Talrock's Armor is a unique item in Royal Road.


It is nearly white as it is made of mithril and has the insignia of the Freya's Church on the chest.[1] Due to the origin of the mithril, when underground the armor gives off a black sheen.

Talrock's Armor
Durability: 150/150Defense: 85
Armor made from the mithril of the Rahoman Mine. The dwarven blacksmith Tallock, who

was renowned throughout the continent, made this armor to repay a favor to the church of Freya. It boasts amazing defensive capabilities and is light in weight. It gives the wearer a fighting spirit that will not waver and a noble tenacity.

The gift of the High Priest.

This is the only one of its kind.


Level 350
Strength 600


Fath +100 Fame +300
Strength +40
Agility +30
Charm +25
Fighting Spirit +40
Maximum mana will be increased by 15%
Magical damage reduced by 10%
You are immune to confusion and fear magic.
Can acquire favor form Dwarves.
Due to the properties of mithril that came from Rahoman mine, it gives off a black sheen when underground. [2]



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