Undead, Wild Beast

Undead wild beast

Undead Beast, Wild

A generic term for Undead made out of a mammal or monster body.

  • Rising wild Undead beast is applying necromancer magic to dead mammals or monsters.
  • They are expect to be of beginner (under 150), intermediary (over 150) or advance (over 250) level.


There are various type of Wild Undead Beast, starting from skeleton dog to Bone Dragon .

They all have in common a certain type of agressive crazyness, close to the berserk state, with the exception of controled Beast.

Special attackEdit

Beast special attack.

Undead unlimited stamina and a certain type of aggressive crazyness. 


Silver, holy water and divine magic

These undead beast need specific control from a necromancer or a high level undead, otherwise, they tend to run mad and wild. 

Boss-Class MonsterEdit

Undead Centipède

Undead Centipede

In the Undead Legion, you can find intermediary Boss class Beast, based on the number of Undead Beast. Same goes for high level Beast (v7c2). 

On top of those high level Undead beast (tier 3 magic), you have the elite Bone dragon.

Raising a Beast from the deadEdit

  • The number, type and level of Undead Beast depends of the type of dark magic used (tier 1, 2 or 3). 
  • The results also are strongly influenced by the level and skill of the Necromancer or Undead using it. 
  • Difference of level between the necromancer and the undead monster risen, gives a bonus or malus, similar to the creation of a living sculpture.
  •  Same goes for special features (like large size or flying ability).

Monster from ancient timeEdit

In the Undead Legion, many Undead Beast were from ancient time. There are also described as "giant monster from the past". First mention v7c2.

Those special monster can be considered the same as regular high level undead. Their level should be between 200 and 350. But there is no specific description, except for the giant undead rhino

Appearance in the novelEdit

"Wild Undead beast" were first seen in Lavia. Then seen in large number in the Undead Army attack (second & third wave). Later on, they have been seen in Lich Shire Dungeon. More to come.

Other featuresEdit

Require tier 1, 2 or 3 of Necromancer magic, as described in the Necromancer tome, handwritten by Bar Khan himself

More to come

  • undead displacer beast
  • undead centipede, giant
  • undead beast
  • wild undead beast
  • humanoid undead beast


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