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It was first mentioned during Weed's north campaign in Valley of Death.[1] He acquired the information from the resident of Morata in exchange of the food he cooked for them. The resident told him information about the surrounding area of Valley of Death.

If you want to reach Valley of Death, you need to follow the Pahel River.
  From Morata if you headed north you will reach Sabi Village, they have unusual method passed down from father to son, and they love to carve things. Even though you will have to pass a dangerous road, if you're a craftsman it would be best to go there
  The closest fort to the Valley of Death is the Vent Castle. Once it was a thriving castle of Niflheim Empire with knights, but we do not know what has happened to it.

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When Weed, Seoyoon, and Alveron arrived at the Vent Castle[2], they weren't welcome at all. The old castle was built using rectangular rocks. Even with Alveron announcement that he was from the Church of Freya, the soldiers standing on top of castle's wall still have their weapons aimed at them. Therefore, Weed left the castle alone and continued with his quest in the Valley of Death.

After Weed's coronation as a King of Arpen Kingdom, the Vent Castle was mentioned again.[3] It was an important gateway to protect Mordred, the capital of Niflheim Empire. When the Empire collapsed completely and the north covered with snow and invested with monsters, the army of Vent Castle made sure to keep the gate closed to protect the people living inside. The became self-sufficient with food as they lived with monsters surrounding them. Even after the mild climate was back, they still adopt a close door policy. The knights and soldiers were waiting for the person who inherited the Niflheim Empire.

While other areas in the north reaped the benefits of Morata's development, the Vent Castle remain a small village. But since Morata was changed into the capital of Arpen Kingdom, the wave of change came to Vent Castle.

Gamong, a novice merchant from Morata came to Vent Castle. She was refused entry immediately but she didn't falter as she wanted to establish a trade route in the north. She roamed the north with food wagons from Morata, she sold her goods to travelers, soldiers, and lords during her journey. She gave olives, wine, and rice to the knights for a taste then left.

When she was handing out food in a mountain village, a grandmother asked her if she wanted to see Vent Castle. She told her that her grandson is one of the guards, upon mentioning her name Gamong would gain entry. She was the first visitor ever since the gate was closed, she had a monopoly for now on Vent Castle's goods. She bought items and armors with excellent workmanship at a low price which could be sold at affordable prices in Morata. When she was back to Vent Castle she brought a huge amount of foods of lots different varieties; lamb, beer, rice, tomatoes, cheese, and wine. It was sold out in an instant since she sold it at a cheap price. As she gained a reputation as a merchant and intimacy with the residents of Vent Castle, they were willing to give more quantity sold to her.

Gamong wasn't the only one receive the benefits from the trading. Vent Castle's birth rate increased as they have more food varieties. Their close door attitude slowly loosened as they experienced the positive changes. Rumors and stories about Weed's adventures and his territories development spread in Vent Castle.

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Vent Castle is a military fortress.[4] It's still needed development. Weed wanted the Vent Castle to grow like Morata.

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  • War-Era Buildings

Because of the military orientated castle, Weed built buildings based on it. It is unknown what kind of buildings he built in Vent Castle.

  • Shacks

He increased the number of houses in advance for preparations of the rising population. Shacks were built at the base of every mountain in the area.

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Vent Castle

A castle that belongs to the Arpen Kingdom.
The loyalty of the knights to King Weed is wonderful.
The thick walls have endured for many long years and can repel any type of invasion.
The strong residents are experts at hunting. If given swords and armour then they could become soldiers of the military at any time.
There are many treasures and workmanship dating back to the time of the Niflheim Empire. Over the years, many goods haven't been used so the castle's finances are rich.
The closed gates have been opened for exchanges.
The expansion of the village has caused a higher birth rate and more residents migrating here.

Military : 4,998 Economic : 1,421
Culture : 934 Technology : 677
Religious Influence : 23 Local Politic : 79
Infuence on surrounding areas : 81%

Influence of the old Niflheim Empire : 15.2%[5]

Urban Development : 199
Hygiene : 64 Public Order : 98%
The number of residents is increasing but the strong and vigilant knights prevented thieves from entering.

There are training places where knights can change professions and learn advanced riding tricks.
The major military buildings built by the Niflheim Empire has been maintained.
The territory of the village has expanded outside of the castle.
The patrolling knights sweep for monsters and exerts their military influence in the nearby area.
Free knights are gathered.
The residents respect King Weed who built up the Arpen Kingdom in the north. They believe he is the only one who can rebuild the shattered honour of the Niflheim Empire and marvel at his amazing adventures.
The weapons and armour production technology have been passed down. Siege weapons haven't been used for a long time so the production technology is still immature.
The knights aren't scared of an army of monsters and many talented cadets of the Arpen Kingdom are being trained. The knights prioritize pride and loyalty when teaching.
The Nifllheim Empire's sharp swordplay has taken on a rugged strength over the years.
Food isn't self-sufficient and they are focused obtaining supplies from outside.
Most of the income come from hunting or cleaning up monsters.
The residents are positive about more goods and the market has expanded.
Interest in art is lukewarm. Survival came first so they worry more about food and weapons than art.
Children are interested in knights and have no interest in other fields. Recently the reactions to merchants have become more positive.
The local faith now believes in the Arpen Kingdom's Freya and Tyr; the God of Battles.

Specialties : Iron swords, iron armour, valuables of the Niflheim Empire
Territory Total Population : 33,290
Monthly Tax Revenue : 74,006 Gold
Castle Operational Expenditures : Military 64%

Economic Development 22%
Cultural Investment 3%
Requests and Monster Subjugations 7%
Castle Maintenance 4%

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