Ice witch

Ice Witch


In the history of the Versailles Continent, there once was a Legendary Mistress of Ice Magic, called the Siberian Witch[1].


  • Her hometown was pictured as a peaceful snowy land[2].
  • She learned magic since she was a little girl. We don't know yet who her teacher was.
  • She was exceptionally talented in Ice Magic, and her skills grew at an amazing pace[3].

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Status: Game world, NPC, Deceased
  • First Mentioned: Volume 9 Chapter 10

NPC InformationsEdit

  • There is no direct proof, but based on the power of the ice beads, we could assume that her skill at ice magic had reached master level. But it has yet to be confirmed when and where she became a master of ice magic. Or who her teacher was.
  • When she was still a young mage, Monsters invaders set foot in her hometown, the soldiers fought them off, with her help. Her power grew even stronger at that time and monsters would freeze whenever she used her magic. But the human soldiers, from her own village, her allies, who defended her village, could also not withstand the unbearable cold [4]and died as well. This tragic event, where a young magician could not control his own power was the foundation of her reputation.
  • Her legacy has still to be found and claimed.


  • A powerful witch, specialized in ice magic
    • She made several items[5], and Siberian Witch's Beads was the highest grade Unique Item amongst them. Some researcher speculates on her birth origins or on why she created those beads.
    • Even broken, it still is so powerful that the Niflheim Empire considered it as his last defence line [6].Emperor Iben Niflheim IV with his Knights and Wizards used Siberian Witch's Beads as their last resort to confront against monster invasion. But in the end, Niflheim's best ice magician failed to contain this unbearable power[7].
  • Translation issue
    • In Korean, the difference between Serbian (link to wikipedia) and Siberian (link to wikipedia) is very thin. Therefore we assumed a glitch might have been possible. In any case, to describe this female expert at ice magic, it makes more sense to acknowledge that it was meant to be Siberia, which is well known primarily for its long, harsh winters[8]. Also, in both Russian and Serbian folklore, there are various references related to witch-hood. The most well-known is the witch Baba Yaga.


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