In Jigolath, Weed used Sculpture Life Bestowal and granted Silver Bird, Sculpture with life, at the request of golden Bird. The new living sculpture was named Eunsae 은새 which literally means Silver Bird.

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NPC InformationEdit

MESSAGE You have granted life to a sculpture!
Three attributes has been granted. These attributes will vary in power according to the form and quality of the sculpture.
  • Jewel Attribute (100%): Special charisma that increases political influence.
  • Wind Attribute (100%): Increase the monster’s flying speed.
  • Art Attribute (100%): Increase the effects of sculptures and other works of art by 150%. This is applicable to all of the monster’s party.
Due to being categorized as a historical treasure, it will have extraordinary grace and dignity.

Since it is a work done by the Master Sculptor Emperor Geihar, health and mana will be increased.
Other additional effects of the Master Sculptor will not be applied due to the lack of talent by the one granting life.
Additionally, being the seal that symbolizes the Arpen Empire, special abilities will be added.
Can summon a mysterious fog, favorable to use for defense during a siege.
Strengthens the ability to conduct soldiers and improves reconnaissance.

  • Physical appearance
    • Its figure very similar to Golden Bird.
    • Beautiful and shining silver-colored body.
    • It has brilliant eyesight around the clock. Able to spot enemy from high up in the air. Its eyes shine brightly like an owl[3].
  • Personality
    • Its nature seems to be that of a female bird.
    • Show its gesture of affection by flapping its wings and landed on the one's shoulder.
    • Loves music, it dances and chirps whenever it hears a song.
  • Fighting Style and Speciality
    • It can transform into a spear[4] or Avian Humanoids[5] while fighting.
    • Usually fights using its beak and claws. It attacks by flying down at an extremely high speed and then brandishing its claws, dealing a huge damage onto its opponent.
    • Can called up a mysterious fog. It is a technique that endangers the monsters by confusing which also boosts the morale of the soldiers[6].
    • The specialty of Silver Bird, scouting! It scouts from high up in the sky and tell enemies whereabouts.


  • It prefers Seoyoon than Weed, and automatically nestled itself on Seoyoon shoulder after being granted with life.
  • Golden Bird, Silver Bird and Yellowy were sucked into an illusionary world called ‘Magus Phantasm’[7]. There Weed acted as Seulroeo and Seoyoon acted as Lady Letia Evelynn to fulfill Seulroeo's dearest wish to marry his fiancée.
  • Golden Bird - Silver Bird teamwork
    • Eunsae transformed into a Sword and help Weed fight with Chaos Warrior Kubichya[8].
    • While escaping from Helium Mine in Jigolath clever Golden Bird and Silver Bird both covered their bodies with charcoal powder since their glowing body will attracts other monster attention[9].
    • Golden Bird and Silver Bird successfully carried Seoyoon, Yellowy and its carriages out from Jigolath's Cave. They managed to avoid monsters that crowded inside the dungeon by flying.
  • Dependable Asset for Weed
    • At first they (Golden Bird and Silver Bird) disregard their Master order since his level's lower than them[10]. This fact changed after Weed made critical decision to save their life from Kubichya's final blast. They're somehow touched with his action in rescuing their life. Little they knew that Weed did it all to conserve his asset in Royal Road.
    • It'll flapped its wings and then landed on Weed's shoulder as a gesture of affection to its Master[11].
    • During battle against Hermes Guild Drinfeld's and his battle fleet, Weed entrust all his precious items including Talrock armor, equipment and treasures to Golden Bird, Silver Bird, and Yellowy.
  • Cute Personality
    • Silver Bird tattled everything to their master, Weed about how the Black Imugi misused its status as a rare monster. It took over a cave and started to pile up his own treasure there[12].
    • Weed summoned Silver Bird and Golden Bird in order to make Seoyoon smile naturally. The two birds fought and play around while rubbing and biting at each other’s wings intimately[13]. They played major role in treating Seoyoon's trauma of afraid in talking to other beings.
    • Eunsae delightedly danced towards Bellot's music at Ugoth[14], but then turn sulky whenever Weed's not interested or reacted cynically towards her behavior. Furthermore, Weed scold Eunsae for creating mysterious fog and limit his eyesight from seeing japtems on the ground. Eunsae sulked, and twisted its beak on Weed's remark.
    • Eunsae once acted ill and fainted on Yellowy's back to avoid working, but Weed didn't even believed her[15].


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