It is the third Arc of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. It start from Volume 3 Chapter 5 to Volume 3 Chapter 11.

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After completing the quest and delivering Helain's Grail back to Church of Freya, Weed received another quest from the church. The quest required Weed to locate and retrieve the second relic of Church of Freya, Frogo's Crown of Prosperity . The quest is of difficulty B, which is considered to be extremely hard for current Royal Road players, including Weed.

The Church of Freya send Alveron with a number of paladins and priest of Freya to aid Weed for the quest. In the mission, Weed encounter a tribe of vampire, which their average level are higher compared to Weed, paladins and priests of Freya. After some difficulty, Weed succeed to liberate Morata from the vampire and retrieve the Frogo's Crown of Prosperity.

On the other hand, the Geomchis learnt about Royal Road and started to play.

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Include equipment, tools and worth-mentioned material.

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