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After the fall of the Bar Khan Lich, the Fortress was meant to collapse, Bar Khan had almost annihilated all remains from the Niflheim Empire under is unholy rule. Under Weed leadership, the region started to flourish again...

Policy of the Lord of Morata[]

The Lord's action[]

The Fortress was almost destroyed. The Lord of Morata decided to invest heavily. His aim is to restore the region to his former glory.

He used all of his influence (feeding the Geomchi ) to restore public order and financial stability aiding the fortress's restoration to the former glory (with the financial support from Morata).

A few action :

- sending his minions (larger living sculptures) to hunt and clean up the monster nest...

- adding a sculpture of Magnum Opus level (Lich who Commands the Undead v25) to boost the cultural and economical growth.

- using the ability of the Seal of the Emperor to restore the influence of the past.

Other Vargo benefactors[]

They were many. To name just a few:

- The Geomchi and Weed's close friends

- Petrov, the painter

Informations to be added later on.

Resources of the region[]

Basically all the light are green for the players. To summarize it:

Natural resources[]

There is a huge potential for farming, mining, etc. Vast swaths of forests and jagged mountains are part of the territory (v24c11).

Economical Resources[]

The fortress has excellent potential. It's next to Morata and also next to the other races who are willing to trade and access to the human products coming through Morata.

Military resources[]

Fargo Fortress is an incredible place to raise military troops. The support from the Geomchi and the living sculpture is also a must.

Political resources[]

The region is devoid of the abusive influence of  the Central Continent's guilds. The influence of the blooming region of Morata is close and the rule of Weed is smart/wise.

Cultural resources[]

Nonexistent, but the strong support of Weed and Petrov and the close region of Morata are a very strong incentive. Same as for Morata.

Region Information Window[]

After Bar Khan demise, and Weed claimed ownership of Vargo Fortress,

First Access[]

When Weed defeated Bar Khan, a window popped up only to him showing a regional information of Vargo Fortress.[1] The fortress will be having a regular monsters attack.

Vargo Fortress

Once a fortress occupied by the Undead.
It’s only recently that humans have reclaimed it.
In the past, it was a fortress occupied by the Niflheim Empire where it serves as an important gateway.
Vast swaths of forests and jagged mountains are part of the territory.
Currently there are no residents.
Through war, the fortress is heavily damaged and needs extensive repairs.
The river is contaminated and it’s hard to obtain drinking water.
Due to monsters the region is not safe.
Specialty: None

Users from Morata started pouring to Vargo Fortress. Merchants, architects, artists, and offensive class users flocked to the fortress. Merchants wanted to trade right away with users who participated in the Undead Legion battles. Drops from the Undead Legion and the Bone Dragons weren't something that easily acquired. The number of merchants that flocked to Vargo easily reached 1,000. Morata is close to the fortress so many people were able to reach it within 1 day.

Architects (Pavo & co) started doing renovations to the fortress. This was the priority because of  regular monsters  incursions.

Farmers looked around the river for fertile lands. Adventurers talked to the native races there, looking for any decent dungeons in the vicinity. Before the day's end over three waves of people came over to the fortress.

Vargo Fortress population has exceeded over 2,000 within 1 day.

Due to the active commerce, there is now tax income.

All tax will be used to repair the fortress.
If the lord's office is prepared, the tax distribution can be adjusted.

Trading has become an important part of Vargo Fortress. Besides humans, other races who live in the surrounding area came to Vargo Fortress to trade goods. Female elves sold goods brought from the forests and bought goods  needed. Dwarves came to sell quality war materials and brought back wagons full of beers.Since barbarians lived there for the hunting grounds and monsters density, they had a constant need for support items. They brought leathers and japtems to trade.

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Military Force[]

One month passed in real time and during that time there was a tremendous amount of development in Vargo Fortress.[2] The total population had reached 30,000 and the ruined walls were gradually built. Since the fortress didn't have enough income yet to cover the cost of maintenance and the wall building/repairing, all Weed's money were invested in the fortress.

  • Rebuilding
Following the cleanup, it was found out that the Knight's Drill Hall, Basic Training Center, and Warrior Guild can be rebuilt at the same old place.
  • Housing
Houses were built to accommodate people.
  • Military
Vargo Fortress development direction was quite different than Morata. Morata started with the protection of the Church of Freya which allowed Weed to ignore the military need within Morata for a while. He couldn't do the same with Vargo Fortress. There was no protection from the Church of Freya in Vargo Fortress and he also had to consider monster invasions that happened every day. Some funds were spent on building up the military force.
Vargo Fortress Military Power
Novice Knights : 58 Average level : 196
Soldiers without battle exp : 4,312 Average Level : 52
Loyalty : 91%

Training : 46%

An army has been created with the immigrants from Morata.

Army's recruitment was focused on hunters and sturdy young men.
The knights are becoming stronger in order to survive.
Soldiers respect their lord and are honest in their service.
But they are worried as they are thrown into battle without proper training.
However as they are fighting defensively behind the fortress wall, they have some confidence.
They do not provide public order/security, but the situation is dire without them.
The fortress wall has to be fixed as fast as the frequency of the monster invasions.
Putting one eye on another work could turn the whole Vargo Fortress into a monster village.

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First Growth[]


Because Weed's regions had developed nicely, he didnn't need to micro-manage everything in his regions. Users and NPC's  helped building the cities.

  • Church of Freya
The Church of Freya came to Vargo to spread the faith to the migrating residents of Morata. They started the construction of their shrine in Vargo.[3]
  • Military
Weed called the Sculptures Lifeform from Las Phalanx/Jigolath to help with the public order.
1,500 archers were deployed to the walls and readied to fire their arrows at the monsters.[4] Knights commanded the archers while deploying the swordsmen up the walls. Cavalries were set as a reserve, just in case the wall was breached. Players fought in tandem with the army.
  • Petrov's paintings/drawings
He drew on the fortress's walls with different varieties of drawings: barbarians which were natural enemies of the local monsters, steaming barbecues which distracted the monsters and many others. All these paintings helped the army and players defeat the monsters.

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Regional Info[]

After Weed finished his quest, he and Yurin went to Vargo.[5] He took this time to check the changes in Vargo.

Vargo Fortress
Military Forces: 432 Economic Power: 268
Culture: 192 Technology: 71
Religious Influence: 67 (mostly Freya) Regional Politics: 7
Influence on Nearby Areas: 11%

Influence from the past Niflheim Empire: 2.9% [6]

City Development Rate: 33
Hygiene: 24 Public Order: 41%
Through the endless tide of monsters attacking the Fortress, there is a high chance that this fortress will be destroyed. Under the miraculous leadership of Lord Weed, restoration of the Fortress is underway in this hopeless situation. A large scale repair is under progress, collapsed parts of the Fortress are by and large being repaired.

The security outside the Fortress is nonexistent, the residents cannot start any economic activities. But Through the repeated monster assaults, the soldiers’ real battle experience is rising quickly. They are especially adept at firing arrows.

Specialties : None.
Total Population of the Fortress : 6,892
Monthly Tax Income: 24,978 Gold
Fortress Operating Expenditures : Military 47%

Repair Work 34%
Quests and Monster Suppression 19%

Most of the taxes of Vargo Fortress are collected from the trade. The repair of the walls was going well,rendering them almost impregnable. To boost morales of the people, Weed used his Lord command to open the stores in the Lord's Castle and take out all the meat. Residents took as much meat as they wanted. Weed made a 20 meters tall meat tower. Tens of thousands of players roasted and ate meat.

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Second Growth[]

After Weed finished developing Morata, he went to Vargo with Yurin's help.[7] He accessed the Lord's command and chose buildings using the funds he got from selling his ceramics.

  • The Great Trees Square
  • Orcish Baths
When the Orcs lead by Seechwi finally arrived at Morata[8] their numbers has ballooned up to 175,000. Weed used his lord command to send them to an Orc Village Settlement near Vargo.
With that action, once again for the second time in history Humans, Barbarian, Dwarves, Elves, and Orcs live in the same area.
  • Maroon Colored Streets

Because the other races's presence would raise the effectiveness of ancient buildings Weed decided to invest 150,000 gold for each ancient structure and  the remaining funds were used to build othe rfacilities.

  • Markets
  • Commodity Exchanges
  • Archery Training Center for Elves. It improved accuracy and made possible the change of profession to Archers and Rangers.
  • Forges for Dwarves
  • Warrior Arena for Barbarians

Weed constructed buildings for every race living in Vargo and its surrounding areas.

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Military Force[]

After the establishment of Arpen Kingdom.

  • Sculptural Lifeforms

As the wall's repair was completed, not many monsters stormed the fortress.[9] The Sculptural Lifeforms began to slack off and enjoy days of relax  inside. Only Knight Seville/Silver Blacksun actively participated on a mission with soldiers and hunters to drive back the monsters. Over time the Barbarians and his troops multiplied to 980 soldiers, they thrived under the knight's competent leadership and battled. Seville chose 14  talented knights from the candidates and appointed them as his deputies. Goldman, Yellowy, Bingryong, and Phoenix started to train monsters to the direction of Sculptural Lifeforms who slacked off for training so they could get stronger and help Weed in his quests.

  • Orcs

Orcs played a vital role for Vargo Fortress to overcome the monsters constant invasions. They fought on a daily basis, it's in their blood. The population at one time declined to 60,000 but due to very high birth rate, it didn't really matter for them. They never backed down from fights, Orc Karichwi is their role model. Their rapid power expansion was their most terrifying feature. Their number quickly increased to 390,000.

The Orcs have revealed their existence in the Northern Continent.

The Orcs have expanded their territory in the north through violence and selfishness. Orcs will fight with strong and dangerous monsters in order to test their limits and grow.
They are weak in front of magic and large monsters.
The orcs are reliable existence.
If you step into the world as an orc then it will be possible to have many brothers. If you go with your brothers then you won't easily feel fear.
The Orcs have succeeded in fulfilling the required population.

Orc species can now start at Vargo Fortress.

For humans, various conditions have to be met for activities; politic, security, technology or urban development. The only condition for Orcs was their breeding power and strength, its much simpler than for other races. Fellow kin and food are the only things required. The orcs in Vargo Fortress had higher knowledge due to exposure to sculptures and other artworks. They began to realize that Weed was Karichwi, however, they thought Karichwi's appearance as Weed the human was the result of a curse.

5 Orc Lors headed to Morata to confront Weed about it. In Morata, they pledged their allegiance to Weed.

The Orcs have joined the Arpen Kingdom.

They are a race with amazing survival abilities.
The troublesome part is that they are a race that consumes large quantities of food.
Hordes of orcs enjoy wide lands and fighting.
If Orcs join the kingdom then many events will clearly occur.

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The races[]

Many races are present: from elves to fairies, from dwarves to barbarian, humans and Orcs as well.The relations between each group is good thanks to Weeds leadership. The Orcs have become of vital importantance to the region as well. Weed allocated a plot of land to the initial group of 170,000. After battling the monsters in the area, the group's population initially declined to 60,000. However, due to their high fertility, the population has increased to 390,000. Their constant battling with the nearby monsters have drastically reduced the monsters able to invade Vargo Fortress making it safer for everyone (v29c3).

With the population increase, the Orcs have succeeded in fulfilling the required population for this region and users can now start at Vargo Fortress.

The monsters[]

After the demise of Bar Khan, they are the main resource of the region. Weed had to bribe/feed the Geomchis and sent his living sculpture to help to defend the fortress

More information will be added

The fortress specials[]

More information will be added

- Paintings from Petrov all over the place;

- Weed undead sculpture

- The first meat party [10] with a 20 meters high meat tower.

Major and minor improvements in the region has already begun: The Great Trees Square, Orcish Baths, Maroon Colored Streets were made [11]. Weed ordered the construction of buildings similar to the ones at Ratzeburg. The construction of the buildings had cost 150,000 gold while the remaining money was used to build markets, commodity exchanges, etc [12]. Weed also built forges where the Dwarves could stay. For the Elves, he built the Archery Training Center for them to use. A Warrior Arena was also made.

History of the region[]

The long lost past[]

Not much is known of the time before the Nifleheim Empire, except that Geihar von Arpen was the first to unify the Continent.

Era of the Niflheim Empire[]

In the past, it was a fortress occupied by the Niflheim Empire where it serves as an important gateway (v24c11).

Era of Bar Khan[]

After the Fall of the Empire (Reference story), the Lich Bar Khan took position of this stronghold. And hid his life vessel in one of the tower under the careful watch of 3 bone dragons . Prior to Weed taking over, Bar Khan used this region to recruit and train necromancers. Vargo Fortress was also the home for the Undead Legion [13] .

The Lord of Morata's Era[]

The Lord of Morata, among others, after the fall of Bar Khan, saw the "enormous economic potential of Vargo Fortress"[14] so he decided to invest heavily into this Region.

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