Tempting Vampire Ring

"A ring made with the Blood-absorbing Jewel, now crafted into a glowing red jewel that caused temptation."


Tempting Vampire Ring is a unique item crafted personally by Weed after processing the infamous Blood-Absorbing Jewel.


Weed crafted this item in Hestia's Forge after he reached Advanced Blacksmith skill from forging the Sword of Darkness.[1]

Item InformationEdit

This is the information when Weed identified it.

Tempting Vampire Ring
Durability: 27/27
A ring made with the Blood-absorbing Jewel.

If you continue to wear it then health and vitality will decrease. Eventually the ring will cause a dreadful disease.

A blacksmith with great skills created it for some reason. It will be better off if it doesn’t enter the world.

The nobility of the night will covet this ring.




Options: Reduces the wearer’s health.

Vitality weakened.

Charm increased by 16%.

The ability to dazzle is strengthened.

The effect of blood-sucking will increase.

The hidden power of the jewel will be revealed when blood is drunk.


  • This unique item is the first item Weed has ever given Tori that is freshly made, as he had always provided him with used or rejected products.


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