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Weed created this sculpture in the Plains of Despair to prepare the battle with the Undead army[1].

Description Edit

A sleek cheetah! He elongated the torso, and most importantly, lengthened the four legs like that of a horse.  

Sculpture Information Edit

              A sleek cheetah

A fine piece!  A reward for completing a quadruped animal!
Sculptor, you are approaching towards greatness! Your fame is enough to be widespread throughout the continent. It is not necessary for art to have a fixed form! This is certainly an age where you can experience any kind of art at any moment. However, in accordance to the development of art, various
attempts were deployed. As this artwork is made with an abstract impression, to people with a good eye this may be seen as superior but not all will consider this as a work of art.
Artistic value: 3,100.
Special attributes:
This beast is awarded 25% increase in health and mana regeneration during the day. 
Movement speed increased by 20%.
Prior stats are raised by 10.
You will see that 9 random attributes will be applied.
Can activate Roar of the Beast.
Overlap with other sculptures does not apply.
Until now, the number of completed fine pieces: 4 (could also be classic)
(It is a Masterpiece!!)

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor Bonus
Your proficiency in the sculpting skill has improved.
Endurance increased by 2.
Fame has increased by 320.
Patience has risen by 3.
All stat have risen by an extra 6.
In consideration of making a masterpiece sculpture, all stats will have and additional rise of 1.
In response, Weed will have ownership of this beast. If you give life to this beast in the future, it will be loyal to Weed.
  • Sculpture Shapeshift
Many of the changes in the body shape have caused the worn equipment to become unusable. Leather clothes can be especially made to be worn. Depending on the species or form, obtaining new equipment may be required.
The impact of Sculptural Shapeshifting has greatly increased agility and endurance. Charisma and Leadership has fallen to the lowest level. The Art stat is reduced by half. Endurance will rise dramatically. This will remain valid until Sculpture Shapeshift skill is released.

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