Cracked beads

Cracked Siberian Ice Beads


This old Niflheim Imperial treasure was passed down from a generation to another. This precious relic is a unique item made by the  Siberian Witch. It was used by the Empire to ward off monsters invasion[1].


  • The highest grade Unique Item that was made by Siberian Ice Witch[2].
  • An accessory with no special power, but its known for the ability to manipulate the surrounding climate[3].
  • It constantly consumes its user's health (생명력). Therefore just by touching the cursed item will cause one's body to freeze to death, except for Archmage, specializing in ice magic[4].

Item InformationEdit

Item info when Charon, the Enchanter from the Cold Roses Guild identified it, with the help of the Ice Mage Drum.

Witch’s Broken Beads[5]
Durability: 1
Made of an unknown material.

Originally it contained a great force.
Due to the cracks, that force has erupted outside.
The beads are a source of incessant chill.

Restore the beads to seal the cold.

Serbian Witch's beads

Siberian Witch's beads

Cracked beads

Cracked Beads


  • Nifleheim Empire downfall[6]
    • Emperor Iben Niflheim VI (황제 이벤 니플하임 6세) was the last to leave. Emperor together with knights and wizards of Niflheim Empire lured hordes of monsters that attacked Mordred (Empire's Capital) to the centre of Sendeim Valley (The Death Valley).
    • They plan to freeze the monsters there using Siberian Witch's Cracked Beads.
    • This was their last resort to save the Empire from hordes of monsters attack. In the end, all of them died.
    • Northern Continent was covered with ice and snow as the Ice Magic power within this beads seeped out through the beads cracks.
  • An option to resolve King Belsos curse
    • Adventurer Chase shared an article after he watched "Northern Expedition" hall of fame video online[7];
      • In order to make The Continent climate cool again, one needs to sacrifice a certain item possessed by a certain Witch to the Altar of God in Ederne.
    • He then began to search for pieces of information throughout the History of Versailles continent on witches and found a record related to Siberian Ice Witch and the Witch's broken beads. The item is located in an unknown valley without exact information about its position.
    • This sparks interest from all that perhaps it's located in a place where there are a lot of battle-related expedition.
    • Weed was the one who found it. He tried to seize it for himself, but as his hand drew near, he was automatically paralyzed for 13 seconds. So he gave up on the idea and slowly retreated from the cave[8].
  • Cold Roses Guild's Northern Expedition with Dark Gamers[9]
    • Drum 드럼(high-level Wizard, Ice Mage) weaken the beads Ice magic power so that the expedition members would not freeze to death.
    • Charon 케론(Enchanter Class) successfully repaired the Siberian Witch’s broken beads. He turned into ice as his hands touch it.
    • After the beads were repaired, it was possible to learn new types of magic without the need of a spellbook or materials. The beads contained the skills for highly advanced ice magic. Drum, a professional ice mage, it was one of the best magical treasures for him.
    • Oberon 오베론 (expedition leader) told him there'll be another chance to learn advanced level Ice Magic. Drum then raised the beads onto Altar of the God is located in Ederen village.
  • The End of Scorpion King Belsos Curse[10]
    • The Witch's Beads disintegrated into dust when they were placed on that altar.
    • The powers of the beads began to cycle and create its impact on the entire continent.
    • The sweltering heat caused by the Curse of the Scorpion King Belsos on the continent began to change.
    • The atmospheric temperature lowered until it was how it used to be.


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