On the continent, there are various means of transportation as are various mediums to travel through:

  • Regular Transportation means like using tamed mammals (common) and tamed monsters (usually high level users)
  • Special movement skills
  • Magic and portals (rare, if not very rare)

Regular transportation meansEdit

The most classic method is using feet, as many explorers/andventurers enjoy walking, running, or even swimming.

  • Swimmers have a skill that increases the time they can stay submerged.
Taming a mammal will decrease the travel time considerabilly:
  • Desert Travel Camel
  • War Griffon
  • untamed griffon
  • wolf sledge
  • ship
  • merchant ship description
  • merchant ship
  • Horse, a versatile animal used as a beast of burden by merchants using carrieges [1] or a mobile warfare platform by knights, tamed by related skills[2], bought or rented[3].
  • Bactrian camel, a very needed animal used in the desert by travellers and Desert Warriors alike.

Tamed monsters :

  • Wolf drawn sleds increase travel speed in arctic zones[4].
  • Griffon, a very versatile monster used for transport/travel and combat wise

Sculptural Lifeforms:

Created vehicles:

  • ships, rafts, galleons, carriages[6], wagons, leather fittings [7] ( for aerial travel/transport )


  • Toadstool porridge units often drink poison to cause death as a travel method.

Special Movement skillEdit

Race/class skills:

  • Picture teleportation skill of an Aqualight painter, which allows an almost unlimited form of travelling provided counter-measures aren't in place and the painter can recreate the landscape in his/her painting with the travellers with great fidelty. This form of transportation is used a lot by Weed when hunting in the Central Continent or when travelling long distances, provided he bribes his sister.
  • Time travel, the last secret sculpting  skill, which allows the user to go anywhere in history, though some penalties may incur if misused.
  • Moment Sculpting, a skill that stops time in a limited area in which the user can move freely at the expense of vitality and Moment energy Points.

There are various in-game skills that increasestats such as vitality or agility and/or decrease stamina consumption such as:

  • a swimmer can increase speed stamina and time through repeated practice.
  • mammal mounting, as previously said, the mounter may posses skills related to his class
  • A necromancer can increase the overall performance of the summons.
    • enhanced undead army
    • enhanced undead frontliners
    • fast double-wielding undead
  • A Death Knight can summon a  Phantom Horse.
  • A leader/commander often has skills that increase stats of his/her subordinates [8]
  • A ship captain's skills influence the speed and  manuverability
  • Quadruple run increases speed and decreases stamina consumption, skill learned when imitating animals for a greater uderstanding, aquired during the Quest to learn Darone's sculpting skillVolume 4 Chapter 5.
  • Sculpture distruction skill can transfer art points to agility points at a ratio depending on the destroyed sculpture: fine, master or grand.The increase in said stat confers the user the related abilitiesVolume 5 Chapter 10.
  • Shapeshift by using Sculptural Shapeshifting skill or quaternary poly-morph wizard spell (v6c1) into Volume 6 Chapter 1 :
    • a race with flight capabilities like an Avian
    • a race with spatial moviment skill like the blink of a Chaos Warrior.  
    • a race that can increase the benefits of Weed's quadrple run

Magic and portalsEdit

Access to magic is a useful, if not a strategic ressource in Royal Road.
  • Freya's teleport gate
  • into a teleport gate
  • Fly
  • Levitation v48
  • Teleportation
  • Various kind of buff spells (on movement speed, strengh, vitality, stamina consumption, blessings of a priest or a god)
  • Teleport Gates and Portals created & operated by users or church orders using priests.
  • Magic items (ring, staff, scroll etc.) or travelling equipment, like clothing or armor pieces as well as items infused with magic or egraved after creation.

Adverse conditionsEdit

Sometimes Travelling/Transportation is made harder by negative conditions.

  • inadequate preparations
  • high monster presence
  • abnormally low/high temperature
  • very long journey
  • lack of supplies
  • ambushes/robbery
  • skill/magic limitations
  • abnormal inflicted stats (poison/curses)
  • lack of direction/map
  • space distortion ( Roderick's labyrinth)
  • lack of intimacy with the mount (colt), especially deadly wile flying
  • counter-measures/traps
  • disasters
  • fatigue

or as another type of classification:

Transportation/travelling mediumsEdit

Over Ground:

  • Walking
  • Using tamed creatures( Horse,wolf)

Under ground, requires racial skills

  • squashy wriggler
  • earth worm
  • shapeshifters

Over sea:

Under sea requires racial or specific skills.

  • Swimmers
  • sea creature shapeshifters

Through Air  requires racial/profession skills, spells or magic items:

  • Using tamed creatures( griffons, wyveryns
  • shapeshifting into a race with flying abilities
  • Spell: Fly of a mage
  • Spell: Levitation
  • Item: feather ol lightness, cacels momentum of a fall

Through Space/Time:

  • Weed's time travel skill
  • Moment sculpting stops time in a limited area to allow the user freedom of movement

Through miscellaneous places:


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