The Successor of the Legendary Emperor is a scroll found by Weed in a treasure box after defeating the Queen Worm in the Lair of the Litvart.

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The scroll was written by Geihar Von Arpen to his successor as the Grand Master of Sculpture.

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The Successor of the Legendary Emperor
Defense: Scroll written by Emperor Geihar Von Arpen
The Successor to the Legendary Emperor

I am Geihar Von Arpen, the first emperor of the Continent, who put an end to timeless divisions.

My final years have been far from fulfilling. No one has recognized my distress, my superiority! Why does no one understand my profession? Why does everyone look down upon my profession in disrespect? Enslaved to prejudices, the talented have refused to understand my goodwill and succeed me in my trade. Even with my children, this is true. That imbecilic and senseless bunch! They do not deserve to be my successor. I entrust my secret trade to you. I love beautiful statues. The statues that are carved with the magnificent spirit of Kvasir have never forsaken me. As long as I love and trust them, they are loyal to me.

Who will believe this? That this lowly Sculpture Mastery is the cornerstone of my quest from a humble farmer in a country town to the man who united the Continent. Listen, my successor who walks in the path of sculpture.

A very difficult path awaits you. The path that a hundred out of a hundred men shall give up and a nation of men will not fare any better.

However, my successor, I encourage you to stay the course in the face of the toughest challenges. Hardship brings a value of its own, and toughness produces a result of its own too.

The Grand Master of Sculpture!

You must learn the secrets of Sculpture Mastery which I failed to learn. It shall remain the wish of every man who has learned the sculptural art.

I hereby entrust you gifts of value.

The Emperor Geihar, the conqueror of the earth, the sea and the sky through Sculpture Mastery.

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Volume 1 Chapter 8

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