Sword of Darkness is a unique item crafted personally by Weed using the Iron of Darkness[1].


Weed forged this item in Hestia's Forge and reached Advanced Blacksmith skill after completing it[2]

Item InformationEdit

This is the information when Weed identified it.

                                Sword of Darkness
Durability 145/145.                 Damage 96~137.
A forged sword containing a rare Necromancer curse. It strengthens the characteristics
of an undead and the effect become larger the higher the rank.
It has a rough external appearance. It is a suitably scary sword for an undead.

This is the work of a talented Blacksmith!

Undead, Corrupt Knights only.
Level 465
Should have no morality or faith.

Effect of the dark attribute increased by 37%

The Voice of Hatred and Loss will be available thanks to the Necromancer’s curse.

Strength +12.

Agility +26.

When commanding the undead, you can extract an extra 13% of their power.

Holy magic will weaken thanks to protection magic.


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