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Weed and his comrades first discovered Unicorn and Pegasus at the heart of the Todeum kingdom during their adventure in Vampire Land[1].


They can be described as very large horses with a huge horn on their front. They despise evil and are from a higher plane of existence.

  • Their color is often silvery white
  • Their level is slightly higher than Pegasus (Lvl420+)
  • They are attracted to the soul of young and pure human maidens.
  • Their horn have magical property and are considered as a very rare magic ingredients.
  • Royal Unicorns are said to have special golden horns[2].

Monster InformationEdit

Their powers is legendary[3].

  • They can move extremely fast, both on on soil and fly in the sky
  • Run 2 times faster compared to horse[4].
  • Strengths:
    • The dash speed alone can shock up the enemy to a state of confusion.
    • Trample is also a major source of damage.
    • Unicorn’s horn impaling is his deadliest attack, especially when dash speed is added.[5].
    • Can sense when divine Magic is used within a certain range.
    • Can use magic affiliated with nature.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Ankles and thighs are a weakness in Combat.
    • So is attraction to young female [6]


  • Vampires tribes were in a state of mass hysteria under the invasion of those divine horses. One brave lord and his clan fought against the invaders; in one or two bouts, the clan was annihilated [7].
  • The conflict was something trivial such as the Unicorns snatching away a beautiful Vampire maidens, or taking fancy into a piece of jewelry[8]
  • During initial impact of their fights;
    • 12 Geomchis died.
    • Weed took an hit and lost 50% health, 36% attack and 23% defense. He also was under a state of confusion for 8 sec.
  • Hwaryeong used her Seduction Dance (Bubi Bubi Dance). The rampaging Unicorns started dancing to and fro among her and became as docile as lambs, before falling asleep[9].


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