Baran Village's Statue of Freya

Baran Village's Statue of Freya resembling Seoyoon


The Statue of the Goddess Freya is a statue located in Baran village.[1]

The statue portrays a strikingly beautiful young maiden wearing a long sleeveless off-shoulder gown, clasping a thin bouquet of flowers in her left palm. It seems almost dazzling to one's eye and radiates a splendor that relaxes onlookers, all the while displaying a benevolent and comforting smile.

Should one look closer, one can feel as though that smile is transforming the world into something brighter, more positive.

Description Edit

Baran Village used to have a stone statue of Goddess Freya that the villagers all worshiped in the central square of the village. The villagers have always prayed for peace and prosperity to the village statue of Freya. But it was destroyed in an accident earlier that year by a pine tree when a flood knocked the tree down.[2]

Although it may seem a like a coincidence, Ghandilva suspected the reason behind the village's recent misfortunes were the result of the absence of the stone statue, incurring the wrath of the Goddess. Freya, the Goddess of Beauty and Abundunce, was the anchor of Baran Village. Even though the threat of the Lizardmen were gone, as long as her statue stays destroyed, the villagers will never be at ease.[3]

Realizing Weed's profession as a sculptor, the villager elder pleaded Weed to carve a new statue of the goddess Freya.[4] Therefore, as part of Weed's Class Quest as a Sculptor, he helped restore peace to the Baran Village by carving a new statue of the goddess at the center of the village.

With the statue's completion, peace once more settled with the restoration of the statue and the village's prosperity grew due to the benefits the new statue gave.

Sculpture Informations Edit

Statue Completed!
The Statue of Goddess Freya (Fine)

Art is not always recognized for the it’s style and skill of the work in question. It is worthy of being called great art as long as it touches many hearts and cleanses many minds.The statue of Goddess Freya, of outstanding beauty, despite low expertise in Sculpture Mastery, will hold the public eye forever.

Artistic Value : 150

Special Effects:
+15% Increased health and mana regeneration for 25 hours. This effect does not stack with other statues.

Number of Fine Pieces Created: 1

Trivia Edit

  • This statue that Weed made has the privilege to be the first to earn a title.[5]
  • Although Weed was the the one who completed the quest, Seoyoon was the first to accept the quest to restore the destroyed Goddess Freya Statue.
  • Seoyoon left Baran Village silently without noticing that the statue was modeled after her.[6]
  • In the original timeline, before Weed traveled to the past and changed history, the village and the statue were destroyed by the Embinyu Church.
  • In Chapter 35 of the Legendary Moonlight Sculpture Manhwa, the statue was kicked and destroyed by a drunk Ghandilva, not by an accident of nature.


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