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Skeleton warrior

Skeleton Undead

The Skeleton is the most basic and common undead type. There are various type of skeleton, even "skeleton dog" (v6c2)

Ranking system Edit

Their 'Undead Rank' within an undead army will be according to their achievements. Like any other undead type, the skeleton has his own ranking system.

If you consider their skill or title, you will find out that there are different type of skeleton, starting with (the most basic) Skeleton, Rotten Skeleton, Battle Crazed Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Mage, and so on.

A skeleton mage is typically an undead around level 80 (v2c6 Lavia). A skeleton knight is a monster over level 100 (v2c4, Lavia). 

Special skillsEdit

They have a few specific skills, related to their undead status, like throwing bones or doing basic repair/healing on themselves by changing a broken bone.

They can also benefit from their previous life. For example : skeleton archer, knight, mage, mercenary or even sailor...

They can also strongly benefit from curse magic or even death aura, if they are under the leadership of a necromancer or a strong Undead. 

Weaknesses Edit

They are vulnerable to silver, holy water or any other holy power. For example, "silver (...) had the effect of preventing recovery and was lethal to them". "With holy water, their whole body are engulfed in blue flames, literally (...) on fire" And "they can only half recover". v7c2  


They can wear any equipment, without any race limitation. Also, Curse item, which give some negative effect to other race, will give inverse effect instead (give positive effect to undead). They evan can hold to an historic item, an item from ancient time.

Non Player statusEdit

For a player, this status can only be obtained under special circumstance (cf. the Bar Khan undead quest). It can also be the effect of a spell or an item, like the necromancer power of 'Reject Death', or a shape shifting spell. In any case, this is not a normal status for a player. It's also a notorious and dangerous state, often to be considered as a curse.

Appearances Edit

Numerous appearances:

  • Skeleton knight In Menphis Hall (v2)
  • Burning skeleton, first wave of the Undead army (v7c7) in the Plain of despair
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