Item Weed got after beating the Queen Bug in the Lair of Litvart.

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The Successor to the Legendary Emperor 2 
I love beautiful statues. The statues that are carved with the magnificent spirit
of Kvasir have never forsaken me. As long as I love and trust them, they are
loyal to me.

Who would believe this? That this lowly
‘Sculptor’ class became the cornerstone of my power, from a humble farmer in a
country town to the man who united the Continent.

Listen well, my successor who walks in the path of a sculptor.

A very difficult path awaits you. The path
that a hundred out of a hundred men shall give up and a nation of men will not
fare any better.

However, my successor, I encourage you to stay
the course in the face of the toughest challenges. Hardship brings a value of
its own, and toughness produces a result of its own too.

Become the Grand Master of Sculpting!

You must learn the secrets of Sculpture
Mastery which I failed to learn. It shall remain the wish of every man who has
learned the sculptural art.

therefore, I hereby entrust to you these small gifts.

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Vol 1 Ch 8

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