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It is a skill that is acquired by using a sword for some time [1] or by learning through combat class guilds[2].


Sword wielding skill. The attack gets stronger as level increases

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Sword wielding skill. The attack gets stronger as level increases.


Level 3[3]

Increases Attack Power with a sword (+30% ATK)
Increases Attack Speed with a sword (+9% ATK SPD)

Level 5 [4]

+50% STR
+15% Agility


Damage with the sword has increased 50%.

Intermediate Swordsmanship increased damage by 7% every time the skill goes up.
Mana cost of attack skill are reduced by half.
Stat points have increased by 2


Attack power using a sword increased by 25%.

Each time Advance Swordsmanship skill increases by 1 level, attack power increases by 9%.
Destructive power of mana consuming attacks improved by 45%.
All stats have been given an additional 7 points.

Master Edit

You have mastered Swordsmanship[5]The sword has been used to cut numerous monsters and you now completely understand it.You have reached the point where you have become one with the sword and there is nowhere else to advance. The basic damage of the sword will be enhanced by 500%. Sword skills can be cancelled at any time and mana can be recovered. The scope of attack skills is expanded. Attack skills can be learnt easily and skill proficiency will quickly increase. No damage will be received when blocking an attack with the sword. The enemy’s sword skills can be learnt. Combat quests can be received without any limitation. Will pull out the weapon’s latent ability and original damage will double. Sword durability will rarely drop and it will never break. All stats increased by 40.

Trivia Edit

  • Players who undergo the Basic Training Program usually acquire this skill[6].
  • Distinction is to be made between a regular class using the sword skill, and a class where the sword skill is the core skill.


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