Made this sculpture in Serabourg City, Rosenheim Kingdom.

Background Edit

The dying King Theodarren requested Weed to make him a tomb[1]. To create the sculpture Weed shared the quest with anyone who will pay him 1 gold[2].

                Quest name: King Theodarren's Tomb[3].
Funds: 100 000 gold.
Difficulty: B
Reward: Roseheim's reputation +2000.
Penalty: in case of failure, wrath of the king, fame will be lowered.

Description Edit

Sculpture has the form of a pyramid and is contiguous to the sculpture Sphinx with the king's face. Inside the pyramid, there was a room for a coffin, a living room, and 2 other rooms for art works. The latter was provided by Mapan[4].

Info Edit

There are no buffs related to this sculpture.

Location Edit

Kingdom of Rosenheim


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