Mammals and monsters, tamed Edit

They are used for transportation, or any kind of hard labor, like combat or farming; and even for food consumption.

Related Class or ProfessionEdit

  • Mounting seems to be open to any class.
  • some class have special benefits related to mounting. Best example are the knight class family which has extra combat bonus while mounting (v?c?).
  • Some class or profession are related or even dedicated to taming or raising mammals (v?c?), or even monsters.
  • some class or profession may have specific or even hidden means to access the taming skill. Sculptor, for example, with the Emperor life bestowing skill, can access the benefits of permanent taming with any class of monsters. The only limitation is the number of monsters and the difference in level.

List of tamed and/or mounted mammals or monstersEdit

A list of mammals and beast, that have been seen tamed. It is interesting to note, that a sculptor with the Emperor skill of life bestowing has the power to tame any kind of monster within the game. This is a major asset. A-E

Arse Edit

      • Name: Arse


      • Species: Horse
      • Status: Game World; Alive
      • Appearance: v1c6

A troublesome horse that does nothing but cause a pain in the behind for Weed when he was doing his class quest in his newbie days; returned back to the Rosenheim kingdom castle after Weed was done with his quest. His whereabout is unknown after Serabourg destruction.

Bactrian Camel



      • Status: Game World of the past, Alive
      • Species : Camel, lvl 483
      • Creator: Weed (during the Nodulle and Hilderun quest)
      • Appearance: v34c9

A 4 meters high camel, made out of sand and water. Used as a means of transportation, while hunting and grinding. A faithful living sculpture. The level of the camel was 483 and it could go 10 days without sleeping. It could run quickly in the desert, had long legs so it wouldn’t fall in the sand and the soles of his feet were flat and spacious. The Bactrian Camel also had 2 humps where nutrients can be stored.

F-J Edit

Gargoyle, tamed (12)



      • Name: Unknown
      • Species: Gargoyle
      • Status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: Mapan, merchant
      • Appearances: v29c7

Mapan bought 12 tamed gargoyle as his new transportation unit 

Giant bird, tamed Edit

      • Name: Unknown
      • Species: Unknown
      • Status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: Herman, dwarf blacksmith
      • Appearances: v29c4

Giant Turtle, flying Edit

Check description here

Griffon, tamed
Untamed griffon



Check description Griffon

K-O Edit

Iyaluterun Edit

      • Gender: Male
      • Species: Blue pegasus
      • Status: Game World, Alive
      • Appearances: v41c43
      • Owner/Master: Hestiger

It is a gift from the elves to Hestiger. It appeared again during the Earth palace war, after Weed resurrected Hestiger for 24 hours to fight against the Haven Empire's armies.

P-T Edit

Rindullin Edit

      • Species: horse, white
        Royal horse

        Royal Horse

      • status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: Bard Ray
      • Appearances: v28c7

It is a horse with the best blood handed down from the Royal Family of the Haven Kingdom. It possessed elegant white hair that was beautiful and is a horse with wise intelligence and good luck. Bard Ray, can call him through teleportation, with the help of a magician. Was used in Belkain's lair to hunt down Weed. 

Rodus Edit

      • Name: Rodus/Horsen, 
      • Species: horse, black
      • status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: 
      • Appearances: v33c3

It is the horse of Rensullot, the general from the Hermes Empire who faced Weed and Rover in a mounted duel at the first Hermes attempt to invade the Arpen Empire. Its title : the great horse that can catch the wind. He became Weed's property after Rensullot was killed.

Rover Edit

      • Name: Rover/Yellowy [누렁이]
        Korean bull

        Korean bull

      • Species: bull
      • status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: Weed
      • Appearances: v15c9-10

A powerful war ox and the archetype of the Korean ox. It was first created by weed to fight the Embinyu Church. It also serve him as a means for travel. And could even be seen as a potential emergency source of meat by Weed. Its goal, as a living sculpture, is to earn enough money to buy its own plot of grassland and raise many children. Works for Weed under harsh condition. It is in his mid 400 level, when facing Rodus.

U-Z Edit

Wy-3 Edit

      • Name: Wy-3
        Wyverin only


      • Gender: None
      • Species: Sculpture of Life, Wyvern
      • Status: Game World; Alive
      • Owner/Master: Weed
      • Appearances: Volume 7 Chapter 1

It is Weed first mean of transportation, beside Rover, Bingryon or teleportation through Yurin skill. His has a flat back that is apparently much more comfortable for passengers so Weed and Seoyoon always use only him as their transport instead of switching with the others. Wy-3 fears that one day Weed might put a table and chairs on its back. He also has an angular face has the lowest drag coefficient. Read Wy-1 for more details.

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