Task board

This is the list of tasks to be done in the LMS Wiki. Post below whatever task you think is needed.


  • Add your suggestions at the end of the corresponding list. An admin will decide if the task should be given more priority.
  • Every time a new chapter is released, the writing of the corresponding article outclasses other task and must be put immediately as the top priority.
  • For the case of chapters, follow the Tasks to do every time a new chapter is released below.
  • For chapter update, prioritize linking or updating of existing content to new content 
  • New content can be added later on

Wiki upgrading task

  • Clean source code (taking out useless tag)
  • Add introduction summary & picture
  • Add useful tag, like update call, reference tag

Content updating task

Please take care of the basic content first (new character, skill or place; then item and monsters)

  • Characters
  • Item
  • Locations/places
  • Monster
  • Skill/spell/magic
  • Quests(sometimes and only Weed's)

Regular tasks

Every time a new chapter page is done, there is more content to add (link in red) This should be done on a regular base. Quality proof Reference proof

Specific tasks

Manual of style Policy

Articles that need to be created

If you decide to take over a section, please let us know. Your name will be officially added here. please get in touch with both editor and administrator.

Section Monster

Starting with volume 9 to 27 - Phil1403, dropped to take over the admin job. Busy since then.

Section Novel / Chapters and Volumes

Starting with volume 1 to 28 

Section Skill

Starting with volume 7 to 28 - Phil1403, dropped to take over the admin job. Busy since then.

Section Story Arc

Starting with volume 4/5 to 28 - Fizzmoney, on break. 

Other task

Tasks related to new chapter release

This line of task is on pause at the moment


  • Link toward the latest chapter added by TheRedSoloCup

Blog update

  • You can suggest a new idea to the admin phil1403, or write your own new blog topic.


  • Latest Chap.

Section is not used. People tend to react on the translator blog or on the discord channel.

Other social media

Thanks for share links to the wiki in your favourite social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.)

Chapters and volumes

Please contact us. This section require editing skill and a higher level of commitment (2-5 chapters a week) Task which would need to be done :

  • Create a new page
  • Use the related template
  • Link it to the Chapters and volumes page
  • Update Chapters navbox.
  • Add the category novel to the page
  • Write the chapter content
  • Select key words to link it with content(in red)
  • Add links to existing content


Looking for a moderator


Monthly check

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