Spiders in the nest

Small spiders (fist size)



엘핀 퀸 스파이더, Elfin Queen Spider. Lives inside Kramado dungeon - underground Level 3, situated in the Plains region of Dale Kingdom [1]. One wouldn't have met this monster if they took a normal path. Bella, Hegel, Nide, Rumi, Selsia and Twitter were 'unlucky' to discover it.


A Boss class monster with level in late 380s[2]. Physical appearance :

  • Looks like a huge spider.
  • Thick hairs heavily forested on its twelve legs.
  • The head portion was incomparably terrifying and grotesque.
  • Vital point : rear point where spider silk come out.

Monster InformationEdit

  • Boss class monster that command hundreds of smaller spiders (size of fists) that come out from small holes in ceiling and walls. They crawls furtively. The passage is then quickly filled with small spiders[3].

Trap methodEdit

  • It take advantage from dungeon traps or narrow passages to catch its prey[4].
  • It can spew a sticky and elastic spider silk onto their victim, the spider silk will not break, but rather tighten[5].
  • Victims are left suspended in the air, like mummy state[6].

Defensive natureEdit

  • It usually wait until its prey strength completely drains, only then it'll face them[7].
  • Makes threatening noises to scare its prey. But hastily retreat, if prey is perceived as dangerous[8].


  • It has hidden close to the Morron Chaser territory.
  • Its silks are so strong that Thief Nide's dagger could not damage it.
  • Bella, Hegel, Nide, Rumi, Selsia and Twitter where caught by it, and Weed had to save them [9].
  • Weed use Wings of Light to go through 1st and 2nd floor at record speed, continuously slaying Kramanoims[10].
  • He used "thread winding", an Intermediate tailoring skill to catch the freshly spewed spider's silk into a sphere, sealed it with cloth and then saved it inside his backpack[11] and the fourth of Formless Sword Skill Technique, Sword Dance to kill it.
  • In the end, the whole team was saved and even got a fame bonus for being in his team.

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