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Monster taming


It's a skill which focuses on building intimacy and instilling submissive behavior to mammals/monsters. It's a key element within certain context and for certain classes.

Process DescriptionEdit

  • An untamed animal should be considered as a monster (of low, intermediary or high level).
  • Taming can be learned form the respectiveNPCs.
  • You can have beginner, intermediary or advanced skill, values that dictate how fast and/or strong the bond can be created.
  •  Feeding, discipline through positive reinforcement, raising its experience level and overall taking care of is a part of the taming process.
  • Skill related to the type of monster/ animal   (need to verify)[1]like horse, bull, deer, or larger mammals, giant species such as giant rhinoceros can influence the process. LINK TO VARIOUS PAGE (see beginner's monster)

Skill InformationEdit

  • Build up intimacy

SEARCH FOR EXAMPLES Its a process that certain real world skills/abilities can improve, such as Weed's compliment lavishing techniques or Dr Cha Eunhee's psychoanalysis abilities.

Certain classes/professions can benefit from their regular skills to build up intimacy: -Bards with their singing - Dancers with their dancing. - Druids with animal empathy. - Knight with their mount. - Any class that can use a familiar.

Example of Weed with dragon, tori, living sculpture from Jigolath.

  • Build up intimacy difficulty depending of level, skill, context, history.

- In the wilderness (in the plain of despair), there is a difference between bonding with a wild horse and a horse raised in the stable.

- For living sculptures, intimacy limitation does not apply, the Life Bestowal skill ingrains such affinity with their own living sculptures though giving life to another sculptor's work doesn't always generate the necessary amount of closeness to make the creature obey.

Related classEdit

Special classes can  greatly benefit from or can use special skills to influence the tame mammals/ monsters:

  • Knight, melee type fighter that uses an animal ( tipically a Horse) to gain mobility, momentum and formation piercing force. Can use skills, available only to said profession, to increase mobility, stamina and vitality of the mount.
  • Professional Animal Trainer exclusive for horse: Rosenheim Kingdom military stable[2].They're able to describe personalities and skill for each horse in their stable.
  • Special circumstances such as having inadvertently built intimacy with a monster thus generating quests: When the chaos Dragon Ausolet  begun to trust Weed (through the creature having Dementia and him claming to be it's friend) he was offered the opportunity to become a Dragon Knight, A very desired taming skill related class .

Class change, or evolution, while taming new type of monster is possible with growth . For example, the flying griffon or Weed's Wyvern : both large flying monster type. Able to wear and use equipment, such as armour: granting positive options and increased defense.

A valuable asset

  • Taming skill is very useful and therefore can become a very valuable activity in RR.

Tamed animal or monster are needed for various activities/classes.

- Travelling (everyone & merchant) - Combat (various knight types )

- Agricultural & political development: Working on fields, especially farming.

  • They are expensive.

Example : A mount is an expensive asset (100 gold piece is a common price for a good horse), which is generally not affordable to beginners. [3]Borrowing or renting a horse  is possible [4], although losing or stealing comes with pricey penalties. Example of Colt.


  • Weed used taming skill in the North on wolves to have them pull sledges [5].

More examples.


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