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Statue of Lugh is a sculpture Weed created to attract the attention of the Church of Lugh to Morata[1] with the eventual goal of their increased representation within the city along with the Church of Freya.

Morata in the beginning had many disadvantages. One was there were no other churches besides the Church of Freya. It was very unfortunate that players who wanted to become Clerics had a narrow selection. Since the Church of Freya did not shun other religions. Weed planned on making a statue of the God of Lugh, who matched well with Freya. The Church of Lugh revered brightness and was the natural enemy of monsters that attacked under the cover of darkness. It wouldn’t be bad to have an Idol of Lugh, even if only to improve public security.

Description  []

It was completed with a majestic appearance and was even holding a huge bow and arrows. At last, the head was given a gold leaf plating (extremely thin layer of pure gold), and the idol of Lugh’s head reflected the sunshine, sparkling golden. He put in blue jewels for the eyes. They were azure eyes gazing far into the distance that looked like it would sparkle away at any moment.

Sculpture Information []

You have completed the Idol of the Church of Lugh!

Yet another major work brought into the world by the great leader in sculpturing, the pious Sculptor Weed. One of the Gods on the Versailles Continent, the idol of Lugh, who symbolizes the sun, has been completed. Covered in pure gold, this work will be regarded as precious by the Church of Lugh.

Artistic value: A work by the master Sculptor Weed. 9,112.

Special options:

Those who have seen the Idol of Lugh, will have 23% increased Health and Mana recovery speed for a day when in a bright place.

The divine power of Lugh Clerics is increased by 12% for a day.

Reduces the failure rate of holy magic.

By the power of their faith, the morale of Lugh Paladins will not falter, and Courage will increased to the maximum value.

Strength increased by 12.

Maximum Vitality increased by 20%.

Maximum Health increased by 25%.

Item drop rate while hunting increased by 7% for a day.

Effects do not stack with other sculptures.

Number of religious sculptures completed until now: 1

Trivia []

  • Sculptor skill increase

Sculpting skill proficiency has improved.

The Advanced Handicraft skill has become level 7. Abilities that utilize hands or tools are further increased by 8%, and a variety of different areas will be influenced.

  • Sculptor stat increase

Art stat has increased by 35. Fame has risen by 499. Strength has increased by 3. For making a religious sculpture, All Stats have increased by an additional 2 points.

  • Bonus for Morata

You have made a religious sculpture. Intimacy with the Church of Lugh has increased, and you will receive their favor. The probability of Lugh Priests visiting Morata has increased.


  1. Volume 17 Chapter 3