Vampire Queen

Vampire Queen

Vampire Queen

Vampire Queen

Vampire queen

Vampire Queen

Introduction Edit

A high tier Vampire, second only to a Vampire Lord. Vampire Queens excel in the use of illusion and charm magic[1], but overall tend to lack the physical abilities of a male Vampire[2]. A fearsome monster to face if not properly prepared.

Description Edit

  • A high tier vampire, second only to the Vampire Lord; the vampire Queen is closely related to a Vampire Lord and therefore a ferocious leader of a Vampire clan. At the same time, a Vampire Queen has a strong sense for beauty[3]. A cruel and twisted sense due to her blood.

NPC Information Edit

  • A strong adversary due to their prowess in illusion and charm magic[4].
  • A strong control over lower level vampire soldiers. Gamers will probably meet her with members of her clan[5].
  • Along with the entire vampire race, Vampire Queens are vulnerable to holy magic.
  • She will attack with her claws, or directly bite if she can charm her adversary.

Trivia Edit

  • The church of Freya, led by Weed and Alveron, had to face their queen and part of Tori's clan in Morata's castle, on the third floor[6].
  • She was suppressed in a quick and clean way by the combined attack of Freya's Paladin troops and Weed Lion's Roar disrupting her magical power[7].
  • Most of the Vampire clans and their Queen live in Todeum kingdom[8].

References Edit

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