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Purpose of this sculpture created in the Plains of Despair[1] was to increase the fighting potential for his army against the undead legion and his skills.

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On the stone floor the flowers were blooming. Cut from stone, they looked extremely real and alive. So real, that on a few of them the stone butterflies were sitting and a pleasant aroma seemed to be in the air. As the flower field was made out of stone, it had an unusual color. White, grey and black, with pattern and without a pattern. Together they created a mysterious atmosphere on the stone terrace, in the center of which is the main sculpture. The main Sculpture was  of a beautiful woman, she was giving a heartily smile but from her eyes it seemed that tears were about to flow out. It even seemed that, out of sympathy to the beauty, all the surrounding flowers were crying too. On the statue’s face there is a heartily smiling girl.

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Grand Piece! You finished the sculpture of ‘Seoyoon’!

This work contains contradiction itself. Depending on their feelings and mood, everyone will see something different in it. This young and incredibly talented sculptor created in these lands a statue that causes mixed feelings.

Artistic value: 8700.


- Everyone who looks at this statue has their Health and mana regeneration increased by 40% for a day. - Movement speed is increased by 20%. - All stats are increased by 30. - The effects of 2 various attributes are increased by 30%. - Granted bonus to Earth elemental attacks during the daytime. - Sculpture emits a special aroma, that heals wounds. - In case the rights to this sculpture are transferred to a certain person, the sculpture’s effects are increased by 20% for that person. - In the previous case, the effects for others are decreased by 60%. - Effects do not stack with other sculptures.

Number of Grand Pieces created: 1.

Trivia Edit

  • Sculptor skill increase

- Sculpture Understanding skill raised by 1 level. - Handicraft skill has reached Advanced level 2. Efficiency of all crafting skills have increased by 8%. This will affect various aspects.

  • Sculptor stat increase

- Art increased by 65. - Charisma increased by 40. - Endurance increased by 4. - Fame increased by 1680. - Fortitude increased by 7. As a reward for creating a Grand Piece, All stat attributes increased by 3.

If this sculpture is given life in the future, it will be loyal to the sculptor.

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