Introduction[edit | edit source]

Famous vampire Lord Tori is the leader of the True Blood Vampire Clan. He is one of the 47 rulers of Todeum.

Profile and Data[edit | edit source]

  • Korean: 토리도
  • Name: Tori (also translated as Torido )
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: True Vampire
  • Class: Clan leader (who raised to the vampire Lord status )
  • Level: 400 (Originally)
  • Status: Game World; Alive
  • Owner/Master: Weed (Current), Seoyoon (Temporary)
  • Appearances:

Stats and Skills[edit | edit source]

Beside the classic attribute of the Vampire species, as the leader of the True blood Clan, Tori has his own set of combat and magic skill. NEED TO BE SORTED OUT Tori has various skills :

  • Blood Blade Tornado
    • Also named Tornado blade, a special wide area deadly magic attack. "blood drops along with sharp as blades gusts of wind flew in all directions"[1]. To avoid the blood Blade Tornado, Weed charged into the eye of the storm[2].
  • Blood Drain
    • Vampire’s blood skill is at his max, by absorbing all of his victim blood in a matter of seconds, Tori is able to regenerate at an amazing speed, and at the same time he can create a slave vampire. Was used in Morata, and also in the death valley[3].
  • Petrification
    • Ability to turn others into stone statues. Was used in Morata. Seen again in Sendheim valley[4].
  • Vampire Resurrection
    • Can also resurrect the members of his clan[5].
  • Veil of Darkness[6].

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Power of the blood Oath
    • Vampire’s blood is a precious and unique item. It has the power to increase permanently Mana by 300 as a onetime bonus. Other statistics can both increase and decrease by a random value.
    • Vampire can use some of their blood to turn one into his servant or give away his blood for an blood Oath. Tori shared a blood Oath with Weed[7].

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Leader of the True Blood Vampire Clan
    • The clan is first mentioned in [8]. It is said that: " the vampire clan counted more than one thousand members and the lowest level a vampire had was 270". But the clan was almost entirely destroyed when Weed invaded Morata. Later on, Tori, the leader of the True Blood Clan could replenish/revive the entire clan.
  • Tori's painful history
    • He served Bar Khan until he was defeated by Weed with help from the Priests and Paladins of Freya's Church. Afterwards, he was beaten and killed by Weed until he agreed to obey him wholeheartedly in the Plain of despair[9].
    • He was granted freedom and escapes from Weed’s evil clutch by granting Weed and his companion passage to the Vampire Land, Todeum kingdom[10].
    • He became Seoyoon’s follower for short while before he was traded to Weed for a rabbit (Real World). He first met her in the Valley of Death[11]. He offered her to become a [[[Vampire]]], but was refused [12].

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