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Seulroeo Byron is a Noble from the Niflheim Empire. He lived in Mordred, the glorious Imperial Capital. He was the heir of the noble Byron’s family and a genius young wizard. He played a crucial role in the Niflheim Empire's downfall, after he joined Evil Embinyu Church and died before he could redeem himself.

Profile and dataEdit

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class/Job: Archmage/Wizard
  • Level: N/A
  • Status: Game World, Deceased
  • Mentioned: Volume 20 Chapter 5

NPC InformationsEdit

  • Family Background
    • Successor of the noble Byron's Family. Everyone praises his good family background.
    • A good-looking young man, engaged to a charming fiancée, Lady Letia Evelynn.
  • A gifted magician, with a broad view of Life
    • He's gifted with magic, and succeeds in every research he starts. His theories in magic development made him win the famous Matab’s Scholar of the year award.
    • His most famous theory on the arcane arts: Theory on how to reduces spell casting time[1].
    • Besides people from his own background, he is well acquainted with various other races[2].
  • A strong and brave Soul
    • He has the typical characteristics of a hero: brave, faithful and dedicated. For example, he quickly volunteered to fight against the invading monsters[3].

Stats and skillsEdit


Seulroeo's Lab

  • Huge amount of Mana[4]
    • He has huge amount of mana.
    • He can easily blew away his opponent.
    • Eg: He blew Niflheim Imperial Knights away.
  • Powerful Magic
  • Rapid Spell Casting
    • He personally develop a new theory on arcane arts (special or secret technique) that reduces spell casting time.


  • Seulroeo Younger Days[6]
    • As a young wizard, Seulroeo is acknowledged as a rising genius. He succeeded in every research he started.
    • Promised to marry his fiancée, Lady Letia Evelynn and join aristocracy of Niflheim Empire. He obtained wedding ring from a Dwarf Artisan for his upcoming wedding with her.
    • Emperor decree for him to join the army and exterminate the monsters in the outer regions of Modred for one month long.
  • Embinyu, Church of destruction Evil Plan
    • In order to destroy Niflheim Empire, Embinyu Priest they have to eliminate of Seulroeo and his friends first.
    • They planned wicked events toward Seulroeo whom the greatest Wizard for the Empire.
    • Their plan started with his fiancée and her family, followed by all of his family and disciple, and finally onto Seulroeo himself.
  • A Series of Depressing Incident fall Upon Young Wizard[7]
    • First Incident: His fiancée and her family were beheaded due to treason. Their home had been cut into pieces.
    • Second Incident: Everyone in his family died. It was either caused by an unknown illness or an assassin’s attack. The Empire tried to investigate this, but the mastermind behind the event cannot be identified.
    • Third Incident: His disciples died due to mysterious disease.
    • Fourth Incident: An assassin attacked him and feed him with lies about the death of everyone around him. The assassin then commit suicide.
    • The death of his fiancée, family members and disciples lead him into further depression.
  • Embinyu Provocation
    • Embinyu Priest visited him to further provoke him. They cast black magic onto a necklace, and showed it to him. Black magic slowly started to take an effect and brainwashed him into believing their propaganda.
    • Seulroeo whom on verge of losing all of his sanity and reasoning fall deeper into Embinyu plan.
    • He agreed to join Embinyu Church and destroy Niflheim Empire.
  • Niflheim Empire downfall[8]
    • Archmage Seulroeo played a crucial role in the downfall of the Niflheim Empire.
    • He took care of Embinyu members weapons and armours and shared all of his magical research with them.
    • Then they waged war against the Empire. Embinyu Priests and Barbarian Mercenaries commanded monsters, trampled and destroyed Mordred.
    • Fill with greed, Seulroeo then found two swords that were sealed on the ground of Imperial Villa;
  • Special Effect of Asmodian Sword
    • Asmodian Sword user is immune to all curse magic. Luckily, this option reversed the effect of Embinyu's magic on Seulroeo and suddenly all of his reasoning slowly came back to him.
    • From that point on, decided to devote the rest of his life in fighting against the Embinyu Church and reconstruct the Niflheim Empire.
  • Travel to Jigolath[9]
    • He then took Asmodian sword, Red Star Sword & Silver Bird, Sculpture. His destination Imbeol's circle located in the deepest part of Jigolath.
    • He became captain of a pirate crew, and bring his crew towards Jigolath.
    • He then threw Asmodian sword into the Black Sea, and brought both Red Star Sword and Silver Bird Seal with him.
  • Tragic End - at Embinyu's treatenous hand
    • A tragic ending: before he could reach Imbeol Circle of Fire, and redempt himself for the sake of Niflheim, he suffered from a heart seizure. This was induced by the re-awakening of an Embinyu's hidden and dormant poison spell [10]. He was killed by beasts, while suffering from the stroke. 
    • Red Star Sword then was found by Young Chaos Warrior Kubichya, but Silver Bird Seal stays hidden under Seulroeo's robe. Weed then found the seal and use Sculpture Memory skill to unlock Red Star III quest.


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