Skeletal Warhorse

Undead Knight with Undead Beast

Skeleton knight

Skeleton knight

Skeleton Khight

Skeleton Knight from LMS Manga


Skeleton knight can be considered an upgraded version of the Skeleton Undead. It can be a wandering monster and can be met moving in group [1].


Like a regular skeleton, but with a specific undead class; and therefore, better stat, skills, and potentially, better equipment [2]. Undead knight, under certain circumstances, obviously due to their class, can read a low tier undead mount or even aphantom horse.

Undead Information Edit

They are monster of level 320+ [3]. Strong stamina Basic sword knight special attack. Strong charge, if mounting a Phantom Horse [4]. Basic dark magic, like Darkness [5]. To Divine Magic, Silver, fire and turn undead.

And many other undead dungeon...


  • Weed quest as an undead.

The path of undead was described during his quest. Weed became a skeleton knight (reference missing)

  • Interaction between undead and necromancer.

The interaction was described (check spell, and interaction description)

  • Interactions between undead

Related to their level of intelligence, was described (check reference & interaction description)


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