Silver bird

Silver Bird

Introduction Edit

A Seal that represents Arpen Empire's Imperial Household authority. Made by Emperor and Master Sculptor Geihar Von Arpen himself. It was made as a pair together with the Golden Bird sculpture.

Description Edit

  • Silver in color, a sculpture made with mixture of mithril and platinum, not just ordinary silver. Thus, this sculpture durability still intact though its been abandon in land of Jigolath for a long time[1].
  • It's a really beautiful, graceful and elegant sculpture, poses high charm that can be seen whenever this sculpture observed.
  • Sculpted by Geihar's Seal of the Emperor at the same time as Golden Bird, but only Golden Bird was granted life to protect the late Emperor Geihar’s artifacts.

Sculpture Information Edit

Seal of the Arpen Empire, Mysterious Bird
Durability: 130/130
It symbolizes the authority of the Arpen Empire’s Imperial Household which ruled the Versailles Continent with grace.

It was made as a pair together with the Golden Bird Senolia Luseloni. Made by a Master Sculptor.

Artistic value: 51,300

Fame +4,500.
Dignity +150.
Honor +90.
Charisma +45.
Charm +100.

Special Effects:

Affects the range of leadership and charisma.
Has an increasing effect. Increases familiarity towards female residents.
If used as an ornament, the loyalty of the nobles will increase by 15%.
Has a ruling effect. 5% increase in diplomatic advantage.
30% increase in luck when defending from a siege or from a large scale battle.
Can summon a mysterious fog. It cannot be damaged.
A historical treasure, due to having found one of the Seal of the Arpen Empire the Art Stat increases by 51.


  • Weed found Silver Bird's sculpture in Jigolath, under the deceased [[Seulroeo, Archmage} Seulroeo's]] robe[2].
  • Weed then used Sculpture Memory to discover the true story behind Niflheim Empire downfall.
  • Archmage Seulroeo fled to Jigolath with this sculpture and Dragon Sword, Red Star. But the dormant poison spell, placed on him by the Embinyu Church suddenly activated causing him to have a seizure[3] and he died due to monster attack. It was left there, till Weed found the seal.
  • Golden Bird twisted its thin legs and wings feeling shy when Weed asked whether it liked Silver Bird or not [4].
  • Weed used this sculpture to tame and increase intimacy level with Golden Bird. He ordered Golden Bird to lie down, roll on ground, tweet and fight for him.
  • After Weed finally granted this sculpture to life, he named it Eunsae 은새, which literally means Silver Bird[5].