Weed obtain Selina Flower Bracelet after he finished Selina's Quest to evacuate residents of Serabourg Fortress.

It is an item given to Selina by a High Elf.

Item info

Selina Flower Bracelet
Durability: 18/20 Defense: 19
Flower bracelet received as a gift from a High Elf.
It is clearly alive and active. With proper watering and sun, it can grow. Wounded will recover spontaneously, also, gives strength and Health of one person wearing a pamper.
Consist of two flowers,, if one die the another will also die.
Restrictions: Level 450 or higher.
Equipped Imbued with the power of spirit.
+2,500  Mana 
+1 Elemental stat
+1 Magic stat.
+2 Archery stat
x3  Stamina recovery for the day. Unaffected by blacksmith skills.
If you had a good relationship with the trees and elements from the forest u can receive help from them.
Affinity with Nature +7%.
This is a growing item. The stat will also grow more as the flower grow
If used by Elf and Fairies, the item effect is tripled.