailles Continent, the forgotten myth of four races". {Vol 1 Ch 4}

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