Talloss, Spider

Hell spider

Talloss Hell Spider

Hell SpidersEdit

The Tallos Hell spiders has 6~8 pairs of legs. Furthermore, their body is as hard as steel and they move very quickly while attacking. Both at the same time [1]. They come originally from the Hell plan. 

Talloss EggsEdit

Talloss Hell spiders are known to produce hundreds of eggs [2] Those eggs need a very long time, before they hatch [3].

When hatching, Talloss Eggs give birth to smaller spiders. But they wake up very hungry and will try to eat the closest prey they can find[4]. It's a very dangerous situation for anyone nearby.

Not only are the young spider ferocious and in large numbers, but they also grow at a tremendous rate [5]


The description of Hell Talloss spiders and their eggs was found in old NPC books which originate from the early days of Royal Road. Later on when explorers could discover new regions they also wrote down the same terrible stories about those eggs. A traveler who went to hell, discovering those eggs, drew pictures of them and barely escaped.


Weed encountered Talloss Eggs on his journey through Roderick 's Labyrinth. The eggs where laid in Roderick former great library[6]where the Lesser Demon Lord Montus was waiting for Roderick and Weed's team.

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