Angry troll

Troll attaque

Facing a Troll


Troll is a dangerous monster, they are very aggressive and have amazing regeneration abilities[1].


  • The troll is a tough and ugly creature with tough rock like skin[2].
  • It enjoys eating, and violence and massacre[3].
  • Trolls have low intelligence[4].
  • The size of a troll is almost 3 meters long[5].

Monster InformationEdit

  • Physical strength and strong defense[6].
  • Trolls posses a regenerative ability, but not as strong as Hydra's regeneration[7].
  • To fire: to avoid regeneration, the flesh of the troll has to be burned continuously[8].
  • Sometimes use weapons[9]


  • Troll Blood is a valuable item[10], it has regeneration properties better than many herbs and can be used to make potions, especially from Ice Trolls[11].
  • Giant Boss Class Troll are known to exist[12].
  • Some Troll tribes lives in deep forests[13], there are Troll tribes living in the Northern Continent, close to Morata [14].
  • The Geomchis are capable of using troll's weapons[15]

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