This mysterious staff is one of the items that Lord Shire, second in command of Bar Khan 's Undead army, dropped, when he was killed by Weed[1] alliance in the Plains of Despair. This unique magical item once belonged to the "fallen Saint" Taranhan.  


This unique staff, equiped by a regular Cleric class, appears as Saint Taranhan's staff (or Taranhan holy staff)[2], unless it is equipped by a dark priest or a powerful Undead[3]. This is where it reveal its devilish power (dark series item).

Item Information

Regular Item information

                 Saint Taranhan's Staff (if equipped by a regular cleric class)
Durability: 90/90           Damage: 15-20
The staff said to have been used by the Great Saint Gorian whenever he’d have a bad
leg. It was crafted using light but sturdy Elf tree wood, but because of the thick
layers of dirt, the engravings had become unrecognizable. It is imbued with the force
of life.
Holy type professions.
If used by murderer or dark mage, the power will change.
If used by Priests +150 Faith.
Charm +30
Endurance +20
Reduced stamina consumption in rugged terrain.
Improve fame by 30% more when making donations.
Able to use devotion or sacrificial magic.
Available spells : 
Consume all but 1% of life and mana.
Gives all members of the party a level higher tier blessing and protection magic.

By sacrificing your own life, up to 50 party members can be completely healed.

Item information (dark series class)

               Fallen Saint's Staff (equipped by a dark priest or a powerful undead)
Durability 90/90.                   Damage 79-98.
The great saint revered by humans received a dawn ring with a hidden secret, demons
could be heard from within. In truth, Taranhan turned devilish, enjoying blood, carnage and corruption!

Dark series item. If worn by a Dark Cleric, the power of the staff will reveal his darkness.
-600 Faith
-200 Charm. 
+100 Stamina.
+80 Intellect.
+100 Wisdom
35% increase in spell damage.
Reduced stamina consumption in rugged terrain.
Notoriety rises by 30 for every human killed.
Devoted living sacrifice can restore health and mana.
In the hands of the wicked, evil forces will further ascend.
Black magic is available.

Item information (spell caster bonus)

               Black Magic (spell bonus)
The staff add extra spell slot/option.
Available spell :
*Bone Armor

*Corpse Explosion
*Dark Spear : Create a Spear from dark magic. Highest tier dark magic will create Demon Spear  Instead.
*Strain/Tiredness : Dark magic which impair the target's stamina.
*Increase in Fatigue: Chanting:"Even at dawn, just do as they do and fall in a deep tired sleep. With deep stinging in his eyes and yawning come forth. Increase in Fatigue!”
*Necromancer’s Declaration
*Confusion and Increase damage taken. Chanting:"The fateful bitterness doesn’t feel. A narrow sight! The confusion and suffering is endless. No end to the pain!" 
*Poison Mist Chanting: “Every inch of the body is tickled. The disease of the blood occurs! The body is rotting away from the corrupt air, spreading to anyone who drinks it in. Summon Poison mist”
*Soul Submission


  • When Weed first 'Identify' this item, he thought it is a useless item, because it only show the properties of 'Equipped by Cleric'. He even thought that with such attribute, it doesn't worth a penny, but when he equipped that item as undead, he then realize how powerful it is.
  • Equipping this staff allow the wielder to use black magic, regardless the original profession.While Weed equip this staff, he can use necromancy skill, thus make the user assume that his profession is actually Necromancer.
  • Alternative name: Fallen Saint's Staff.
  • The Staff was used by Weed maximally in Las Phalanx.


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